Time Travel

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He Spent a Year in 3906 | This is what Paul Amadeus Dienach saw

In 1924, Paul Amadeus Dienach had been teaching the German language in Greece. Dying of tuberculosis, he wanted to return home to Switzerland. Before he left, he gave hundreds of pages of handwritten notes to his favorite language student Georgios Papachatzis. Dienach thought translating his notes would help Papachatzis in his study of the German language.

They said goodbye and never saw each other again. Papahatzis began translating the pages. There were whole passages about a coming nuclear war, colonizing Mars, and a global government. Sections about flying vehicles, holographic technology, and contact with alien life. Papchatzis thought it was a science fiction novel. But as more and more of the text was revealed, Papahatzis was shocked at what he discovered. This wasn’t a novel at all.

This was actually Dienach’s personal diary. Dienach wrote about how he went into a coma and woke up 2000 years in the future. It seems that Paul Amadeus Dienach had experienced some kind of time slip that caused him to fall asleep in the year 1921, and wake up in the year 3906. He spent a whole year in the future. And he wrote down everything he saw. This is his story.

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