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ALL BEINGS IN THE COSMOS ARE EQUAL ~ 05/30/22 ~ Janet Kira Lessin

Last night I dreamed a significant dream. I’ve been reading “Selected by Extraterrestrials, Volume 2 by William Mills Tompkins, and many things he reveals they clarify and support many things that have happened during my life. Now items are making sense on a level they never have before.

I was facilitating a healing event between a married Asian couple in the dream. The room was full of other students who wanted to learn the process from me. They hoped to understand it more fully to take it to their students and clients. The goal was to create global healing, first between humans, then among the various species here on Earth and in the galaxies and universe.

We were in two rooms, so we opened the walls between them to make a much larger room as more students showed up than we had expected. I kept trying to get the couple to stand in the middle of the carpet and face each other. They kept making excuses, like “I have to pee, I have to eat, I need something to drink,” so we’d never begin.

Finally, I went to someone I knew could handle it and assigned them, taking over the session as I went out of the room. I realized the couple was resistant to begin as long as I was in the room. I didn’t take it personally, so I left, confident that my students knew enough about the process and could handle it.

Sure enough, when I returned, the couple was in total catharsis. Down the center of the room was a large, long, dark, wooden shiny table. The couple sat right across from one another while the other students paired up and faced each other. First, we instructed them to say to each other, “I forgive you for…,” letting the person asked to fill in the blank. Then they switched, and person two asked person one the same question. They kept going back and forth repeatedly with the same question. But most times, the answer changed. And even if the answer was the same, the next time they said it, each saw it through fresh eyes.

I looked away from the scene for a moment; then, when I returned this time, everyone was sitting in a staggered formation except for the original couple, who still faced one another and were still engaged. Now, the individuals were cathartic all by themselves. Each person had a different reaction. While some were crying, screaming, and saying words aloud, a few went inward and seemed locked in deep meditation and reflection.

I looked away, and when I looked back, the couple was now sitting staggered rather than directly opposite each other. More and more of the cathartic students were settling down, going within, meditating, and reflecting.

Eventually, they owned their projections and came to peace within themselves. There’s nothing to forgive, as all are perfect in the divine plan. But what I learned from Tomkins’ book is that humans show up as victims with aliens all the time, and when you show up as a victim, you pull in the perpetrator, the law of attraction, into action. The universe provides what you need. When you no longer need power plays and drama, you come into balance, and your life changes dramatically for good.

Tompkins shared a story about a woman who kept getting raped by a reptilian all of her life, beginning when she was much too young to be sexually active. As she grew, she liked it. She developed feeling for her rapist Reptilian. He then announced he was going away. When the woman asked when he’d be back, he said he would return in about three earth years. When he was gone, she missed him horribly. And when he spoke of him, she now referred to him as her lover.

Tomkins said his team knew that some gray aliens used humans for food. Several species think of Earth as a farm and that humans and all the animals, plants, animals, and minerals were resources available for them whenever they needed them. Some aliens and other intelligent species living or visiting here use humans as food, clones, enslaved people, servants, soldiers, warriors, etc.

There are many types of gray/grey aliens in the cosmos. Which variation(s) eat humans and/or consume human blood?

But Tomkins and his think tank came up with a solution for the hungry grays. They offered to make synthetic blood for the grays. There are many variations of grays, so do not worry if you interact with gray aliens. Many do not use humans for food, so please do not demonize all gray aliens. We were showing up stupid like cows, sheep, and chickens.

So they just thought we were dumb animals, food, just like we treat our farm animals. So when we said to them, “Please don’t eat us,” they realized our intelligence and moved into cooperation and support. I’ve heard of many humans who’ve developed loving relationships with grays and reptilians, so maybe a change on behalf of the humans could bring about better relationships.

I’ve often found myself in abduction-type scenarios that could have quickly gone south. But I stood my ground, learned how to meet them without fear, and entered intelligent discussions, which leveled the playing field. Now I am an ambassador, mediator, and interpreter. I’m invited to meetings and councils, large and small. I am respected and honored wherever I go. And I’ve recovered many of my memories and awareness of who I am as an eternal soul, forever divinely connected to the source.

The more I remember, the more intelligent and wise I become. And yes, when I return to my human self, I access less of my brain. Instead, I am more conscious and aware. I connect to parts of myself not visible to humans and eternally link to every being in the cosmos.

I am nothing special, and we all have magical, psychic, non-ordinary abilities. The only thing blocking universal peace and enlightenment is yourself. And that’s fine, for you are where you need to be at each moment. Just be aware we are in the quickening time, and you will need to adjust or die. But death is just as viable as life. We exist wherever we need to be. And yet, we are always and forever and will always be.

Below you will find a representation of the various aliens that exist in the cosmos. Many live or visit Earth and have colonized endless worlds. The Universe is full of life of all kinds. Nature loves diversity and keeps creating variations on her own or with the assistance of intelligent species who hybridize beings and create even more variety. Souls are not limited and choose to incarnate in many forms on many worlds, dimensions, vibratory frequencies, and levels of existence throughout this and other universes. We have simultaneous lives here and on many planets. Once we get out of our self-imposed box and realize what’s going on in existence, we open ourselves to contact.

Center yourself and invite-only beings of higher consciousness to enter your realm and personal sphere of existence. Solutions exist for all that ails us individually and collectively. We enter the Aquarian Age of love, peace, understanding, compassion, empathy and hope.

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