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07/14/22 ~ Last night when I was dreaming I saw Ezekial’s wheel. When I get in contact with ETs or ghosts, I often shift from regular sleep to lucid dreaming. I saw a large ship, much larger than my house, come in from the Southeast direction across the ocean right up to hover directly above my living room/bedroom. It was so enormous I could not see it all at once from below. So it moved around, changed form, and rotated faster than slower, making sure I clearly saw what I was meant to see.

The wind picked up in the room and loose pieces of paper started to fly around here and there. I called for my husband to come to see what was happening. He didn’t respond, so I watched for a while then decided to retrieve my body and physically go back to the office on the west side of the house and tell Sasha what I had just witnessed.

I sat in my chair without speaking so he can finish what he was working on and also not break the spell. I am still in contact at that point. We’ve been doing this most mornings for 25 years now.

Sasha saved his work and turned to listen to my download. I get contact most nights, so we’ve developed a routine where I can explain what I’m receiving before the busy day wipes away the memory or thought. Sometimes I want to dismiss “dreams”. But Sasha insists we explore all as dreams are messages from the subconscious to our conscious self.

He asked me if there was any message from the craft. I closed my eyes and was surprised to find they were still communicating with me. They responded by saying that they knew I was extremely worried and upset by the state of affairs going on in the world right now. They acknowledged that they know I ask for conscious contact all the time. They realize that despite all the proof I’ve been getting all my life, I still need constant contact and reinforcements. So they sent me a mother ship the size of Wailuku last night to make sure I’d not mistake what was going on. I smiled. Good. They love me.

Sash and I chatted a bit about alien contact and what this might mean. Then I still felt tired for it was only about 5:30 AM. So I kissed him, petted the kitty, and went back to bed. When I closed my eyes, the ship was still there. I followed it through the sky (I must’ve been astrally projecting or remote viewing), but they welcomed me as I escorted them. They were gently gliding at an easy pace heading Southeast out over the ocean. Just then the sun started to rise and the ship was basked in the glorious colors of dawn.

They slowly rotated, like one of those circular restaurants atop a spire. I think this was a tourist ship and so they turned very slowly so the occupants could get a 360-degree view of the world. I felt such amazing peace. The light glistened off the ship, which was gold. All along the rim were hieroglyphic-type writings. I didn’t understand what it said. From inside there was a beautiful red, orange and golden glow, like embers in a fire. The glow pulsated, like it may have been a power source.

When looking from below, the craft seemed more like an oblong typical UFO shape like the image on the left. But there were times it looked like a wheel like the red, orange, and yellow image on the right. If you look closely, the artist was trying to illustrate the writing. I saw that writing as well. And the vehicle glowed and pulsated with those same colors. But the artist couldn’t quite convey what that looked like when it came from within the vehicle. So they symbolized the colors in the flamelike energy outside of it. But in my vision, it came from within.

At times the ship looked very metallic.

The ship kept shapeshifting between several form types. Maybe that was an effect of shifting their internal propulsion systems, slowing down and speeding up. . At one point they wanted to kick up a breeze to make me aware they were outside my window, above my house. They wanted to wake me up from the deep sleep state to a lucid state and that’s when they began communicating with me telepathically.

They flatted out and assumed this shape several times.

When they began moving away and cruising along, the ship assumed this shape. It’s not exact, but close. The top was more pointed, not so flat. And the ship was metallic and golden. Very beautiful. And at this point, it slowly rotated and generated a peaceful, relaxing vibe. As I followed along in my astral form, they sent loving energy my way and welcomed me as I flew alongside them.

I feel very peaceful and happy at this moment. I feel blessed that they made contact with me in such a beautiful, loving, and profound way. I welcome them back anytime. And I feel that I’ve received healing as my life has been very stressful lately dealing with a lot of friends with serious health issues.

This ship has a more rounded top that is slightly bulged. Plus this ship shows the energy that came from within.
The craft I saw was a beautiful golden color and the colors of dawn reflected off of it making it a glorious sight to behold.
This is a pretty close representation of the craft I saw but mine was all gold and it slowly rotated when it moved. The beings inside were enjoying the view, so the craft moved slowly at a speed where they could take in the view.

I saw hieroglyphics carved into the metal on the ship where the lights are on this ship in this picture. The ship slowly rotated clockwise as it moved Southeast out to sea. There was also a row of windows below the hieroglyphics where the alien tourists looked out and watched us humans and looked at the view as they traveled around the Earth.

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