You have 14 generations of memories within your DNA

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0:00is a huge story that hasn’t been told

0:03yet to Mankind and we deserve to get

0:05this story out to everybody

0:07a lot of people on this planet are

0:10unfortunately because they’ve been

0:11victims of the religious system are

0:13waiting to die so that they can live and

0:15that’s a big problem that we have

0:17what DNA is and how it operates guess

0:20the big secret here because once you

0:21understand that then you’re going to

0:23open yourself up to understanding how to

0:26reprogram yourself 432 Hertz and 528

0:29Hertz it’s been scientifically proven it

0:31will literally reprogram your DNA it’s

0:33an elevation of consciousness you’ve

0:36gone from the primordial level of

0:38Consciousness the physical meat mode

0:40level to a 5D Ascension level of

0:43Consciousness your body is still in the

0:45third dimension but you’re thinking from

0:46a much higher Dimension a much higher



1:00DNA is a storage medium in other words

1:03it’s a hard drive this is peer-reviewed

1:05science by the way guys one gram of DNA

1:08which is enough to put a little tiny

1:09drop on the tip of your finger can store

1:12700 terabytes of data zeros and ones

1:16that make your phone work and make your

1:17computer work zeros and one bits of data

1:19zeros and ones can be stored on DNA

1:21we’re walking USB drives literally

1:24inside of your body right now you can


1:2813.5 billion years of data ironically

1:33that’s how old the universe is you

1:36literally have all the information

1:37stored in your body from the beginning

1:39of time until this very moment inside of

1:41you so when people say the universe is

1:43in you it’s not just a figure of speech

1:45like the universe is really in you

1:48everything that was here from the

1:49beginning is here right now nothing’s

1:51been added nothing’s been removed due to

1:53the law of thermodynamics energy cannot

1:55be disordered going to be transformed

1:56are you just hear right now in this

1:58particular form at this particular

1:59moment but all the information in your

2:01DNA will go back if you had a capability

2:03of decoding it will allow you to find

2:05this out this is why and some of you

2:07here know that I talk a lot about the

2:08Anunnaki these Atlantean beings that

2:11came here in the distant past and

2:12genetically modified the existing hominy

2:14they didn’t create people they modified

2:17people if you really analyze the text

2:19and I’m not just talking about Sumerian

2:21texts you have to go into several

2:22different versions of text that you

2:23normally listen seven examples of

2:25creation the actor Aces that picked the

2:26Epic of Gilgamesh you go into uh the

2:29Admiral tablets you discovered that

2:30there was already a hominid here and

2:32there was genetically modified that was

2:33our cousin before Homo sapiens existed

2:35what did they do to us to make us into

2:38this slave race to do the work for them

2:40they disconnected our DNA that’s what

2:43you have called now junk DNA it’s not

2:46junk guys it’s unplugged DNA why did

2:49they unplug it

2:51because our cousins

2:53unlike you’ve been taught were way

2:55smarter than us I’m not talking

2:57technologically smarter I’m talking

2:59about spiritually smarter more in tune

3:01with nature more in tune with the

3:02universe more in tune with the planet

3:03itself the human resident frequency of

3:05the earth they had bigger brains proven

3:08because we found the skulls all over the


3:10they had uh probably because of bigger

3:13brains most likely had bigger pineal

3:14glands which is your spiritual antenna

3:16All Humans right now we have billions of

3:18magnetite crystals in our brains we

3:20don’t even use them they probably had

3:22access to their magnetite crystals which

3:24is what turtles use to navigate the

3:25oceans to come back to where they’re

3:27going to lay their eggs and birds they

3:29flock to the South and the winter and so

3:31forth all using the magnetic fields well

3:33we have the same capability but right

3:35now we’ve been disconnected from using

3:37that if a tsunami comes Inland before it

3:40even hits all the wild animals run to

3:42the mountains in the Hills you never see

3:44wild animals getting swept away by a

3:46tsunami we’ve been disconnected you know

3:48our DNA has been disconnected our

3:50Consciousness has been reduced they’ve

3:52already scientifically proven and found

3:54out that a worship Gene was embedded

3:56into the human genome and they don’t

3:59know who did it but they can tell you

4:00that it was around 200 000 years ago the

4:03same time that they discovered that

4:04chromosome number two in the human body

4:06was taken out fused together and two

4:09telomere caps will put on each end again

4:12this is something done in the laboratory

4:14admitted by mainstream scientists but

4:17they can’t figure out who did it they

4:18can only tell you when oh about 200 000

4:20years ago but what do the tablet say 200

4:23000 years ago is when they first

4:24genetically modified the existing

4:25hominid on this planet and these tablets

4:28predate any Zechariah systems


4:31Zechariah sitchin I want to clear this

4:33up real quick before I even proceed

4:34never translated any Sumerian Tablets

4:37that’s a hoax he’s one of the greatest

4:39researchers in the history of this

4:40planet because what he did was he took

4:42pre-existing translated information and

4:45he painted a picture for US based off of

4:47the translations that already existed

4:48and he wrote books about it he never

4:51translated the Sumerian Tablets the

4:52Sumerian Tablets were translated in some

4:55cases 100 years before he was even born

4:57this was back in the 1700s and 1800s

5:00that the Sumerian Tablets the ones that

5:02have the information about these beings

5:03coming here and so forth and genetic

5:04modifying people the ultra Asus epic and

5:07the enumericalish were translated before

5:09he was even born so he never transited

5:11he just painted a picture he tried to

5:13pull together information from the

5:14tablets the Mahabharata the

5:16bhagavad-gita the non-kamadi scripts The

5:19Emerald Tablets and he tried to paint a

5:20picture as to what he thought happened

5:22in the ancient past was he a thousand

5:23percent accurate probably not but who is

5:26nobody’s going to be 100 accurate on

5:28anything that they put together we’re

5:29all researching we’re all searching for

5:30answers and information but just to

5:32clear that up because I gotta get rid of

5:34that debunk that big lie that floats

5:36around that we shouldn’t listen to

5:38anything that Sumerian Tablets have to

5:39say because they were only translated by

5:40Zechariah sitchin that’s actually a

5:42that’s a lie what does it have to do

5:43with DNA well if you look into the Tower

5:45of Babel incident that happened it’s

5:47recorded in the Bible but the Bible

5:49copied it directly from where the

5:51Sumerian Tablets which predate the Bible

5:53by 6 000 years ironically

5:55if you look what the majority of

5:57religious people that believe in that

5:58book they only think that the Earth and

6:00people are only six thousand years old

6:01why is that because the Sumerian Tablets

6:03date back to 6 000 years that’s when the

6:06most recent recorded history in terms of

6:07a lot of information was was available

6:09so they’re going off of information that

6:12was plagiarized into other religious

6:14texts but Sumerians and it’s epic

6:16there’s a Tower of Babel being built in

6:18Babylon this Tower is rivaling the tower

6:21that was built by these Anunnaki beings

6:23these Atlantean people now whether the

6:26tower was a replica direct like an

6:29identical copy whether it was like a

6:31cargo cult where we kind of deified

6:33these people as gods and we’re just

6:34trying to mimic and we use

6:36straw and Clay brick to build a tower

6:38that mimicked what they built it doesn’t

6:40matter the fact is we came together as

6:42one all of us

6:45and we built something together and our

6:47reason behind it was to either honor the

6:49guards or duplicate what they were doing

6:50and if you look at some of the ancient

6:52texts biblical or either Sumerian

6:55Emerald Tablets even some of the Indian

6:58books you’ll discover that people were

6:59living for thousands of years well what

7:01happened all of a sudden they stopped

7:03living for these are human beings not

7:04Gods humans were living for thousands of

7:07years now mainstream science wants to

7:09say oh it’s because they had more oxygen

7:11and US kind of crazy stuff no man we’ve

7:15been genetically modified just like the

7:16seeds on this planet that’s why but

7:18let’s take it to the next step now now

7:20they have discovered that epigenic


7:23can be passed down 14 Generations inside

7:27of DNA


7:31so you’re wondering why you feel fear of

7:35this and fear of that or you have a

7:37phobia of this or a phobia of that or

7:39you feel strongly about this and not so

7:41strongly about that it’s not because it

7:43runs in your family

7:44it’s because it’s in your DNA memories

7:47are in your DNA so what does this have

7:49to do with us well every single race on

7:52this planet has been enslaved

7:54now in more recent times we’ve had one

7:57race try to enslave other races more

8:00than others but however you have to

8:02understand this we’re all still slaves

8:04in The Matrix every single person on

8:06this planet is a slave right now at this

8:08moment so if you see somebody that’s

8:10stressing that’s under pressure that’s

8:13feeling the negative effects of what

8:15happened in the past you can’t just

8:18wipe it away and say it’s over now you

8:20should forget about it

8:22because what they’re truly doing is

8:24they’re suffering internally it’s an

8:26internal thing and it’s not going to go

8:28away immediately it’s going to take some

8:30time to do what reprogram we have to

8:33reprogram the DNA now how does this work

8:35with the law of attraction what we have

8:37to do as a people on this planet is we

8:39have to literally take the system that

8:41the elites put over us to control us and

8:43keep us dumbed down and stupid and low

8:46vibrational take that same exact system

8:49and flip it use the same methods but for

8:52positive for high frequency information

8:54music is universal because mathematics

8:57is universal the whole universe is

8:59written based on mathematics and music

9:01is also Universal that’s why I started a

9:03record label called Pantheon Elite

9:04records I started directly because I

9:06wanted to affect people in a positive

9:07way through music but what do I do

9:09that’s different we use conscious lyrics

9:11okay well that’s the okay well big deal

9:12no the music is encoded at 432 Hertz and

9:16528 Hertz because the music on your

9:18radio is encoded at what 440 Hertz very

9:22scientifically proven extremely

9:24detrimental to DNA why do they do 440

9:27Hertz knowing that it’s going to be

9:28detrimental to your DNA because they

9:30want to keep you in a weakened State

9:32because why people that come together

9:34people that understand who they are

9:36people that understand how much power is

9:37inside of them will not allow this to

9:40happen we will take control of this

9:41planet become loving beings again love

9:43one another help one another and so

9:45forth and so on so they have to keep us

9:47in a state of weakness and of course

9:49also sickness because when your DNA is

9:51weak you become what you become sick so

9:54all my music I put it at 432 Hertz and

9:56528 Hertz and guess what’s going to

9:58happen people are going to start copying

9:59us and following suit and it’s going to

10:01become like an epidemic in a positive

10:04way so we’ve got to start the process

10:05there programming on TV that’s why I get

10:08involved in positive shows and

10:10documentaries and movies that teach real

10:11information because why I’m trying to

10:13get kids to start looking and people

10:15start looking at information that’s

10:16going to help to reprogram their DNA

10:17another thing that you can do is

10:19positive affirmations

10:22I have a song called affirmations if you

10:24look it up on

10:25any music platform just look up

10:27affirmations by Forbidden Knowledge with

10:29the number four it’s a song that will

10:31literally when you play it it’s gonna

10:33give you a whole song full of


10:36but with a composed music done by myself

10:38in a violin by the name of Richard

10:39Wagner but it’s going to program you

10:41it’s been scientifically proven by

10:43saying positive affirmations will

10:45literally reprogram your DNA and guess

10:48what happens when you begin to do that

10:49when you begin to think positively when

10:51you begin to act positively and then now

10:53you’re reprogramming yourself and now

10:55you have Offspring it may not be just

10:57this instantaneous thing where

10:58everybody’s just reprogramming their

11:00wall awake and we’re all in another


11:03I mean it could happen because anything

11:05is possible but what I’m trying to tell

11:07you is more than likely we probably

11:09gonna have to go by on a step-by-step

11:11realistic process to do this and it’s

11:14going to take effort and it’s going to

11:15take hard work it’s not going to be easy

11:17if you’re driving down the highway and

11:19somebody cuts you off in traffic

11:21don’t flip over the finger and curse

11:23them out and say this and that and all

11:24this other kind of stuff especially if

11:25you got your kids and stuff in the car

11:27that’s just a bad example what you

11:29should do is you should bless that

11:31person bless their path bless the

11:33destination they’re trying to get to and

11:35thank the universe that you didn’t crash

11:37or have a car accident and just keep on

11:39moving in a positive mindset and when

11:42you broadcast that type of Love

11:43frequency now you’re reprogramming your

11:46DNA love is the most powerful force in

11:48the universe and the only reason why

11:50we’re in the state we are now is a

11:52civilization on the planet is because

11:54we’re not utilizing enough unconditional

11:55love I try not to let it get me into a

11:58state of frenzy or state of distress I

12:01try to control my physiology and

12:04maintain the neutral point because in

12:06the zero point field is where you can

12:08actually focus on the problem

12:10because once you become completely

12:12distressed worked up angry and

12:14frustrated now your mind is putting more

12:17energy into that and not into focusing

12:19on the situation or the problem that you

12:21need to have to fix and solve the

12:22situation which most likely means you

12:24probably be more understanding be more

12:25patient and learn a lesson from whatever

12:27happened now this is not easy to do

12:29trust me it’s a work in progress none of

12:32us are perfect it’s all a work in

12:34progress It’s a struggle on a daily

12:36basis this is what’s really truly called

12:38in the ancient texts being born again

12:41being born again doesn’t mean that you

12:44believing in a specific deity and that

12:46he’s going to come and save you being

12:48born again means it’s the elevation of

12:50consciousness you’ve gone from the

12:53primordial level of Consciousness the

12:54physical meat mode level to a 5D

12:58Ascension level of Consciousness your

12:59body is still in the third dimension but

13:01you’re thinking from a much higher

13:02Dimension a much higher level it

13:03operates on something called adinkra


13:06and these are dinker codes can be traced

13:08back to the dogon tribe in Mali Africa

13:10who actually were the original Egyptians

13:12from the land of Kim they later migrated

13:14out to Mali but they have these codes

13:16these codes represent their flat codes

13:18on on cloth but when you take them into

13:20a third dimension they represent

13:22sophisticated numerical mathematics that

13:24depict something called error correcting

13:26codes in our modern science and these

13:28error correcting codes are what run

13:30search engine browsers and websites so

13:33what is governing the function of our

13:35space-time reality in the third

13:37dimension is a software program that

13:40runs websites and search engines this is

13:43peer-reviewed science guys this is how

13:45powerful you are so what’s happening is

13:46you’re syncing up with information

13:47that’s already on the net and it’s

13:50downloading into your body and you’re

13:52processing that so with the law of

13:54attraction what happens is

13:55the law of attraction is not just

13:57something a lot of people hear you oh

13:59Law of Attraction I’m going to use the

14:00Law of Attraction but I really don’t

14:01know how to utilize it the proper way

14:03and it’s a real powerful tool to use in

14:06your life and if you really truly

14:08understand the Law of Attraction you’re

14:10going to make your life so much easier

14:12it goes along though with the

14:14reprogramming process you have to begin

14:16to start the reprogram if you wanted to

14:17work consistently you can make it work

14:19by accident here or they are spotted but

14:21if you want to work consistently you got

14:22to continue to reprogram your DNA and

14:25then you have to understand one other

14:26thing quantum entanglement but in

14:28quantum entanglement which is something

14:29in real physics it’s where you use

14:31something called parabolic down

14:32conversion to get two photons or two

14:35particles on the same frequency

14:37so once you get two particles on the

14:39same frequency you could take one

14:41particle to the other end of the

14:42universe if you had the capability of

14:43getting it there and the particle that’s

14:45local to you

14:47you can change the information in it put

14:49data on it and the other particle will

14:51change instantaneously bypassing the

14:53speed of light what does this prove

14:55distance is an illusion there is no

14:57distance and scientists now have

14:59discovered that the neurons in the brain

15:01face in and out of the third dimensional


15:05look it up I always give you real


15:09real signs that you can research for


15:12so your neurons your between your


15:16are actually phasing in and out of the

15:18third dimension where are they going

15:20they’re communicating with other Realms

15:21or other dimensions sinking and Quantum

15:23entangling with particles and thoughts

15:25in other places so when you understand

15:27this power of manifestation how to sync

15:30with the universal Consciousness through

15:31something else which I’ve labeled the

15:33Christ Consciousness so the Christ

15:35Consciousness doesn’t mean you’re

15:36syncing up with Jesus Christ what it

15:38means is you’re thinking of what the

15:39idea the concept of this higher level of

15:41Consciousness that exists out there in

15:43space-time so when you yourself are

15:46aligning yourself properly with the

15:48universe vibrating on a high frequency

15:49what does that mean vibrating on a high

15:51frequency that means you’re thinking

15:52with love not thinking with hate you’re

15:54thinking with power and love and not

15:56fear and weakness and when you do that

15:58that puts your DNA scientifically

16:01at a high frequency this is real science

16:03it’s not like oh man these people just

16:05got up here and talking about this

16:06frequencies and all this stuff they

16:07don’t know what they’re talking about

16:08now I’m talking about real peer-reviewed

16:10quantum physics and quantum mechanics I

16:12want to manifest

16:13a spouse into my life for example let’s

16:15just go with that I want to manifest a

16:17spouse into my life that’s operating in

16:19the same frequency that I’m operating

16:21that’s moving in the same way that I’m

16:22moving because I tried it before where

16:24one person’s going this way another

16:26person’s going that way it didn’t work

16:27out I did it twice I’m going man beating

16:29myself up what am I doing here not that

16:31that person was all wrong with it I was

16:33all wrong but it just wasn’t a perfect

16:34match the frequency level so I start

16:36focusing on this in meditations I start

16:39focusing on envisioning not a face not a


16:42just a Spirit Light being that is in

16:45full agreement and movement in what I’m

16:48looking to do and accomplish on this

16:49planet now because I’m doing that and

16:51I’m feeling this love frequency this

16:53vibration and happiness in the

16:54meditation I’m now operating at a higher

16:56level now I’m syncing up with the Christ

16:58Consciousness the Christ conscience is

17:00going to carry that photonic or that

17:02particle energy to sync up with the

17:04universal Consciousness on a quantum

17:05entanglement and now I’m Quantum

17:07entangled directly with the flower of

17:09life which is the face of God and now

17:11what happens is just like in standard

17:14physics when you have a globe in space

17:16and you see space warps around the globe

17:19because of the theory of relativity

17:20Einstein’s theory of relativity now I

17:22replace the globe Earth with your

17:24Consciousness with your mind your mind

17:26is literally now that it’s Quantum

17:27entangled it’s warping space-time it’s

17:30warping The Ether of space itself and

17:33now things that you’re looking for are

17:34falling because what happens to a body

17:36in space that warps space Things Fall

17:38toward it

17:39now the things that you want in life are

17:41starting to fall towards you you’re

17:44creating your own quantum entanglement

17:46you’re creating a law of attraction now

17:48you have things falling directly towards

17:50you and this is how the Law of

17:52Attraction works you literally create a

17:54gravity well so to speak that things

17:56happen to fall towards you and as you

17:57begin to operate in this mode it then

18:00begins to happen subconsciously where

18:03you’re not even having to directly Focus

18:05as the universe knows what you need if

18:06you’re operating in the right frequency

18:07those things will just occur in your

18:09life and pop up for you

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