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NINMAH: Mother of Humanity (Anunnaki) 

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Ninmah, the daughter of Anu, Pretender to the Throne of the planet Nibiru; her parents betrothed to her half-brother Enki when she was born. When Anu became King, Enki (aka Ea) would become Pretender, and when Anu retired, Enki would be King, and she would be Queen of Nibiru. They educated Ninmah in science and genetics.

But Prince Alalu slew Lahma, the reigning Nibiran King, and the Crown for himself. Alalu abrogated Anu’s claim to rule with a peace-keeping treaty that Anu signed. In the treaty, Anu canceled Ninmah’s engagement to Ea. The treaty stated Anu would drop his claim to be Lahma’s successor. Anu, as was his right, broke Ninmah’s engagement to Enki. Enki, instead of Ninmah, would marry Alalu’s daughter Damkina. The son Damkina would beget with Enki would, by this treaty, rule Nibiru when he [Alalu] no longer reigned. 

Ninmah, demoted as Queen-to-be, sought solace with her brother Enlil and with him begat a son named Ninurta. Anu was enraged at Ninmah; she’d begat a son without the permission he required. So Anu forbade Ninmah from marrying or bearing sons who could ascend the Nibiran Crown.

Anu sent Ninmah to Earth to serve as Chief Medical Officer in the Anunnaki Expedition. Anu had sent the Expedition to Earth to get gold, rocket it to Nibiru, powder it, and float it to close a hole in Nibiru’s ionosphere and save life on Nibiru. 

En route to Earth, Ninmah landed on Mars and buried Alalu, whom Anu had banished to die after defeating Alalu. Then, Ninmah began the Anunnaki’s Marsbase, created the statue of Alalu at Cydonia, turned Marsbase over to Lord Anzu, and rocketed to Enlil’s home in Iraq.

On Earth, Ninmah first renewed her affair with Enlil, whom Anu had appointed Commander of the Nibiran (Anunnaki) Expedition. However, she failed to reconnect satisfactorily with Enlil and instead moved in with Enki, whom Anu had appointed as the Expedition’s Chief Scientist. She and Enki begat many children together.

Ninmah, master of genetics, led Enki and Enki’s son Ningishzidda in their quest to create a worker species to mine gold and could figure out how to make a Primitive Worker to mine gold for the Anunnaki. She added the minerals and her womb (for her mDNA) to make Adamu the first human of our species.

When the rivalry between the lineage of Enlil and the lineage of Enki and Marduk erupted into war, Ninmah mediated a peace treaty. However, when Marduk took control of the Earth, Ninmah remained and created a partnership-oriented alternative on Earth to compete (alas, unsuccessfully) with domination-oriented alternatives of Enlil (aka Yahweh) and Marduk (aka Satan.


Ninmah, the daughter of Anu, volunteered to come to Earth to help save Nibiru from certain death. Ninmah betrothed to her half-brother Enki and destined as the future Queen of Nibiru. But to stave off another horrendous war with Alalu, another claimant to the throne, Ninmah’s father, Anu, gave Enki’s hand in marriage to Damkina, Alalu’s daughter. Their son would thus eventually rule. Broken-hearted Ninmah, consoled by brother Enlil, bore a son Ninurta, thus angering father Anu. Anu forbade Ninmah from ever marrying.

On Earth, Chief Scientist Enki realized only geneticist Ninmah could figure out how to make a Primitive Worker. Only she could save Nibiru and create the Beings that would prevent the extinction of the Anunnaki. So, using her womb to carry it, she created humans with her hands and nurtured the beast at her breast.

Years later, the war between the Anunnaki/human factions threatened the extinction of all life on Earth. The council’s deciding vote fell to Ninmah. Did she stand with her beloved Enki, let Marduk win and conquer all, or vote for her son Ninurta to take the ancient nukes, bomb Sodom and Gomorrah and wipe out millions of Anunnaki and humans? No matter her decision, she could not win but could only lose a piece of her soul.

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