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When I was four I returned to the Mother Ship, from whence I came. My human child self was made unaware, for the moment, of my eternal existence as a soul and the journey that I had experienced thus far that brought me to that time, spring 1958. I now have greater awareness from this perspective, 54 years later after much careful examination and reflection on this and many other encounters I’ve enjoyed with extraterrestrials, aliens, and inter-dimensional beings on my long road to this now. And yes, they are, for the most part, joyful experiences, for they remind me that there’s much more to existence than this planet and human life, which is a reality of pain, struggle, and despair for the majority of the population.

I clearly remember Vimanas, which come in endless shapes and styles. Sometimes they land and cities build up around them. Humans remember, build to honor that memory like some cargo cults. Some buildings ARE vimanas that landed and never lifted again. What a great way to deliver new buildings intact and without all the construction costs.

Beam Me Up

I remember that day with great clarity for it deeply affected me to the core of my being. I was just four years old, it was spring and I was outside picking buttercups to take to my Mother, whom I loved very much, who was inside the house. I was full of joy, the love of life and sang nonsense songs to God while gentle sunbeams washed my face. I was intensely focused on my task and in short order had gathered quite a lovely bundle of yellow flowers which I had carefully arranged in my tiny fingers making sure all the flowers were of the same height. I neatly trimmed the bottoms, best I could, so that tops and bottoms, flower to stem were of the same length. I had a flair for beauty, was rather artistic, loved order, liked making things neat and continue to create order out of chaos to this day. I suspect that’s a major part of my mission in this life.

I rounded the corner of the house and started to step over a short, white picket fence when I was instantaneously teleported to a Mother Ship orbiting Earth. From that moment forth, I was no longer a little girl, but was an old soul returning home to my people, reconnected once again to my Higher Soul, Oversoul, GodSource and the group mind of eternal, universal consciousness. For the sake of the body of the child I inhabited, things were orchestrated so as to not totally disrupt and blow its circuits.

My Eternal Self

Bodies have consciousness as well as souls, so the consciousness of the body must be respected as well as the consciousness of souls. The being that I truly am and the beings that had teleported me back “home” were fully aware of many levels of creation way beyond our normal human, limited perspective, so preparations were made in order to respect both little me, who was currently known at that time as Janet and the eternal soul with memories of all of existence, that is known and Ki’Ra.

Soul and body reside in a symbiotic relationship for the duration of the lifetime of the body. Souls carry on and return to other vibratory frequencies, dimensions, planets and realms of existence after incarnations. Souls are eternal. Bodies may experience extreme longevity and it is theorized that they too may be able to experience immortality. But since we are in the middle of Creation’s story, that’s yet to be seen.

Beings Sensitive of My Soul

Due to the sensitive nature of the body’s delicate electromagnetic system (which can be easily blown through trauma, stress and stretching awareness beyond the confines of the current reality or “norm”), we took extra precautions to create the most meaningful experience for the Janet-Kira being, while delivering valuable information necessary for her personal survival, evolution, growth and for the benefit of her species, human beings.

Telepathic, Empathetic Communication

We greeted her telepathically and calmed her heart, (which was beginning to race like a captured bird, with soft lights), celestial music (which she remembered from her in-between state) and soothing energies that surrounded her like a blanket of soft fur. She began to smile, her little face lit up like an angelic cherub. Her features and entire demeanor were quite petite, delicate, fragile but strong. Her life force was overwhelming in its intensity, but pure enough so our hearts opened to her with love.

We experienced a sense of sadness as we realized the great sacrifice she’s made to come to the Earth in such a diminished form. We were grateful it was she on this mission rather than any of us. And we knew that even among humans, this form was even more difficult since it was racked with illness and diseases from birth and since the moment she took her first breath, it was a struggle for her to remain embodied and connected to life.

Human Existence is Difficult

No, her journey was not an easy one. Human life alone is difficult. But she chose a body that had many handicaps as well. Her choice was made with the help of her Council, friends, family and guides so she might remain hidden until the time was “right”.

Through lights fading out replaced with those sequentially lighting up, we gently led her in the right direction to the “theater” room, which was prepared to resemble human theaters we were aware she had visited and had watched movies with her human family. She is always closely watched. While we do not intervene very often, we monitor her as we have much invested so that this being might be the one seed which grows to full fruition.

Relax & Enjoy the Journey

This familiarity we created for her led her to relax even further into the experience. With her attention fully captured, we were ready to download what she needed to know for her survival in life and especially for what’s about to come.

Shift now from the group soul/Oversoul perspective to her individual perspective so she can tell the story as she perceived it.


I was welcomed home. I felt conflicted for part of me fully believed I was a four year old human girl while the other part remembered my journey which expanded the eons of creation. I knew this awareness would only remain for this particular experience, so I was anxious and excited to train this new, childlike form and brain to remember, retain as much as it could.

Limitations of Human Form

The difficulty was the storage capacity of this form, as the brain is much limited in comparison to other brains I’ve inhabited before. While it has the same potential as others, it’s being limited by genetic manipulation and the size of the brain itself. And, I have agreed to be human, so I mustn’t tamper too much for fear of detection, but need to train the brain sufficiently so it can serve me and my mission in this life-time and form.

 At some point I just had to trust that our plan would work, so I put my more evolved, higher Ki’Ra Self back in the subconscious mode while I brought forth Janet to front and center for what was to come.

After a brief tour of the ship, I was brought to a room with a theater. Everyone treated me like returning royalty. Yet I saw no one. I only felt their presence which was more powerful than being physically present for their minds touched my mind. Their hearts encircled my heart, gently held me like a beloved.

The Earth Destroyed

When I was ready, I telepathically communicated to the others and then sat back for the show like the rest. The theater went dim and the screen lit up with a sideways view of the Earth. I was shocked when I saw three beams coming from three different directions of the surface of the Earth towards the center and split the Earth in thirds until she exploded, blew up into billions of pieces. Nothing remained but stardust. I began to cry. I couldn’t contain myself.

The screen went dark for about three seconds, then came back up again with a scene of the Earth where there was more life, less destruction. That scene faded away and another view came on screen with even more life and less destruction. The scenes kept coming forth every few seconds after the images faded, then appeared, each image showing more life each time and less and less destruction.

Emotions Overwhelmed Me

This went on for what seemed like an eternity. I was fixated, totally immersed in the realities that spread before me. I was not just viewing them, but I was them and they were me. Emotions overwhelmed me. I felt it all to the core of my being. I saw, felt, heard, smelled, breathed the air (or not air), experienced everything that every being felt, living, dying, being born, being killed, in each second, every breath, every death, plant, animal, mineral. All are alive. All have consciousness and all cried out to me to know them and to experience them, give their lives meaning and purpose for all times.

Negative Realities Yielded to Utopian Ones

Finally, there were glorious scenes of the Earth full of life. More and more life, abundance, diversity, joy, celebration then bliss filled my every senses with light, color, sound, scents.

My eyes overflowed with tears. I felt full, complete, had run the full gamut of emotions, starting with such sadness and despair for the death of my beloved Planet Gaia (Earth) all the way to the potential joys that were possible for my world. I was exhausted. I was elated. I knew there was a reality which was far greater than the post WWII existence that I now lived in as a child where many were still reeling from atrocities rendered under Hitler and the Nazi’s reign including my dear Father who suffered horrible from PTSD from being in the war.

Which Reality Do You Choose?

Finally, the theater went totally black before I was completely overwhelmed beyond what any being could endure. I sat there weeping, full of all emotions possible. I was given time to release. Eventually, my sobbing stopped. I regained my composure while deep inside my mind, body and soul were permanently ingrained with images and emotions that I would never forget.

The lights came up, dim like candlelight but radiating from the walls themselves. “What reality do you chose?” an unseen voice telepathically spoke inside my head.

I realized that moment in the asking that they were saying that I could chose not only for myself, but for all humanity, all of creation.

I Made a Choice for the Greatest Good of All Humanity

I didn’t have to wait long. The choice was obvious even for my limited, human-self brain. I had seen several utopian universes and one stood out in my mind, one with images, flora and fauna that I liked, one that appealed to me personally. So I said, “I’ll take that one.” indicating telepathically the exact universe that was visible in my mind’s eye.

At the moment of my choosing, I was returned to the Earth. Amazed, I found my foot was still raised, poised to cross over the tiny fence I had started to step over when I wanted to go back inside to my Mother. I paused, confused, yet full of wonder as I realized many hours must have passed.

When I first lifted my leg to step over the fence, the sun was mid-sky. Now the sun was setting and the sky radiated with brilliant colors of sunset. Since it was spring in East Coast North America, when I first began this journey it was probably around noon. But since the sun was setting, it was many hours later, more like 6 or 7PM. Had I really been gone that long?

Contribute to the Benefit of All Humankind

A voice beamed in my head, a final farewell before breaking off communications and my return to my human existence. “You have come to do that which will benefit all humankind.”

That thought took my breath away for a moment. My heart skipped a beat. Then I smiled, felt elated. My feet barely touched the ground. Loved permeated my every cell. I knew I had meaning, my life is worthy and there was purpose for my existence, a job to be done. I was full of joy.

I paused, gained my center and knew it was not appropriate to share that which had just happened with any of my family. I kept all to myself for many years. But I never, ever forgot that which has shaped me and formulated all these years of my life.

Why Didn’t Mother Miss Me?

When I revisited this event years later, I asked, “Why didn’t my mother worry about me being outside all day? Why didn’t she come check on me?”

They responded instantly, in that moment as if no time had passed, “She and the rest of your family were kept unaware, in a trance of sorts so that none need worry. Indeed, all was forgotten/erased from my family’s memory so that no conflict would ever emerge to shatter their version of reality.”

I Keep Writing, Reviewing, Reflecting, Writing More

Reality’s a perception of that which perceives. I wrote all above several days ago and had to set it down, I felt so overwhelmed. In those few days 2011 ended. Last night we welcomed 2012 with a bang and skies full of fireworks. I just came back I read what I wrote and part of me realizes the “normal” population of humanity that believes in the major religions, science or nothing at all is in a mindset that may judge what I say as crazy. I feel a bit of fear and have a natural inclination to censor myself, for who do I think I am that I might imagine that I am greater than this form I now inhabit?

I wonder a few things. First, how do we really know the capabilities of these human bodies who share consciousness with “souls” or whatever we call that spark that animates them? And secondly, since we are a symbiotic being, a unifying of mind and body, spirit and form, what does an energy that can move in and out of physicality bring to the table?

Witness Existence

I am both myself and the witness. I’m also the philosopher, the therapist, the seeker, and the scientist. I am capable of exploring my own experiences and those of others with a certain level of objectivity. While there is the tendency to self-censor and if I keep the information I know and have subsequently received, to myself I neglect my duty to myself and my planet and invalidate my dedication to truth. If all this is true, what right do I have to keep such valuable information a secret?

No Single Truth

The truth will eventually be known. And there’s more than likely never ever one single truth, so all we can do is put it all out there and create a consensus reality. And when that reality doesn’t fit anymore, we take another look, make changes or not, evolve or devolve. Since it’s a continuum, we tend to take a position somewhere along the cline of existence and when that no longer feels good, we adjust to something that more closely resonates with our souls and what we believe (be live).

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