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When I was around four years old, my parents took me to Kennywood Park:

  1. I saw a mechanical laughing fat lady that mesmerized me.
  2. ETs transported me on board the ship, and while I was standing there looking at the clown lady, no one could see me back here in the 3D Earth plane. 
  3. When ETs finished examining me (or whatever they do), they returned me, and I finally materialized back in the park. 
  4. By then, I was freaking out and sobbing.
  5. Then the adults finally saw me, a toddler standing by herself.
  6. Someone took me to the Lost and Found, where they announced that they found a lost little girl over the loudspeaker to everyone in the entire park.
  7. My parents, confused by the whole event as Mom swore she had my hand the entire time, retrieved me and 
  8. My parents immediately took me home. 
  9. After that, I don’t think we ever went to the park again. 
  10. But I, always the rebel and never learned, returned years later as a teen.  

But that was not the end. For years at night, when I slept, I found myself in an amusement park walking up to the entryway of a building where the door was the mouth of a large clown face. I felt dread and didn’t want to go there, but nothing could stop my feet from taking one step after the other until I went in through the blackened mouth doorway. 

Of course, I have no recall of what happened after that. Time after time, over the years, I’d awaken in my bed the following day. I felt haunted by this non-stop nightmare.

But even that was not the end of it. Every year in our hometown, Avalon, the circus came to town and set up their big tent in Avalon park on the football field site. My sister, who was nine or ten, would go. That would make me 4 or 5 years old, so the circus happened around the same time as the mechanical fat lady (1958-1959).

I had this irrational fear of clowns. I hated them; I didn’t particularly appreciate watching them in their little clown outfits running around in their miniature cars. On the other hand, I loved the animals, horses, elephants, zebras, dogs, lions, tigers, etc. I would come down early before the circus opened and watch them set up camp. They would tether the elephant to a stake under the tree. I remember sneaking up close and was fascinated by the volume of his pee. We laughed and ran away. But who were we? Who supervised me? Indeed I was too young to be there by myself. Maybe we were older. But the park was a long way from the house. 

Barnum & Bailey closed their big top in 1956 in Pittsburgh. But I know I went to the circus sometime after that. My sister said there were off-brand circuses back then, but I cannot figure out which one came to Avalon.

Regardless, I had a negative impression due to my “abduction” experience. Which brings us to the question, what happens to us that our brains try to fill in the blanks with screen memories when aliens abduct us? I started with carnival characters and clowns, but my later screen memories involved owls.


In truth, all reality consists of screened images viewed by one or more people and experienced as accurate. Reality is a projected illusion created to experience emotions through time’s lens (eye).

Screen Memories or Stealth Encounters are false memories recreated by one’s mind to help understand something or overcome fear. What one remembers is not accurate and is not be confused with Psychosis.

In alien abduction encounters, Screen Memories refers to the images of aliens replaced by something familiar or perhaps friendly. Things remember generally include:

  •  Animals: Owls (large dark eye grays), the cat family, wolves, rabbits (missing time), dogs, and deer.
  • Clowns, circus, and carnie symbology are also part of the experience, which causes those involved to fear these people’s experiences at a future date. Clowns go to the Trickster.
  • People who rescue: firefighters, police officers, utility people, or military. 
  • Authority from within the person or outside the person acts as a psychological check or control on the experiencer.
  • Some may interpret the presence of military personnel as indicating an actual military aspect or intervention or deliberate involvement and collaboration in the stealth encounter. 
  • Firefighters indicate a possible emergency response to douse the psychological shock of a stealth encounter on the mind or body of an experiencer.

Many abducted people (those taken against their will onboard alien spacecraft) usually can’t recall much of anything when this occurs because the beings or the entities that seize them against their will purposefully make them forget. 

Few abductees ever come forth to claim that they have been the victim of alien abduction. An even smaller percentage of those people see a psychiatrist or a mental health authority to help them deal with their alien abductions.

Alleged abductees try to conjure up or remember what happened, and when taken as memories and recollections, they often don’t make any sense and are incredibly illogical. The overwhelming majority of those taken by extraterrestrials or interdimensional beings don’t even know it. They may go their whole life without realizing what’s happened to them.  

They’re unaware because their memory is erased or replaced with a screen memory during abductions. Generally, the psychological significance of an important event is maintained but displaced onto a more mundane memory. For example, in psychoanalysis, a screen memory protects a weak psyche from a traumatic experience. But the actual memory isn’t lost; it’s just buried deep behind the screen memory. 

Researcher Budd Hopkins was probably the first to recognize that alien abductees routinely described screen memories relative to their experience of being aboard a craft. At first alien abduction, researchers like Budd Hopkins and others assumed abductees created screen memories themselves to protect their frail psyche. However, it became clear that aliens were planting screen memories as time went on.

In an interview, Budd Hopkins relates a story about a Carload of people who report a strange experience while driving home one evening. They claimed they came upon a car pile-up accident involving six to eight red cars with no headlights and no one around. When the group arrived at their destination, they discovered that the drive took much longer than it should have. As opposed to taking only about an hour, it took several hours. 

Later upon investigation and under hypnosis, they discovered a classic alien abduction. Was the memory of the car pile-up a screen memory created by each individual to protect their psyche? If that were the case, each screen memory created would have been a unique memory based on something each individual made. It would be impossible for each individual to have the same screen memory.

Each individual in the group shared the same screen memory proved to Hopkins that the person did not think of these memories, but rather aliens implanted them.

The most common screen memories deal with bizarre encounters with animals like wolves, cows, deer, and owls. Usually, the alien abductee sees a very strange-looking animal standing next to the highway or the road, which marks the beginning of the abduction. The animal is usually oversized and much more significant than it would typically be and has big black, dark, frightening eyes.

The abductee feels enormous fear, fright, phobia, tension, and uneasiness when dealing with these creatures. Owls are five to six feet tall or as tall as a car door on the passenger side of an automobile. They have unusual ways of getting around, such as walking on walls or the side of a tree.  

Stranger and more bizarre stories come out of the abduction phenomenon Budd Hopkins said that one of his clients, a young woman driving down the street in her automobile, noticed a cow running just as fast as her car. As she was moving, it stared right at her. She claims this cow was probably the most beautiful cow she had ever seen, and when it stared at her through the window, it radiated love and peace to her through its large, beautiful, black eyes. The cow was a screen memory as cows cannot run as fast as cars. 

The most-reported screen memory involves owls. Under hypnosis, some abductees report missing time, where they may lose a few minutes up to a few hours to even several days. Sometimes getting to a destination takes more time than usual. When the abductee returns to their bed, they may see an alien outside their window staring in. But later, instead of remembering the 3 to 4-foot tall gray-skin large-eyed strange or interdimensional being, the abductee remembers seeing an owl.

But it isn’t just a visual deception but is often by this alien accompanied by an implanted, repeating thought telling the abductee to think of an owl. Many UFO abductees and researchers believe they might not be having a hallucination or a screen memory but that owls are some kind of a

surveillance tool used by the aliens.

Somehow the aliens can hijack an owl and see what the owl sees. If you see an owl that’s about three to five feet tall standing anywhere near, you have won the lottery that nobody wants to win. You’ve just been taken against your will and forced to undergo horrible and embarrassing experiments by 3 to 5-foot tall monsters. Welcome to the world of alien abduction

Janet’s Comments:

Above is a transcription from youtube. I’m afraid I disagree with the youtube author because I’ve had pleasant experiences with ETs, including the Greys. Screen memories help us cope and maintain the realities we need to function in our daily lives. My research shows that we are volunteers in a grand experiment to save many species and our worlds. Soon, we realize the universe is much bigger than the limited perspective our governments give us.   

One day I woke to an owl standing in my room just as dawn was breaking. I confronted the owl, and it morphed into its proper form. It was about 5 feet tall; it said nothing but just stared at me. I looked right at it, said, “Oh really?” and the owl shape-shifted right in front of me to a friendly Grey Alien. I had graduated passed the test. We had a normal conversation after that. Will you move beyond fear and meet them as conscious, sentient life like yourself?

Preston Dennett

Alien clowns! It may sound bizarre, but it’s true. People are being visited by aliens dressed up as clowns! Several researchers have reported cases like these. Extraterrestrials are not only dressing up as clowns but in other strange outfits, such as cowboy costumes or old-fashioned tuxedos and pin-stripe suits. Sometimes they even come wearing wigs or toupees! Are these screen memories? Are the aliens actually wearing these clothes? What is the purpose behind this strange behavior?

If they are trying to reduce the fear factor, it’s not working very well! Fear of clowns is so common, it has its own name: coulrophobia. Could the ETs responsible for this widespread fear of clowns? This video presents true firsthand cases from people across the world who have encountered aliens dressed up as clowns or other characters. It also provides some insights into why this might be happening. For those who would like to learn more about the Alien-Clown Connection, please check out my book, “Not from Here: Volume One.”

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