Dwight David Eisenhower Extraterrestrials


THE EISENHOWER CONNECTION from the upcoming book “Dragon at the End of Time: Soul Families”, Book One of the Dragon at the End of Time Series”

I arrived on Earthborn into human form in February 1954, the month Eisenhower was President, the month Ike met with aliens. I don’t believe my arrival on Earth at that historical time was a coincidence, since my soul’s origination is not from this planet, and my body is a human/alien hybrid. Under the pretext that he had to undergo emergency dental surgery, President Dwight Eisenhower slipped away to Edwards Air Force Base and stayed hidden until the following Sunday, when he appeared at a church service in Los Angeles. At Edwards, Ike held a secret meeting with extraterrestrial visitors during the early hours of February 21st, 1954, while officially he was on vacation to Palm Springs, California. 

The President’s sudden and mysterious disappearance was so unusual the media speculated Ike was ill or had died. The rumors became so intense the President’s press secretary, James Haggerty, told reporters at a press conference that Ike damaged a tooth cap while eating fried chicken and had to undergo emergency surgery.

In UFO conspiracy lore, Eisenhower thus became the first American President to have direct contact with extraterrestrials. But for those who do their homework, stories abound that other presidents, from Washington who said he met angels to Truman’s encounters with the Roswell aliens, trump Eisenhower’s claim to fame as the first to meet with aliens.

However, the meeting that took place at Edwards Air Force Base in southern California during the early hours of February 21st in 1954 was significant in that it was the first in a series of meetings that culminated with the signing of a treaty between the U.S. government and an extraterrestrial race called the Greys.

In the First Contact secret meeting, Ike met with the Nordic aliens called “the Nordics” because of their fair hair, blue eyes, and white skin. They are a fraction of the Pleiadians, an advanced extraterrestrial race from the Pleiades star. They may also be the Anunnaki who originate from Nibiru. Finally, they could also be the Tall Whites, human/Anunnaki hybrids. 

Eyewitness Gerald Light, a writer and leading member of the community dedicated to metaphysical research, wrote a letter dated April 16th, 1954, to Meade Layne, Director of Borderland Sciences Research Foundation. Light, a group of community leaders present at the First Contact meeting, witnessed extraterrestrials at Edwards Air Force Base.

Light wrote to Layne that he recently returned from Muroc Airfield (now Edwards Air Force Base) and called the aliens Etherians. He said the aliens are giving permission and assistance to the Air Force to study at least five separate and distinct aircraft types stored at the facility for reverse-engineering studies.

The officials present at the meeting were uncertain how to respond to the aliens. Humans who felt paranoid because of the Cold War feared the aliens would approach the Soviets if the Americans spurned them. Perhaps those fears led Eisenhower to reject the proposals of the Nordic aliens and sign a treaty with the Greys. They made an exclusive offer to transfer their technology only to the United States.

In 1953, astronomers discovered a fleet of gigantic UFOs approaching Earth that was initially mistaken for asteroids. Whistle-blower William Cooper, a former naval intelligence officer, said they intercepted signals under Project Sigma before the UFOs went into high orbit. Americans launched Project Plato to receive the aliens and hold talks.

But before the original group of aliens in a vast UFO fleet could land, a different alien race contacted the U.S. government and warned against the first group of aliens. Talks with the first group failed after they demanded nuclear disarmament. 

They warned that humanity was on a path to self-destruction and proposed to help humans develop a peaceful way of spiritual fulfillment. The Eisenhower administration rejected the overtures from the Nordic aliens and signed a treaty at Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico later in 1954 with the Greys because the U.S. government was primarily interested in gaining access to advanced alien technology.

Other whistleblowers confirmed the First Contact meetings. Former retired U.S. Marine Corps Sergeant Charles Suggs claimed his father, a senior naval officer, attended the First Contact meeting with the Nordic aliens in February 1954. Former air pilot John Lear, the son of the builder of the Lear Jet, William Lear, confirmed that the First Contact meetings involved two alien races.

Robert Dean, a former intelligence officer, says Nordic aliens are humanoid. For example, one species of Greys appears as tall humanoids with pale white skin, gigantic eyes, enormous heads, and spindly limbs and can stand up to nine feet tall. Some come from the constellation of Orion, and others come from a planet in the star system, Zeta Reticuli.

Under extreme conditions of secrecy, the Greys agreed to non-interference in human affairs for accommodation on Earth. In return, they’d furnish the U.S. government with advanced technology to help the U.S. stay ahead of enemy nations. They also agreed they’d not approach or create treaties with other countries.  

Underground bases either existed previously and our military constructed additional compounds. Phil Schneider was a geological engineer employed by a private company contracted to build underground bases in Dulce. He revealed that the treaty agreement allowed the Greys to abduct a few humans for medical research and experiments. 

But the Greys lied and violated the abduction agreement, as clear by the excessive number of abductions reported by experiencers worldwide.

I am one of those experiencers. While I’ve had contact that a good deal of may interpret as abductions, I consciously remember that I sent my soul into this avatar at this time to be a part of this grand experiment in consciousness. 

I belong to a subcategory of experiencers, who consciously recall their interactions with aliens. I remember most of the interactions and have recovered that I have contracts and agreements with the extraterrestrials. While I don’t have to undergo hypnosis to remember what happened to me, I work with my hypnotherapist to recall details I may have forgotten. Some memories get erased, or I may not remember certain things, so I need help to recover details. The value of hypnosis, whether a hypnotherapist facilitates you or you learn self-hypnosis to do it yourself, is to slow things down, focus on the moment and recover what seems lost. I’ve also learned how to self-hypnotize myself and enter a relaxed state which allows memories to flow freely.

If I have powerful emotions around an episode, I embrace it all; negative, positive, and everything in between. When I work through these emotions to gain clarity and greater understanding, I have trained myself to remain open. I’ve calmed that part of myself that can become reactionary, and I’ve learned to go into the observer or witness mode to review what happened. As a result, I understand what my experiences mean to me personally and as a researcher to understand the experiencer phenomenon.

I am a multidimensional being having many simultaneous incarnations and exist on many levels, realms, dimensions, and planets. I came here in February 1954, sent a thread of my consciousness into the fetus and body of the baby known as Janet, so that I might better understand human life. It’s often complex, complicated, and confusing. But I’ve not given up on humanity yet.  

The body I inhabit is a hybrid that is part Anunnaki and part human. I am from the House of Enki as I am closely related to Enki and Ninmah and descend from their original children, so I have Anunnaki DNA. 

The Anunnaki children that came from Enki and Ninmah inbreed and did not suffer the hideous defects that human inbreeding can cause, so they mate with one another frequently to maintain the purity of the bloodline. Fortunately, the soul signatures coordinate with the bloodlines. Souls, genetics, and avatars match up numerically in the universal scheme. So, by coupling with one another, they pull souls from their eternal soul groups.

And since Anunnaki souls rarely have an opportunity to return into form, as they are so long-lived and don’t reproduce as readily as humans, creating more opportunities for these incredibly old souls is paramount for them.  

Thus many Anunnaki souls choose to experience life in human or human/Anunnaki hybrid containers/avatars. But because of the limited time, one can spend in a human mixed container, we try not to get attached to a form that will fail. So we work in alignment with conscious souls to improve the human form and change the human condition for the better for all beings who incarnate and visit here. Earth is a prime tourist destination, so we always seek to improve things and make them better. 

In addition, my soul originates from the Anunnaki/Pleiadian realm of existence, so I have a long history with the “Creator Gods.” And as a fractal of the Goddess Ninmah herself, I contain many memories. I identify with her as an archetype of divine love, compassion, and empathy for humanity. I do my best to emulate that energy and view the human experience through eyes outside this current matrix. Since she is our co-creator with her brother/husband, Enki, she is our mother and loves every one of us unconditionally. 

I understand how that may sound crazy and grandiose to many who read this. But we need to rise above and beyond our current human emanations to who we are as co-creators with GodSource in the divine plan to save humanity and succeed as a planet. We are on a collision course with self-destruction, and our beloved planet Gaia has implored higher powers to ensure her survival.  

If humanity doesn’t cooperate and clean up her act, Gaia may significantly reduce our numbers to save her other creatures and features. Humans are not the only ones at risk. And we have a choice to get conscious or perish. And we can do so at an individual level rather than wait for all of humanity to get it. In fact, the more we do ourselves personally, the faster we affect the collective and the more likely we are to survive and succeed. We cannot afford to wait for anyone but must light a fire under some asses as our lives depend on it because they do.

Gaia will be fine without us. But she, like Ninmah, loves us completely and unconditionally. So she chose human beings as her species with whom she would unify her consciousness to co-create a symbiotic relationship that would help her get out of the way when Solaris explodes and goes Nova. In return, human beings would have a home, and together, she and we could create infinite beauty. 

But greed has gotten in the way. And while Gaia is patient, she will not allow humans to destroy everything. We all have limits, even divine mothers, and setting appropriate boundaries is a part of good parenting. Gaia does not punish. But she does pushback, and the lessons one learns at the bosom of Mother Earth may indeed be hard to swallow. 

In addition, I was also part of that envoy that presented itself to Ike. I am an ancient Anunnaki soul dedicated to preserving human life and the many life forms and features of this beautiful planet. Earth is my project, a world I’ve terraformed in my existences as Joy, a spiritual entity that lives 39 degrees on the right side of God. I’ve also worked on the terraforming as Ki’Ra, a Galzu being who came down through the dimensions to 3D physicality in an avatar to oversee the Earth project with my team billions of years ago.   

We could have used a different approach with Ike rather than demand he cease using nuclear weapons. But, unfortunately, humans are like children who play with matches and are about to set the house on fire. 

But this story is incomplete and does not include what later unfolded to set the record straight. We have our treaties in place and interact with humans on many levels daily. 

I’m getting ahead of myself.  

Janet’s here as an ambassador to awaken not only herself, as she agreed to partial amnesia to cope and be more effective. How better to deal with humans than become one?

Bottom line, we walk among you. Some of us are fully awake and aware. Some are not even awakening. But most are aware on some level, and the smarter, more cautious ones hold their tongues till others, like you, the reader, are ready to listen and emphasize their plight. Humans are complex beings, believe some things they should not and don’t believe things they should.

So please have patience with us as we gather our wits about us to figure the best way to light your fires and awaken you to the accurate history of your existence without totally blowing your minds. While I lack details of why my soul joined with this avatar, I know that a part of me is my “Oversoul.” She knows all and understands that now is the time, the time is now, and all’s perfect and is proceeding in divine perfection.

Validation of my truth always finds me. About 45 years after my birth, a whistleblower contacted me on the internet and said he had watched me all my life. He claimed the U.S. Military has an entire unit dedicated to studying me in a secret section of a naval base in Virginia. He Said, “We tracked you as you were coming in from the spiritual realm to your body to be born here on this earth.” I heard that and wasn’t sure what to think. How did he come to know that? He said I am his assignment, and he has been with me for many incarnations.

The human part of me made excuses and explanations. But I checked in with my eternal self and determined what he said was true. 

Years later, that scene enacted in a movie produced by director Stephen Spielberg called “Taken.” showed the military tracking Ally’s soul as she came down from space in the continuum and into the body of her mother and she was in the process of giving birth to her. Likewise, the military tracked Stewart Swerdlow when he was coming from his WWII incarnation into his current one. So perhaps our military has soul-tracking technology. 

Spirit guided me to rent the “Taken” series. I binge-watched all 20 hours in less than a week. Although I researched much included in that series, it amazed me at the accuracy and level of detail. And I knew that was just the tip of the UFO iceberg. 

Years later, I met another experiencer whose story resembles many elements included in the “Taken” series. In the following chapters or future books, we’ll reveal how our lives entwine in ways that to this day continue to show themselves and shock us.  

We also reveal in the chapters ahead how Source led us to our soul mates, which gave us love, romance, and companionship and provided additional critical elements to our awakening and revelations about who we are and our roles in the ascension process for humanity and this world. 

I remember many of my past and concurrent lives and levels of existence. Through downloads and interactions with extraterrestrials, they reveal the actual dynamics of human connections with non-Earth-based life forms. We co-created this continuum and all life and things within it in relationship with Source for our growth, development, and entertainment. We diversify and co-create with one another and Source. We are everything and all. 

In this book, I own all aspects of myself and present myself and the true complexity of my being to you to understand better and internalize that we are everything. That’s a hard concept to grasp, so the continuum simplifies things for humanity to give us space to develop and discover these things on our own. Without amnesia, we know it all and cannot grow. We stagnate.

I am aware of my existence as Joy, Ki’Ra, Ninmah, Janet, and many other beings incarnate and not that were born, lived, and died and some who’ve never sub parsed from the totality of existence into human form.  

I am just like you, and you are just the same as I am—a multidimensional being with many lifetimes and levels of existence. The only difference between you and me is that I have realized my many lives, and you may remain in the program that limits your awareness of your many selves. Therefore, I invite you to awaken to your full potential.  

To model it, I shall show you and the world how we awaken everyone, reconnect with Source, know our oneness (not simply believe). We create a world that honors all life and this planet because we now remember and now feel and emphasize with everyone and everything.

I came down to this planet in February 1954 in two ways. First, on February 6th at 9:20 PM Eastern time in Pittsburgh, PA, I was born into a human baby form. Second, I am like others who came before and chose human avatars to understand better what it’s like to live a life as a human. 

Third, members of my family, crew, and staff volunteered to meet with Eisenhower that same month, and while he rejected us (as we expected), we came back, have always been here, and never left. 

Regardless of how our children perceive us or even treat us, we remain devoted to your evolution as you are us, and we are you. We will continue to guide and love you. 

We are most loyal. While some members of my species act less than kind and treat humans as slaves, we realize these dynamics exist to motivate humanity to create technologies and grow.

Ultimately, we are parents who supervise our children as they play with matches. Here, the children are human, and the toys are nuclear. Your nukes could end all life on this planet.  

In my Ninmah past life, I made mistakes around nuclear weapons. When the council met to stop Marduk, I voted for the bombing of Sodom and Gomorrah. I believed there were no other options to save both our worlds. Marduk had run amok, threatened to destroy all we knew, and so, thinking that was the only option, I voted to end it all in the worst possible way.

My brother and who is my husband, Enki, was the only one who held fast and walked out rather than vote. My sister, Bau, the wife of my eldest son, Ninurta, perished in the holocaust. My losses were painful and personal. I am dedicated and will not permit such destruction again.  

After humans used nukes, we realized how brilliant our children are and now carefully pay attention. We interfere, and while there are parts we allow based on universal spiritual laws of non-interference, we have limits and will stop our children from mutual destruction. 

You are too valuable in the grand design of existence, and while you may not value yourselves, like parents, we know how precious you are and do what we have to preserve our investment of love, time, and energy. Thus begins the era of disclosure. While the passing of time feels different for you, things race, and now they speed up. 

I hope you enjoy my story, for it is a human/alien/Anunnaki story that explains much while continuing the mystery. For even as old and as wise part of myself is, the human part remains human, and there’s much I don’t know. Yet, as a third-dimensional being, I too must sit back and watch all unfold according to the divine plan as we are all, God and mortal alike, a part of the grand experiment designed by the Creator of All, which is the totality of us. We are all part of that totality.  

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