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They Came to Say Goodbye

I have a memory of coming into this world feeling great hope and ambivalence at the same time. I simultaneously felt a sense of homecoming and that I didn’t belong here at all. For a long time I remembered the in-between lives state of existence and many past life and other world existences. I was so innocent at that time, that I often said things that greatly disturbed my mother. She had thoughts of killing me for her religious programming led her to believe that because of the things I was saying and doing at such a young age, I was the seed of a demon.



They Came to Say Goodbye ~ Time to go be “Human”

(Winter 1955)

This picture is from my PowerPoint presentation. I think I was older when they came and it was in the late fall/early winter of 1955. I remember it was cold and the space heater was on.

When I was quite young, still in the crib and thinking not of time, age or space, I received a farewell visitation from my galactic family. While I’d love to date this episode, I really can’t for that being that was me didn’t symbol in such a manner. In other words, babies don’t know how to tell time.

Since I was unaware of time and the passage of time and of age and aging and calendars to track and keep time, I’m just guessing when this goodbye ceremony happened. I believe it occurred somewhere between the ages of one and two. The weather was chilly, so it could have happened in spring, fall or winter, so late 1955 or early 1956. I was still in a crib because I was on the small side and my parents could not afford a bed.

Mother moved me close to the heater and next to the door to the bedroom to keep me warm. I fell asleep for a while. I was awakened by hundreds of beings that appeared all around me. They were all different species, no two of them alike. They obviously could not all fit into my bedroom. A portal had opened into my room and they took turns rotating to the front of the line where they stood before me to say goodbye.

One after the other, they circled 360 degrees around me eventually landing in front of me. They took care to make eye contact, send energy and share their breath with me. Contact on a soul level had to be made. This seemed to go on for hours, but I suspect we were now outside of time and space.

One after another. Their faces were friendly, each being attempting a smile with their mouths, and if that wasn’t possible because they lacked a mouth or could not smile, they twinkled their eyes and/or opened their hearts. Love and respect beamed from their being. I felt joy from each entity. They were proud of me and in awe that I had chosen to come on this mission into human form. Some felt a bit of fear and concern for me. I felt happy, fully conscious, and aware and fearless.

I stood frozen, watching them, fixated on this dance, tiny hands held tightly to my crib bars so there was no chance that I might fall. Time stood still, time flew by, endless, timeless. I felt highly energized receiving all that goodwill. I smiled, laughed, giggled, and greeted each in turn. Some were familiar, all were friendly and welcome. I felt elated, such extreme joy and bliss. This indeed was a reunion, the height of my life thus far, and the best part of my eternal existence.

The last being greeted me, the rotation ceased, and all became quiet. Silence. Complete. With reverence and love, respect and appreciation, the moment to part came at last. It seemed all took a deep breath and held it. And when they exhaled, with a loud clap, it was done. I was now fully embodied, locked into human form for the duration of the journey. From thenceforth I was limited, like all others like myself, and could no longer zoom the galaxies, at least in not such a great and conscious way.

At that point, I could no longer speak with intelligence. Even my thoughts were jumbled, confused and incomplete. I struggled to focus, to remember and recall. Where is my memory? What happened and why? Frustrated I cried out. My words were unintelligible. Gone were my language skills. My intellect was now fragmented and incomplete.

I screamed loudly in anguish. Nothing came out but gibberish and baby talk. I started to cry and then to bawl. My mother heard me, woke up and ran to my rescue from her bedroom in the back of the house. “Mommy, mommy, there were monsters!” is all that would come out.

“No, no!” my mind screamed. “That’s not what I meant! Why did my mouth and tongue betray me, replacing friend with the word monster? How can that be? What kind of trick is this?”

Frustrated beyond soothing, exhausted I finally cried myself silly and slept. Wiping tears from my red, now swollen eyes, mother tucked me in, kissed me and left. To her, I was just a baby. To me, I was thus now a mortal bound.

Next morning memories of my existence before this life began to fade from the foreground. I struggled to remember. I allowed a level of forgetting to be about my mission and do what I must. That part was clear. To succeed with what I chose to do when I came here was foremost and first.

But a part of me vowed never to forget. And that promise to me remained forever until the day would come when those who’d shame and hurt me, were no longer able to stifle my words. It took a while for the planetary paradigm to shift, for enough to recount and accept such testimonials to create the platform for those like me to come forth and share our versions of reality. You needn’t believe it.

Ultimately you must choose. But if you’re here reading my account, you most likely have experienced many odd and strange things yourself. Whether you believe or not, I do appreciate you’re reading this. If something resonates, fine. If not, so be it, so it is.

If so, then please take it to the next step and give it to higher parts of yourself to judge and evaluate. For soon we all need to remember who we indeed are as souls to save this world from destruction, the destruction that results either from ourselves and our own unconscious acts and attitudes or from those who don’t love us and wish to control us or want us dead.

Now it’s time to remember. Back then, it was time to forget.

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