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Michael Tellinger | Hidden Origins, Fossils of Giants, Shift in Consciousness | Megalithomania

Michael Tellinger shares his remarkable discoveries from around the world including, ancient ruins in Southern Africa, stone circles, Adam’s Calendar, the fossils of giants and strange creatures, sound, resonance, magnetism, the holographic moon, the nature of our reality and the particle physics agenda. He connects the dots between ancient wisdom, science, spirituality and consciousness in the epic and unique multi-media presentation. Filmed in Glastonbury UK in August 2018.


0:13thank you [Music]

0:24thank you very much for coming out in such large numbers and filling this Hall you have the distinct privilege of being

0:33subjected to a four-hour presentation squeezed into three this evening so

0:39so there’s no time for digressing um and for you know shoot getting off

0:46the line off the subject I’m going to stick to the script I’m going to stick to the slides and I’m going to get

0:51through this because if we don’t there will be large pieces of the puzzle

0:56missing may I ask to turn the lights on a little bit because I can’t see your faces if I

1:01can’t see your faces it feels like I’m talking to the ghost to a black hole

1:09it’s a little bit better a little bit more if you could turn the lights up a little bit more

1:16thank you um no no that’s the wrong way yeah that’s it thank you

1:22Okay so let’s get the show on the road um this is a body of information that’s

1:29been growing and growing and expanding for 25 30 years it’s very difficult to

1:36remove things from this because the moment I remove a section you will know

1:42that there’s something missing so I really tried to put together a linear and connect the dots for for audiences

1:51to be able to follow without feeling that there are pieces missing I’ve done my best let’s do this so we’re

1:58going to connect the dots from the ancient past to the present to figure out why the world is so bloody

2:04screwed up today and why most of us and especially the young people today find this world utterly completely

2:10incomprehensible they do not resonate with anything what’s going on most of us are confused

2:17about what’s going on in politics we don’t understand why things are just getting worse and worse and worse when the answers should be so bloody simple

2:23and yet things are just getting more and more complicated so clearly whatever is going on is going in the wrong direction

2:31and that’s why we have things like Nostalgia where we keep reminiscing about the good old days isn’t that just

2:37just that alone is a reminiscent is a reminder that things used to be better in the past because they’re certainly

2:42not getting better into the future so the concept of nostalgia is a reminder that we should wake up and do something

2:50about this this future that we hurtling towards it’s not looking pretty at this stage but the good news is that there is

2:58a shining light at the end of this tunnel which will end on the very high note tonight so if you feel at any stage

3:05this information is really dark and depressing because it can get dark and depressing I want to remind you that

3:11that’s just the foundation for the information of what we can do as a species to get ourselves out of this

3:17mess and I like to always work with the positive in mind because if we don’t

3:22then there really is no purpose to this life as I see it today personally so

3:29why does it matter that we connect the dots from the past because if we don’t know who we are and

3:35where we come from how could we possibly know where we are going that’s actually a quote from Jurassic Park believe it or

3:40not so what I’d like to ask you tonight is to keep an open mind at all times

3:46because the information the more I go the further I go down this

3:52rabbit hole the more disturbing it becomes and I’m sure many of you are aware of this already and there is no

3:57bottom to the rabbit hole it just gets weirder and weirder and weirder and some of the information I’m going to share with you tonight is getting to that

4:04point where I don’t know if I can actually talk about some things in public at this stage some things I have

4:10to edit myself because if I talk about some things in public which I’ve tried I

4:16come to I come under incredible attacks and I don’t want to alienate any people my whole purpose is to unite people not

4:23to divide people anymore we bloody divided enough so let’s share information that actually is going to

4:29act as a platform to unify people and give us a direction forward instead of creating more division so some level of

4:37editing is necessary from time to time to keep that unifying Factor going so

4:43let’s kick this off the world is covered in countless

4:49unimaginable numbers of Ancient megalithic Ancient sites built by by

4:56civilizations and people that we know nothing about every year every month

5:02every week new sites are being discovered and I know that you human for example is one of those people that

5:07keeps discovering new Incredible sites some of the things he shared with me over the last few days it just blew my mind

5:13so we have no idea of what happened on this planet we just literally are like

5:20babies waking up from a deep sleep trying to figure out who we are where we come from and why we’re here while

5:25there’s this Unwritten unknown history of our planet that probably goes back a lot further and is a lot more weird and

5:33a strange and unimaginable that most of us could possibly fathom and it’s these strange

5:42structures like this that were built by some people in ancient times and when

5:47they were finished building this one they decided to go from South America to just up the road here and build one of

5:54these they said let’s drag a bunch of rocks from from uh Wales and put them up in a circle and somebody said well why

5:59should we do that because it’s cool and uh and they did that so they dragged a bunch of rocks put them in a circle and it looked cool and they moved on and

6:05they went into the desert and they built a big statue because they didn’t have any statues and the reason I realized

6:11just recently why they could do all this stuff in ancient times very simple reason

6:18because they did not have jobs they didn’t have jobs to go to every day

6:23they had all this time on their hands to do stuff with say what should we do today hey let’s go and build some of

6:30these perimeter kind of things right next to this big statue in the desert so they went and they built big pyramidal stuff and they went out somewhere out to

6:37near near Israel and and and then built these big platforms with giant rocks and they went up the mountain in South

6:43America and they built more rocks that fitted into each other and they thought wow it’ll freak out people in the future

6:48and they went and built you know carved big statues and put them under a roof of solid stone and rock and um because they

6:56needed statues and they needed some place to go and worship and offer foods to these statues and and then they they

7:03went up the mountain they built faces wall faces with faces sticking out them

7:08and why did they do that because it’s going to freak people out and they did that because they had all this time and then they had a board meeting under a

7:15tree like people in ancient times did like they still do in Africa because they didn’t have jobs they had just this

7:21time and they had a board meeting under a tree and one of the guys said look what we’ve never done yet is dig a hole

7:27and surround the hole with giant stones so they said well let’s do that so they

7:32did that why should we do it because we can so they did that and then one said wow that’s amazing huh I said would I

7:39just hear you say did you say huh wow I think that that is a really cool letter

7:45for an alphabet we don’t have an alphabet yet but I think let’s start with her as a first letter of the

7:50alphabet so they went up the mountain and they carved a whole lot of hers and they left him behind to just to confuse

7:55us and and then then some one of them said you know

8:02what we’ve never done we’ve never carved a whole city out of solid rock so they went up the mountain and got the whole city out of solid rock then they said we

8:08need more pillars on top of a platform so they built more pillars on a platform somebody said we need more stairs with

8:14police so they built more stairs with pillars and then what is clearly evidential is that these

8:19people could hold their breath for a long long time because then they went under the water under the oceans and

8:25they did this only because they could hold their breath otherwise they could never do this then they went into the jungles and they built these kind of

8:31things they’re really scary and they built more statues and chopped their heads off because that was freaky and

8:36then another guy said what we’ve never done is taken a big rock and Hollow the rock out so they went and they hollowed

8:42a bunch of rocks out and they’ve scattered them throughout Siberia and then they went back into the desert and

8:47they carved out Big Blocks and put them on top of each other like Lego blocks and they covered it with sand because it

8:52would be fun just cover it with sand and then they built this big thing that when you look at it from the top it

8:58vibrates it looks like it’s moving and vibrating and then they put these bell-like things on top of it to do

9:05something and we don’t quite know what it was and the amazing thing is that they did

9:10all this stuff with hammers chisels ropes and pulleys

9:17and this is what our historians are still trying to convince us of today that is the most remarkable and

9:24unbelievable thing even the the next most unbelievable thing is that

9:31pretty much everything I shared with you here so far all of these structures are either in the Northern Hemisphere or

9:38along the Equator very little has ever happened in the southern hemisphere and that’s a that’s a big problem

9:45until you discover the vanish civilizations of southern

9:50Africa because if southern Africa is supposed to be this cradle of humankind that we

9:57keep being told about they must be stuff that happened there in ancient times

10:02and that’s exactly what it is the vanished civilizations of southern Africa is a big big deal I’ve only

10:08recently started to realize what a big deal it is because until I started talking about this and showing this in

10:14the large on the large scale and the numbers that we find these ancient ruins in southern Africa there was very little

10:20knowledge or information written or or available about that so welcome to my

10:25part of the world and my life to the stone circles and the vanish civilizations of southern Africa that

10:33left behind more than 10 million circular Stone runes that

10:39are absolutely spectacular only when you start looking at them from the air

10:45each one is completely unique and some of them are very large some of

10:51them are small some of them look insignificant some of them look like beautiful flowers and you’ll notice that

10:57they’re all connected to each other by these channels they do not stand alone you’ll notice that they have extended

11:03structures that are covered by soil that move away from the stone circles as we see them sticking out of the ground

11:09today and it just goes on and on

11:15what you’re looking at is the largest cluster of stone ruins found anywhere in the world today

11:20it makes everything else spell into insignificance sometimes they run for 100 by 100 kilometers

11:27connected or stone circles that are not Standalone they’re all connected by

11:32channels and there’s weird spiders web effect that holds all of these circles and the channels together

11:44and you just see the devastation and the destruction from some event that

11:50destroyed all of this a long long time ago and then a few of them have been

11:55rebuilt and restructured in more recent times the key thing here is that there are no doors and entrances so these

12:02cannot be dwellings for people or cows or other animals because clearly they

12:08were not built with doors and entrances they something else archaeological drawings from 1939 clearly indicate that

12:14they have no doors and entrances at their circular structures all connected to each other by these channels looking like a bunch

12:21of grapes here in this image and sometimes these circles are concentric connected to each other all linking to

12:28each other and that is all seated in a large network of agricultural Terraces

12:35that cover at least 450 000 square kilometers in South Africa and Zimbabwe who built these Terraces what were they

12:43for what were they growing and who were they feeding

12:48in the most recent research that I’ve found from Anton Parks if you’ve not come across Anton Parks yet I highly

12:55recommend that you get his books they’re now available in English it is a whole

13:00new Spin and a whole new level level on Anunnaki activity and not just Anunnaki but many other

13:06ancient beings that were not necessarily as benevolent as the Anunnaki a whole

13:12new look at the Sumerian language as a prototype language to pretty much every language in the world today

13:19and In There He suggests that that whatever was happening in southern Africa they were growing huge amounts of

13:25food that were from there they were feeding all the other groups of beings

13:31around the world from one Central Food growing area and I’m suspecting that

13:38this is maybe where this is why there are so many agricultural terrorists because they were feeding

13:43um the beings whether they were Anunnaki or other beings from around around the world from Southern Africa and these

13:49Terraces cover entire mountains once you start walking around people that have been on my Stone Circle research

13:54Journeys with me now we’ve just had the second one you realize the extent of this it literally uh makes your jaw just

14:02drop down with Wonder and amazement how vast this is the flagship among all these ruins in

14:09southern Africa unquestionably has become known as Adam’s Calendar this site was rediscovered by Johann heiner

14:17in 2003 2004. it is now as far as I know the oldest example or

14:23an example of the oldest working Sun calendar it still works as you can see the shadow of the The Rock closest to us

14:31casts the shadow on the calendar Stone and it moves from the left to the right from the summer solstice to the winter

14:37solstice and when it reaches the right edge of that calendar Stone it comes back so you can still tell every day of

14:43the year based on the setting of that sun and the shadow where the shadow lands greater mutoa’s famous Zulu Shaman

14:51started to weep when I showed him the book Adam’s Calendar in 2008 he said he

14:56never thought he’d see that special place again because he was initiated there in 1937 he then proceeded to tell

15:03me what a sacred and important place it was in all of human history and he said it was known

15:08or birthplace of the Sun in Zulu shamanic tradition where Humanity was

15:14created by the gods to be the slaves in the gold mines so this is information that’s well recorded well in knowledge

15:23handed down for thousands of years among African shamans as always completely ignored by

15:29mainstream Academia and historians this is the aerial photograph of Adam’s Calendar or inzalo yelanga right on the

15:36edge of the cliff there it drops down about 300 meters there and then goes into the Barberton Valley which is an

15:42entire kilometer below this Mountaintop there’s a 3D reconstruction of Adam’s

15:47Calendar where we have a horror Stone we have three stones the Orion stones that line up with the rise of Orion North is

15:55on the left South is on the right and here we have another Stone over here that was removed

16:01removed in 1992 and put somewhere else with a block on it to commemorate the

16:07opening of the blue swallow Nature Reserve now if you go from the southern

16:13Stone on the right right between the two calendar Stones as you can see there those are the calendar Stones I think I

16:20have a pointer here actually yes yes to use technology there

16:25um that that’s the south north line that is South that is north and it goes right

16:31between the two calendar Stones if you continue North to to your left uh you get two Great Zimbabwe and if you

16:39carry on further north another 7 000 kilometers you’d get to the Great perimeter Giza all perfectly aligned on

16:46the 31 degrees East longitudinal line otherwise known as the nalotic Meridian that is also where Linda Tucker has her

16:53white lions a sacred white lions at Timbavati also sits on the nilotic meridian and then we get to the strange

17:00and mysterious tools stone tools and artifacts that I started collecting for some reason when I first arrived there

17:06in this place from Johannesburg 11 years ago now

17:11I don’t know why I was attracted to certain things because they didn’t make any sense geologically or

17:17archaeologically but I started collecting these weird stones and thank God for that because right now those are

17:23turning out to be the most valuable and crucial pieces of evidence for this vanish civilization and what was going

17:30on there you can see how happy I was when I picked up that one and and then we have uh what I could I

17:37call these the bird-shaped stones here’s another bird shaped Stone it looks like it was carved and uh and then the patina

17:44has grown over it and then the weird the weird cone-shaped tools that I started collecting just strange cone-shaped

17:51tools everywhere scattered across the mountains not to forget the donut stones or the Taurus stones and they are

17:58thousands if not hundreds of thousands of these donut Taurus shaped Stones scattered throughout southern Africa and

18:04that brings us to the stones that ring like Bells these weird elongated stones that look like French loaves that when

18:10you tap them they ring so spectacularly so beautifully you would not believe it’s a stone it’s a bell uh the one at

18:17the top here for example that clearly looks like it was carved or shaped by somebody that doesn’t look like a normal

18:23Stone and neither does the one at the bottom and they both ring at the same frequency

18:29that is the key thing here when you ring them and they ring like

18:34bells in fact that one at the top was the very first tool that I’ve ever collected

18:40but nothing could have prepared me for the discovery of January 2018.

18:45when my first stone circle research team

18:50accidentally discovered the mud fossils of Giants and other creatures

18:59and it was like cognitive dissonance have just just suddenly vanished so once

19:06I was blind now I could see it’s incredible and um

19:12we were walking up the mountain with this team this was in January and this

19:20this Stone here that stone there was lying right beneath my feet so I picked it up

19:25and once again I was just shook my head I went why are these Stones these weird shapes what’s going on with all these

19:32weird shapes man and I put the stone down on the wall one of the walls and I walked up the

19:38mountain and I said by the time I come down I’m going to figure out what this is and I did as I was coming down

19:46I suddenly started remembering all the stuff I was seeing in my research into mud fossils and when I looked at that

19:52stone again I picked it up I went oh my goodness this is a rib

19:58and everything changed and there you can see a collection of

20:03many of the fossils here we have a shoulder blade we got one rib here

20:08there’s another beautiful elongated rib and they’re just all kinds of body parts

20:14that that completely and utterly metamorphosis now here is a one of the

20:20best examples there’s a heart you can clearly see the aorta where the aorta goes at the top you see the coronary

20:26artery crossing the heart this is about three times the size of a human heart so this could possibly fit the shape of an

20:33Anunnaki if the Anunnaki were three times the size or twice the size of humans that could be an Anunnaki heart

20:40completely fossilized metamorphosized into hornfeld’s rock this is a huge

20:45problem for Geology and Metallurgy and chemistry it seems that when these body parts get trapped in mud and water they

20:54completely and utterly transmutate and transform from whatever organ it was or

21:01body part with the internal structure it completely metamorphosizes into very

21:06dense crystalline rock called hornfels in geological terms when these fossils

21:13break and you look at the internal structure you can’t see internal structure this is the mystery

21:19only when you look carefully you start seeing some indications of weird things

21:25going on and you’ll see what I mean in a second but just to the untrained eye when any of these fossils break it just

21:31looks like BlackRock known as hornfels or ringstone we have teeth Hearts ribs

21:38and I’m picking up more and more hearts different shapes and sizes of hearts in

21:43fact some some of them look like they still have organic material in it by the way we have identified a few of these

21:51fossils and taken them away to to the lab to extract DNA yes you can extract

21:56DNA from mud fossils that is not something new it has been done before so

22:02I wait with great anticipation for us to extract DNA from some of these fossils

22:07because that’s going to be a whole nother step and one of the actually one of the things that happened I was

22:13holding that heart in my hand like I was here in this picture literally it was taken on the same day

22:19I was standing with his heart in my hand and this couple pulled up a guy and his wife and he ran up and he said hey

22:24Michael how’s it going I’ve been watching your videos and he looks at me and said is that a heart you’re holding

22:30and I go yeah well I think it’s a heart you go well it is a heart I’m a surgeon that’s a bloody heart and I go wow

22:36you’re a surgeon yeah I’m a surgeon at the Johannesburg gin so I said wow would you mind just you know going on video

22:41and telling me a bit about some of these body parts I’ve got about a five minute video or more but like 10 minute video

22:46clip of him going around telling me what these different body parts are so it was a really beautifully timed moment and

22:53since then there have been many doctors and Physicians and people that understand human anatomy and their jaws

22:58literally fall to the ground when they see what is what fills the museum that

23:04is where the shoulder blade was lying I’ve been driving past this for 10 years ten years didn’t see it

23:11you know that’s that expression once I was blind but now I can see everything changes here’s a bone knuckle a large

23:19bone knuckle uh the shaft going to the left and you can see when my feet with

23:24my feet next to it the size of that I mean and this this is like a foot in a

23:30shoe or something it’s like a some sort of a foot in a leather shoe

23:35you know I was joking about this Emma and I were up the mountain we were joking look this looks just like a foot

23:41this is six months before we realized that we’re actually dealing with mud fossils suddenly Everything Changes now

23:47we go okay well what’s going on here here we’ve got bones you can clearly see that that’s a bone up there that’s not a

23:55that’s not a rock a fossilized bone and all these others this is a bone with

24:02muscle attached to it so that’s what these rocks look like that’s when the whole muscle and tissue together

24:09fossilize that’s what happens they create these beautiful rounded structures you got pieces of a spine

24:16there’s that rib that I picked up more ribs the fascinating thing about

24:21this rib here that seems to be the one right at the top except like three or

24:26four times the size of a of a human rib when you look at it from The Edge it looks like someone cut it with a knife

24:32it was like somebody was having a spare rib Feast it’s ridiculous

24:37uh here’s a part of a Jawbone this piece that goes up right under your ear here except that’s like 20 times the size of

24:43a human not sure what this is so what part of the body that is this is that another

24:48look at that bone and a claw this is a claw from some creature have no idea but

24:54we’re now picking up more and more Claws and Hooves of creatures this is a hoof of some creature this is where the bone

25:01would have come in from the top you can see it’s got cutting marks as if somebody actually cut the bone

25:08there’s like the Talon on the side here you can see where the Talon would broke broke off for the what’s that thing of

25:14the Talon was it called Talon a claw the claw the Talon on the the chicken foot

25:19is another angle from the top you can see the the saw marks somebody was

25:25sawing that bone off um and the phalluses here’s a giant

25:30phallus this is just insane um this was taken out near Adam’s

25:36Calendar and then and this is just a a collection a shot of a a bunch of uh

25:43um sort of reptilian skin with the meat attached to it this is a close-up of The

25:49Reptilian skin on one of them and this is my favorite one where you can actually see the skin at the top and how

25:56the epithelial cells are growing up into the skin before they actually reach the top this entire thing is one piece of

26:03hornfeld’s rock completely and utterly metamorphosized you cannot distinguish

26:09internal organs in any possible way that is a huge cognitive dissonance problem we’re gonna

26:15have to come across because we don’t understand how that works I don’t know what the hell this is but I find it

26:21fascinating again you can see the skin The Reptilian skin and whatever this was inside here that completely turned to

26:27rock this is one of my favorite pieces again the skin there and then these claw

26:32marks or teeth marks somebody was having a little stake when a giant wall of mud

26:39came and engulfed them all and turned them into mud fossils and then recently

26:45on the last stunt Circle Expedition I’ve been walking past this rock and many

26:50rocks like this lying up on top of the mountain and you just think they’re rocks well you’d be wrong

26:57all of them are pretty much fossils we notice this strange thing in in there this weird like like a

27:06whatever that is whatever you call it a baton in there and we photographed it and we started

27:12playing with it the exposure we realized it’s a tail you see so a lizard or a crocodile tail with a hind leg one hind

27:19leg there another hind leg down here when you look at the other is another view of it is a crocodile or

27:26lizard leg reptilian I mean tail going back there is the one leg this entire

27:32thing is one giant rock so the mud fossils of Giants and weird

27:38creatures have suddenly taken the spotlight off the stone circles in the vanity civilizations because

27:44they seem to be everywhere and we now have to put this into context of what we’re dealing with here

27:50we’ve got this vast civilization with all these Terraces everywhere growing huge amounts of food millions of stone

27:56circles and now this on top of it what the hell is going on

28:01and that brings us to the whole biblical story when the gods were on Earth there were giants

28:08and Hugh Newman knows all about this because of his new book about Giants on record we’ve all seen this many of us would

28:14have seen this image on on the internet of real actual historic fines of Giants or pieces of Giants or fragments so

28:21these are real and uh and yet this is nothing compared to what we’re finding in the Jewish encyclopedia we get told

28:29about the the rabbinical tradition about the anakim that of the same Titanic

28:34races of the refiam the Nephilim the gibberum the zamzumim and the emem they

28:39talk about them like they were the Russians the Jews the the Russians the Polish the the Portuguese and the

28:45Italians right uh and like they knew who they were well we have no idea who they were the zamzum and the Emma wow in

28:53South Africa we have the boskop skull that’s about 20 percent larger than the human skull and then we have this bone

28:59fragment that’s actually crystallized already at the at the wits Museum wits

29:05University in Johannesburg that’s where I graduated from by the way in 1983

29:11and there’s the size it’s about at least twice this oops sorry

29:19um it’s at least twice the size of of a human um leg bone the human joint there look

29:27at that compared to that when you see it in real life it’s a lot more impressive and then you start seeing Footprints

29:33like this that has become far more interesting but nothing like the giant footprint close to my house about two

29:40hours drive from where I live and this is probably about seven times as large as a human it’s interesting that Klaus

29:46Donna actually found the nose bone the heel bone and the skull fragment in Ecuador of a giant that was about 10

29:52meters tall or between 7 and 10 meters tall and what is even more interesting that the skeleton of that giant in

29:59Ecuador is actually in the Ecuador Museum it’s on display for everyone to see and then there’s still people that

30:05talk about oh Giants are just a myth they don’t really exist and these giant skeletons for us to see all over the

30:11world but these are the small guys once we started looking at the books of

30:16Leviticus and the Book of Enoch Everything Changes because in Leviticus they tell us

30:22or whoever the narrator is tells us that we were like locusts by their side

30:28that’s how small we were compared to the Giants that lived in that part of the world and the Book of Enoch I’ve heard

30:34about the Book of Enoch so much and about the Giants so I looked it up just before I left and I found it I think it

30:40was on page 69 or 89 I can’t remember now where it clearly talks about the Giants that were 3 000 else tall so I

30:48looked up what an L is and L is just short of half a meter so 3 000 elves would make these Giants

30:54one and a half kilometers tall or just short of a mile now this is a whole nother scale and we

31:02have to start cognitively and consciously thinking about the possibility and probability and reality

31:09of these beings that existed on our planet at some time in the past stop

31:15shoving it aside and ignoring it because his history and oral tradition keeps talking about it and even now in the

31:22stone circles you can’t get away from it suddenly it’s all about the bloody Giants you know I didn’t want to talk about the

31:29Giants but I’m forced to talk about the Giants you know I want to talk about stunt circles

31:35and are we picking up pieces of bloody Giants everywhere you know these are not Stones these are fossils people Stones

31:42don’t make these weird shapes body parts Anatomy makes these weird shapes and not

31:47just of humans of weird creatures that we have no idea what they look like we don’t know how many hearts they had we

31:53don’t know if they had blood we don’t know if they were cold-blooded or hot blood if they had exoskeletons or or or

31:59inner skeletons we could just speculating we’re just finding these parts trying to figure out what the hell

32:05is going on just to remind you again of that knuckle which is quite large but

32:10nothing compared to this one look at this I mean this is the size of a Volkswagen Beetle

32:16there that’s where the shaft came out and was cut off would have gone out to the right here

32:22and in fact from this angle I’ve just noticed the I think yesterday when I was editing this when you look at

32:29this angle it looks like it’s got that reptilian skin there on top as well

32:34stuff gets weirder and weirder and this is just a close-up of where the shaft was cut off you can see that The metamorphosized Rock there is completely

32:41different because of the the the bone marrow and the blood and whatever was in

32:46in that part of the bone when it was cut off whoever cut that off or broke it off or severed it off somehow

32:53and then obviously we have the heart they are water and if you think this is a an interesting aorta and a heart so

33:00you can see it going in there and there’s a coronary artery going down very clear of any Physicians here you’ll

33:06know what I mean it’s very obvious how about this size for a heart

33:12is where it also goes in

33:17that’s probably about a I don’t know 50 80 100 tonheart I have no idea a

33:22fascinating thing here’s a close-up of the the aorta where that aorta I suspect would have gone in

33:29and um this this is propped up right beneath a giant footprint like here it

33:36is it’s propped up it’s not accidentally lying there it’s propped up with stones holding it up

33:41so somebody put it there to draw our attention to the giant footprint

33:46and through some shamanic downloads and shamanic channeling we’ve been told that

33:53the Anunnaki put this heart there to point to the giant footprint and they

33:58also tell us that they were mining the remains of the Giants for the gold

34:04and the remains of the bones of the Giants that has now got to do with monoatomy

34:10gold in our blood one Atomic gold in our bodies and when we die that monotomy gold becomes diatomy gold and it sinks

34:16to the bottom so when these Giants and um and so even when we die there’s gold in our bodies

34:22and our remains but not much but in these Giants there would have been quite a lot of

34:27gold and and it’s all in a concentrated place so it seems like they went and got the gold from these Giants

34:32it gets weirder and weirder but the ruins weren’t dwellings or houses so

34:38what were the ruins for we know from cymatic patterns what shapes of sound look like and I think it’s very obvious

34:44by now what the ruins were for for those of you that have not seen this yet to

34:49remind you what sound manifests How Sound manifests physical form

34:57every sound frequency has its very own specific shape what you’re looking at here is just a two-dimensional

35:04representation of a three-dimensional effect so this is actually happening in 3D we moving away creating these

35:11beautiful shapes and patterns Prime resonance frequency that’s what it’s all about

35:17every frequency has a very specific shape or cymatic pattern

35:24and as you can see the higher the frequency the more complex the shape the lower the frequency the larger

35:31the shape


35:48I’m always amazed how many people have not yet seen this you know I assume by

35:53now that everybody must know this but they’re always a large number of people that have never seen this

36:26and just keeps going up and up and up and just because you can’t hear the frequency anymore doesn’t mean it’s gonna stop

36:32that keeps going above and below and you’ll see below in a little while

36:40how low it can actually go how low we have detected cymatic patterns

36:53always beautiful so what the stone circles are are just cymatic patterns representing the shape of the sound

37:00coming out of the ground at that specific place that’s it so what these ancients knew of Anunnaki knew at this

37:07stage I believe that Anunnaki were the ones that built all these is they knew how to how to identify the shape of the

37:13sound frequency coming out at that specific place and they placed the rocks on the shape of the cymatic pattern of

37:20the sound in which case they basically Amplified those sound frequencies so they created an amplification structure

37:26so cymatic patterns that’s why each stone circle is completely unique none are ever this the same and this is why

37:33we started measuring very powerful frequencies in the gigahertz sound frequencies coming out of the walls and

37:39electromagnetic fields coming out of the walls from 400 megahertz all the way up to 1800 megahertz at Adam’s Calendar it

37:46is quite spectacular Adam’s Calendar is a is a mystery because the stone circles we we can figure out and we can we can

37:54understand how they amplify the sound frequencies because of the stones and

37:59the walls and the chords so it’s the courts in the rocks in the stones in the walls that do the vibration and the

38:04amplification and and those sound moves and the moving sound then creates magnetic fields and the moving magnetic

38:10fields create the electromagnetic fields so but Adam’s Calendar has got no walls

38:15it and yet it is infinitely more powerful than any of the stone circles so something else is going on there some

38:21there’s another mechanism at work there and there we measured Way Beyond 375

38:27gigahertz the guy was measuring it said he couldn’t measure it any higher but it seems it indicates that it goes a lot

38:32higher than that and then 1700 megahertz electromagnetic field running horizontally and another one running

38:39vertically out of it so we definitely have the indication of a toroidal field there a toroidal Vortex field that’s

38:46being generated at Adam’s Calendar itself and we have these weird flower-shaped ruins flower shaped ruins

38:53that actually are magnetrons giant magnetrons built out of quartz

39:00and I asked two magnetron scientists how much energy would a magnetron 40 or 50

39:05meters in diameter generate build out of pure courts and the answer was more than

39:10all the power plants on Earth today so whether that’s accurate or not I don’t know the point is we have

39:16thousands of these magnetron type structures built out of Courts all connected to each other into that giant

39:23grid creating this huge energy grid of stone circles magnetrons generating

39:29insane amounts of energy putting it pulling it together and doing something and that’s the question what were they

39:36using all that energy for it couldn’t have just been gold mining I guess some of it was used for gold mining but I’m

39:42not starting to think that they were possibly manipulating the weather geoengineering creating a climate

39:48creating oxygen putting more oxygen into the atmosphere something like that because this is such a gigantic

39:55initiative such a gigantic scale infrastructure that they created it had

40:01to be something to do it had to had to have something to do with much more than just mining gold and uh you’ll see as we

40:10go into the magnetics and and understand magnetism and how these are connected to magnetic fields

40:16how that could have also been used to possibly create oxygen out of sucking up water from the rivers because many of

40:22the channels from the stunt circles actually run and they end up in the river they just run and end in the river

40:28and this has puzzled me for years and years but now I’m starting to figure out different aspects of this in your mind

40:33the more information you get obviously the more the the different your conclusions are that you reach so the

40:41stone circles are not the only ancient energy generating devices it seems that to me that most ancient sites actually

40:48ended energy generating devices and we need to remind ourselves that they’re made of stones and especially the stone

40:53circles or made of stones that ring like bells and and these stones have high Crystal content and Crystal content

41:00means quartz quartzite Crystal silica this is all materials that conduct sound

41:06and conduct light this is all the stuff that we use in the most advanced silicon based technology today and we also need

41:13to remind ourselves that Digital Data can be stored in crystals in quartz crystals but obviously that’s not being

41:19used in the in the technology world today because otherwise they just give it give the game away you know once

41:26we can start storing digital data in our crystals then the whole you know you don’t have to go and buy that crap they

41:31crappy storage devices anymore because you get one Crystal and thank you for life and it’s virtually infinite amount

41:37of information in there um so what we need to start doing is

41:42looking at Stones as living conscious entities organisms they store knowledge

41:49and information they conduct sound and Light they have they have Essence and

41:55Consciousness imbued in them rocks are not just inanimate objects and this is why ancient cultures and these guys in

42:01the ancient times use Stone in its original form it didn’t have to extract the active ingredient to put it into a

42:07crappy little flashy box to sell it to somebody because they didn’t have money they didn’t do this as commercial entity

42:13or commercial Enterprise they were doing this to help themselves on a planet they were trying to make habitable for

42:19themselves so they use Rock in its original shape and for everything they needed to use it for so all these

42:27ancient structures built from Rock are just giant machines and using the quartz

42:32and the Crystal and the silica inside the way that it should be used as

42:37resonators energy generating devices used using light and sound to activate it and this is why most of these seem to

42:45be aligned to the solstice’s equinoxes movement of the Sun and often movement of the Stars so when the sun comes up

42:51over there and the first right the Rays of this Rising Sun comes on a passage and hits a standing Stone down a passage

42:58the light and the sound of the frequency of that of that light hits the standing

43:03Stone it’s like hitting enter on a computer it activates the machine to start doing whatever that machine was

43:08constructed to do and then the sun moves and another Solstice over there it comes on a different passage and it’s

43:15a and the first morning light hits another standing Stone and that machine gets instructions to stop doing what it

43:21was doing and do something else and possibly that’s what happens to the movement of the stars as well when they

43:26go down these weird shafts and Etc they activate the light and the sound frequencies of that light

43:32of the Starlight and the sunlight and possibly the Moonlight are the activators to switch on these ancient

43:40machines so they built them without having to have human or intelligent intervention just operated by the

43:47movement of the Sun the moon or the stars and we know that they’re active because photographs like this tell us

43:53that they’re still active obviously we know this from the stone circles in South Africa we’ve measured many of them

43:58the sound frequencies are insane even Stonehenge the the beautiful

44:04concentric properties that have been measured in Stonehenge

44:10show us that it wasn’t that it’s strong acoustic properties they were created by intent not by accident and I believe

44:16just like everything else Stonehenge was a very powerful energy generating device a huge powerful resonator and much much

44:23older than we can imagine I was there with you yesterday and just to confirm what I saw in 2010 when I was there for

44:30the first time and my journey dropped when I saw so the big tall stone that fell over the two tall Stones one of

44:37them fell over and broke and I was told over and over again yes that’s that stone fell and broke and I pointed out

44:43to the people look if that stone fell over and broke and and there’s only a few thousand years old and that break

44:49should be reasonably clean break crease a sharp edge well that’s not the case that break on that stone has erosion

44:56that’s about half a meter about you know a foot this way and a foot that way erosion I’m sorry but sarson Stone a

45:03dollar right Stone of that hardness will not erode half a meter in a few thousand years so either they

45:11lie to us about those stones and that stone did not fall and break or if it is that stone that fell and broke that

45:17stone inches more than a million years old it’s just a very old mysterious place the geology is not going to lie to

45:24us our historians will our geologists will our archaeologists will lie to us but

45:29the geology is not lying to us the erosion is there you can’t wish it away so think about stone age in a very

45:35different light next time you go there check out the erosion on that stone the ancient sites are just basically

45:42advanced technology on a gigantic scale and we’ve never been been able to see it because most of us don’t really get

45:48um uh images or we don’t see these ancient sites from the air like the stone circles when you stand next to it

45:54and you walk in these temples in Egypt it’s so overwhelming and so mesmerizing that we don’t really see the word for

45:59the trees but when you start looking at it from the air everything changes and

46:05when I was there again in 2012 I realized that these obelisks are just like antenna they ring like Bells like

46:11the stones in my museum I’ve been collecting they’re beautiful they ring so perfectly and when you look at these

46:17these uh temples in Egypt they’re just too many pillars not enough space it’s obviously not meant to come and kiss

46:23butt of some king or some God and offer food and come there for forgiveness and all you know it’s just sorry it’s the

46:29wrong shape the wrong size too many pillars why and when you start looking at it from the air you realize what it’s

46:35all about it’s not about worshiping and offering food and that and you start

46:40seeing what’s going on and resonating vibrating pillars on beautiful platforms acoustic Chambers

46:48and very quickly realize that these are just templates templates for Gigantic

46:53circuit boards gigantic energy circuit boards on a

46:58scale that we could not have imagined and because they did this in times where

47:05money did not restrict what they were trying to achieve they did what they had to do to either inhabit a planet or

47:13survive or create a result that they were looking for microprocessors become giant macro

47:19processors and this is one of our favorite images you can just imagine what historians are telling us about the

47:25kind of worshiping that used to go in these places here oh yeah I know those are major places of

47:31worship really yeah and um and the pyramid is just a

47:36beautiful example of the same thing it just carries on and Angkor Wat I mean you know there you got the combination

47:42of quartz and water the two most abundant elements on Earth that both

47:48contain memory conduct light and sound is another great example of just a

47:55circuit board on top of a mountain this is not a Mountaintop Fortress

48:03clearly built for other reasons that was possibly inhabited in more recent times and used by more recent civilizations

48:10just like the stone circles that some of the most recent civilizations used it they created doors and entrances in so

48:17they could use it for themselves and for their cows or whatever but not the original Architects that’s not what was

48:23built for borobudur Indonesia I mean this is just ridiculous literally if you see photographs from right above it

48:30looks like it’s alive it’s actually the photograph look like it moves when you look at it and then obviously on top of it it’s a dead giveaway you know these

48:37giant Bells with these antenna going up into the sky and it’s always antenna going up into the sky and it seems that

48:43it was human sound that actually held up this weird energy griddle that was used

48:48to activate these these these circuit boards human sound because you see the the the the

48:54these perfectly acoustic amphitheaters that are always connected to many of

48:59these circuit boards the the Parthenon in Egypt is also an old circuit board there’s your giant um uh thing there the

49:07resonating chamber there and the rest of the circuit board has already been completely destroyed and it’s connected

49:12to the amphitheater here and there’s another smaller Amphitheater there and they always the amphitheaters are always connected to the circuit board to

49:18activate it you fill that with a bunch of people you scare them you get them excited you make them make a noise clap

49:23their hands or sing or fill them with fear and that energy gets shoved into the circuit board it activates a circuit

49:30board to whatever it’s supposed to do and um and we got a some interesting stuff going on here’s another example

49:37there’s your circuit board uh connected with a beautiful row of ringing ringing

49:42pillars connected to the circuit board here the amphitheater there this is a

49:47very badly destroyed circuit board as you can see and there’s another one old remains of

49:53the circuit board up top the top of the mountain there’s your Amphitheater there that was connected to it and uh there’s

49:59another one here in North Africa and Algeria here they put the circuit board I mean they put the amphitheater right into the heart of the circuit board it’s

50:06really badly destroyed and and third goes and nothing has changed in 2018 temples have just become churches Towers

50:14Steeples who came up with this idea of this of this giant cone sticking up into the sky who was an architect that came

50:20up with this why do churches and places of worship have to have this architecture you know it’s because

50:25people create sound and energy you understand how important the sound and energy is and how these cones at the top

50:32of our churches and mosques actually send that sound and convert that sound into a different kind of sound as it

50:39sends it up into the sky and so we start talking about the cone-shaped effects our sound is being harvested by

50:46cone-shaped roofs and the business centers in our cities are nothing less than just giant things

50:53resonators up into the sky resonating the energy of the people and the noise and the phones and the anxiety and the

51:00fear and uh our city grids are just just like giant circuit boards

51:06all connected by channels of energy just like the stone circles connected by channels of energy that never stop

51:11making a noise we never stop making a noise have you ever been out into the country where

51:17it’s really quiet and you get back into a city how noisy the cities are it’s insane actually it’s quite nauseating

51:26and that’s when I realized that in The Matrix when Morpheus holds out the battery and

51:32he says we are the energy and when I first saw the Matrix I had no idea what he was talking about I now have a much

51:37better idea what made what Morpheus was saying what we energy for at this stage is open

51:44to interpretation but what I do know more than anything I’ve ever held dear is that everything

51:52we’ve been taught is a lie when I first came across the statement some 30 years ago I thought what an arrogant brick who

51:59wrote that really how can you say that I’m a smart guy I’ve got a degree I came out of University I know what they

52:04taught me I know a lot of stuff and I was just blind I was still sucking

52:10up all that stuff now I have a pretty clear idea of everything

52:15I was told is just deception um and uh and confusion brainwashing and it

52:23seems to me that the bigger the LIE the more we believe it and that is something that I would like

52:29you to really contemplate because we’re now going to start talking about some lies that some people have a problem

52:35with and it’s a small lies that we you know we can get over the small lies oh yeah

52:40of course of course they do this of course oh no but that’s that this is too big oh too many people are gonna have to be in on it and that’s what we

52:46constantly trying we try and overcome the big Lies by believing that that it’s

52:52impossible for them to pull the wool over our eyes because you know we would millions of people would figure this out

52:57well they’re not figuring it out and if they are figuring it out they’re just called conspiracy theorists

53:04and so in all these areas this is these are the areas that the lies have become so

53:12large that it really takes a lot of guts to start admitting it to ourselves

53:17because until we admit this to ourselves we remain slaves of those that create these lies and weave these spells and

53:25keep us enslaved on every possible level spiritually mentally emotionally physically

53:32financially consciously socially we enslaved in every possible way Miho

53:39ledwith was an advisor to the popes for 17 years at the Vatican and he’d uncovered one of the biggest lies and I

53:46still cannot come over get over the fact that no other biblical scholar that I’ve come

53:52across has has has exposed this lie or this oversight and

53:59they all should know this because Miho discovered that the opening phrase of the Bible does not say in the

54:06beginning God created the heavens and the earth that is a lie the Hebrew Bible the from which this was translated

54:13actually does not begin with the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet and all

54:18biblical Scholars and these guys that do this translations know this and they should know this so they should have busted this centuries ago

54:26right and they did not so either someone is paying them or telling them not to bust this or not to you know reveal this

54:32and Miho ledwith discovered this because he realized that the Hebrew Bible it starts uh opening

54:40phrase of the Bible starts with ba with the letter B the second letter of the alphabet

54:46[Music] which is actually a grammatically nonsensical statement and it refers to

54:52Elohim as a plural and in this statement it actually means the singular God

54:58because that statement is translated in the beginning God created the heavens and the Earth well that’s not true so

55:03when he inserted the first letter of the alphabet which it should which it should have a or alef it now says Abba which

55:11means father so it’s which is the father of the beginnings

55:19created the Elohim the heavens and the Earth and that changes everything

55:24and that brings me to the three holy cows of our education humans evolved out of Apes nothing can

55:31travel faster than the speed of light and energy can cannot be created or destroyed it can only be converted from

55:36one form to another a theory of evolution remains a theory is no real

55:42absolute evidence that we evolved out of Apes but that gets shoved down our throats and if you have not seen

55:48expelled no intelligence allowed please go and see that documentary it’s quite spectacular what they do to academics

55:54around the world just for mentioning the word creation or creative process it’s

56:02unbelievable they destroy their lives in the Middle Tennessee State University

56:092005 a bunch of students propelled sound beyond the speed of light this was

56:14published in the American Institute of physics and then very very quickly shelved because this is very dangerous

56:20information especially for the Youth I’ll explain to you how sound can travel beyond the speed of light because it’s

56:26not the way we think about sound traveling in this medium it’s sound and yet it is slightly we need to first come

56:33to grips about the nature or with the nature of our reality which I’m going to cover in this so and then finally we get

56:40we get told that we cannot create or destroy energy and then in the next second they tell us we all come from The Big Bang say oh wow that’s cool I

56:47thought we can’t create or destroy energy and now we suddenly come from The Big Bang so you just see how they play how they lie and they they constantly

56:54create these these back door exits for when they get caught with a lie and they

56:59have a backdoor accident in this case they say well you see that energy wasn’t created out of nothing it actually came

57:04from an infinite infiniteism small little Point called The Singularity so they constantly make up these things

57:10like the the the the nucleus of an atom is impossible for the nucleus to exist because of the repulsive forces because

57:16we can’t figure out how the nucleus of the atom exists so they come up with a BS thing for it they say well it’s the

57:21strong force it’s a strong force that holds the nucleus together oh it’s a strong force of course that’s how it works so we have no idea how it works it

57:28shouldn’t work it shouldn’t be there but it’s a strong force that holds it together so the moment we give it a name everybody goes Ah that’s great well

57:35that’s how it works and that’s how they bamboozle us you see theoretical mass and theoretical physics

57:42is the black magic of the new of the New Millennium that’s what it is it’s a really dangerous tool and that’s how

57:49they get away with a lot of this stuff and that brings me to the space and Cosmos one of the greatest deceptions

57:55and one of my most passionate new areas of research is what is space and

58:02what is the cosmos because it seems to me that one of the greatest

58:08secrets that has been kept from us and yet given to us by NASA themselves for

58:13the last three or four decades they constantly tell us that there’s water everywhere in space

58:19but that’s not what we perceive right if I told you there’s water in space everywhere you say oh you’re an idiot

58:25space is a vacuum we know space is a vacuum there’s nothing there and yet that’s not the case

58:32and when you start researching space and water it becomes mind-blowing

58:39article after article after article after press release and press release about water in space in amounts that are

58:48completely mind-blowing ocean worlds water in the solar system and beyond

58:55in 2009 NASA found a sprawling cloud of cold water vapor around a solar system

59:01to nearby star the water vapor could eventually deliver oceans to dry planets

59:07that are forming in the system its water vapor it’s not water in some weird thing

59:12it’s water vapor they’re talking about here could eventually bring oceans to new planets forming

59:18this is just a little disturbing and it’s just hold on to your faith the famous eye of God nebula actually

59:25weeping tears of water wow so there’s water coming out of this nebula this is not just a solar system

59:32this is a nebula this is a place where galaxies are born stars and galaxies are born in a nebula

59:40and water is coming out of this can you imagine the size of the water that’s coming out of a nebula

59:47it’s like one drop of that when golf our entire solar system

59:53and it just goes on you know oceans detected and inside

59:58Saturn’s moon and stars found shooting water bullets NASA confirms best ever evidence water on Mars water from Orion

1:00:06now there’s water coming out of the constellation of Orion and this is a big one star found

1:00:12shooting water bullets I mean a star shooting water bullets a star is supposed to be a sun there’s water on a

1:00:20star I I um challenge you after this this evening

1:00:27go to the pub tomorrow strike up a conversation with somebody and tell them did you know that there’s water on the

1:00:33Sun what do you think they’re going to tell you you’re a freaking idiot

1:00:38they don’t have enough information so it’s we get into this point now that

1:00:44you can’t have a discussion with somebody about any subject unless they have sufficient amount of information because they’ll constantly block it

1:00:51block you tell you you’re stupid and so forth so It’s Tricky and we have to navigate this

1:00:59River of discussion and debate very gently and very carefully because we’re

1:01:04going to lose friends and families and break up Partnerships because of new knowledge and information that some of

1:01:10us Embrace and others discard as BS so

1:01:17then they do a study NASA and they say basically all stars have water this is

1:01:22the conclusion I’m not going to read the fine print you can do this yourself all stars have water that’s the conclusion

1:01:29and Stella sprinkler nourishes Galactic Garden wow I didn’t realize there was a

1:01:34garden out there in the cosmos being watered by some still a sprinkler that’s lovely I’d love to see this Garden I

1:01:40wonder how big those plants are dude man wow this is like bigger than the tree in

1:01:46on on Pandora and um and then water on the sun Stanford

1:01:52University tells us that there’s water on the sun and even better a more appropriately named University

1:01:59Waterloo University tells us that there’s water on the Sun

1:02:05and I’m going to leave this here because you need to go and do some of your own research here it seems to me

1:02:11that the Universe and the water are the same thing on the left is one of those

1:02:17deep space images of the Universe on the right is a picture of a swimming pool

1:02:25and I think you start seeing what’s going on here and the lies and the deceptions are

1:02:31getting bigger and bigger also keep in mind that many of the images that we get shown by NASA come from radio telescopes

1:02:38not from optical telescopes with actually photograph an object it’s a radio telescope that brings radio

1:02:44signals and then they convert those into beautiful images through NASA’s artistic

1:02:50impression graphic designers right so these and often you don’t see

1:02:55pictures these are radio telescopes I entire I own very our very own solar

1:03:02system is completely surrounded by water they tell us it’s ice but can we believe them is it ice or is it water like water

1:03:09vapor like that other thing I don’t know but we call it the Kuiper belt it’s a belt in a disc that surrounds the outer

1:03:17perimeter of the disk of our own solar system our solar system is a disc keep

1:03:22that in mind I’m going to come back to this so is the capabilities huge amount of ice

1:03:27right and that that whole thing is now completely engulfed by more water called

1:03:33the Earth cloud that completely engulfs our entire solar

1:03:39system it looks something like that so suddenly our own solar system

1:03:46is made up of water surrounded by water and yet they’re supposed to be vacuum in

1:03:52space how does this work where does that vacuum in the water how does that break up how does it work where does the water

1:03:59go where does the vacuum begin or end and it’s it’s a little confusing for me but we know that there’s water in space

1:04:06because they keep telling us there’s water in space so suddenly our the Bible makes a lot more sense to me because

1:04:12I’ve always had a problem with one of those statements in the opening phrases of the Bible when the spirit of God

1:04:18moved over the waters how can the spirit of God move over the

1:04:23waters when nothing is being created yet surely water should be part of the creation and I’m starting to see now why

1:04:29water is so sacred is it possible that water is so sacred because water is

1:04:34actually Foundation of all creation or is connected to all creation well if you look at chemistry it seems

1:04:40like it because between oxygen and hydrogen you’ve pretty much the same got the same elements in every other

1:04:46chemical reaction or chemical formula hydrogen and oxygen are part of pretty

1:04:52much everything you cannot separate it hydrogen oxygen make water so it starts

1:04:57to get a little really interesting and compelling to think that water is actually made up of space

1:05:03and God said let there be light so the spirit of God is moving across

1:05:09the waters and it’s the sound of the creator that makes the light

1:05:15how does that work well in modern science it’s known as sonoluminescence

1:05:20you put a sound frequency into a body of water after a little while a beautiful

1:05:26bubble appears filled with light sound and water sunoluminescence God

1:05:31said let there be light is it possible that water is the stuff that holds the universe together I’m beginning to

1:05:38believe that I’m no longer believing the lies of NASA and their fake CGI images that they send

1:05:45us and give us sorry in 2013 astronaut Luca parmitano

1:05:51almost drowned on a spacewalk how does it how does a astronaut almost drown in

1:05:56a spacewalk and they covered it up by putting out a press release so it’s like it’s they always have a back door they

1:06:02always have a back door out but if space is water where does the watery space begin where

1:06:09is the edge well if we start listening to what the Bible tells us and some ancient scriptures maybe we should listen to all

1:06:16of it it says God placed the firmament in the sky to separate the Waters of the heavens from the waters below no idea

1:06:23what that means but I’m starting to get an interesting picture and then how did God create the flood it

1:06:28says it tells us that God opened the Gates of Heaven to let the water pour in on the earth okay now I’m starting to

1:06:34see how you can create a flood if water is space is water

1:06:40it started to make more sense and then suddenly vacuum just becomes a myth and not a scientific fact

1:06:47because the simple basic physics of a vacuum in space is just doesn’t work for

1:06:52any scientists that actually just think about this or physicist the the whole thing of

1:06:58vacuum and space is just not compatible with any kind of physics formula or

1:07:04physics that we can put to it where does the vacuum begin vacuum is one of the most powerful forces of nature where

1:07:11does that vacuum begin we often get confused between gravity

1:07:17free and vacuum they’re not the same thing just because there’s no gravity doesn’t mean you’re in a vacuum just because you’re in a vacuum doesn’t mean

1:07:23there’s no gravity the two are not the same thing so don’t get confused by vacuum and gravity free

1:07:28what you can’t do in space or in a vacuum which you can’t do an infinite vacuum is you can’t Propel sound you

1:07:36can’t have explosions fire propulsion jet engines Rockets none of this stuff

1:07:42shh can’t do that because there’s nothing to propel against and then these guys on YouTube that make these vacuum tubes

1:07:48that go look I’ll created a vacuum tube in my garage I’ll show you that you can Propel a rocket in a vacuum I’ll go

1:07:54really you’ve lost your brain you’re comparing a fishbowl in your garage to the infinite vacuum of space it really

1:08:01lost your mind dude and uh and then you start watching like SpaceX sending a rocket up into space

1:08:07and they’re very well trained uh presenter that’s got all the buzzwords she knows all the lingo and all the

1:08:13buzzwords and at one stage I was watching and she says and the rocket is about to enter the vacuum of space

1:08:21ah really and millions of people are watching this and they believe this you see they just oh The Rocker just entered

1:08:29the vacuum of space where how did it where please freaking explain that to me

1:08:36in scientific terms not in BS terms or you won’t understand it no please try me

1:08:41I want to understand this explain to me where that vacuum begins and we start realizing that everything

1:08:48we’ve been told about the moon moon landing space is probably one of those big hoaxes

1:08:56it is a tough one to swallow but we’re gonna have to start swallowing it sooner than later

1:09:02the sooner the longer they string us along the longer this is the worse this is going to get

1:09:07so for those of you that still believe that we landed on the moon I’m going to

1:09:12shatter that for you right now if you’ve not seen Jay widen as Kubrick

1:09:18Odyssey that’s the first Point of Departure watch Jay widness Kubrick Odyssey and you will never believe

1:09:24another word NASA tells you you’ll never ever believe that we landed on the moon and you’ll understand

1:09:30um Stanley Kubrick’s role in this entire thing and why he eventually died when he

1:09:35pushed it a bit too far with eyes wide shut but basically everything you’ve ever

1:09:41seen from the moon or the images or footage of the astronauts was shot by Stanley Kubrick in the early days I’m

1:09:47not sure who shot the more latter part possibly him as well um but the earliest moon landings and

1:09:53all that shot by uh by Sandy Kubrick with these very very

1:09:59specific style of cinematography it’s a dead giveaway and that gave him a

1:10:04basically the freedom to make whatever movies he wanted he then made a movie called The Shining to tell us that he

1:10:11was the guy that shot the moon landings and for some people that still think the Moon is a is a real physical thing in

1:10:18the sky that we landed on this physical object in the sky the image of the Moon that we see from Earth as part of the

1:10:25agenda it’s part of the particle physics agenda that I’m coming to to make us believe of particles that make up

1:10:33everything in creation and we need to reconsider what the moon is

1:10:39because after you’ve seen the lunar wave you’ll never think of the Moon the same

1:10:45way again and this is what the lunar wave is the first one was filmed in 2012 and it’s

1:10:51this weird electronic glitch that goes across the moon every so often it’s been

1:10:57filled hundreds of times now not just by one person but by many other photographers with very high definition

1:11:03lenses and pay attention because it’s like the old computer and TV screens you

1:11:08see this line this electronic line and move across the moon follows the edges the Contours and the line moves from

1:11:14bottom to top from side from left to right moves in all different directions this has become known as the lunar wave

1:11:21which gives us a very clear indication that the Moon is not what we think it is and it’s most likely a hologram

1:11:28foreign [Music]

1:11:52welcome to the crow Discovery project again this is the 2012 lunar wave

1:11:57footage the best example of the lunar wave that we have and I’m going to show you some things that sharp eyed

1:12:03followers have spotted long long ago and that I have talked about but I have never taken the time to carefully

1:12:09illustrate and what I’m going to show you here means an awful lot but I’m also going to show the

1:12:17pulses that happen in the lower left limb of the moon so watch the lower left

1:12:22there and I’m just going to run a straight slowed down view 30 percent if you’ve got sharp eyes you’ll see what we

1:12:29detected on a 60 inch monitor now look inside the circle there’s a pulse that

1:12:34goes from lower left to upper right and in the next Circle the yellow one there’s a lateral sweep that goes from

1:12:41left to right straight across the screen and this is all going on as the wave is starting at the bottom

1:12:47so now look at the pulses backwards and forwards that’s backwards this is

1:12:52forwards coming from the lower left limb of the Moon you can see the pulses now that I put filters on them how they have

1:12:59a curved aspect to them and if you’ve got sharp eyes you’ll see the sweep up above

1:13:05now what I’m going to show you now we have talked about and many sharp-eyed viewers have known that this was an

1:13:11important thing about this clip for a long time here comes the wave look at the dark

1:13:17underlined crater in the center of your screen watch How It’s displaced almost like you’re looking through water there

1:13:23goes the wave backwards forwards the wave hits the crater displaces this wave

1:13:29is displacing as if you are looking through water the entire image of the Moon

1:13:35now I’ve never taken the time to animate this I have talked about it there it is zoomed in

1:13:40now this is running at 30 percent and I’m going to zoom out there goes the

1:13:46wave to the top and there’s going to be another wave coming in from the bottom now I’m going to run this at 30 percent

1:13:51so as the wave comes in you can choose any Landmark you want here comes the wave from the bottom to the top choose

1:13:58any little Landmark you can see there and watch it be displaced now that round looking ring crater

1:14:04forward backwards forwards backwards and one more time

1:14:10forward and I’ll zoom out and you can watch it go all the way to the top again this is a thirty percent with quite a

1:14:17few filters like find Edge and some other things invert okay I think you get the the gist of

1:14:24that this has been filmed many times now not just by one person so it seems to me that that we’re not

1:14:32looking at anything physical and that this hologram or whatever the hell that is is possibly hiding something that’s

1:14:38really behind it um and then the the Mars Landing you know and and when when we first landed

1:14:44on Mars I got so excited I was just really excited about the Mars probe and

1:14:49all the pictures from Mars boy it was like one of the happiest days of my life so for me to come to terms and admit

1:14:55that this is probably a hoax it’s just really a tough ball to swallow but unfortunately we have to swallow these

1:15:02pills because when you start researching the whole Mars landing and uh and the

1:15:07experiments and the the training they did in the Canadian Arctic on Devon Island I suspect that pretty much

1:15:14everything and all the footage we’ve ever seen on Mars was actually just shot on Devon Island very far Northern Canada

1:15:21and it’s depressing but that’s what it is and we’ve got to deal with it

1:15:27sound and resonance are the common Links of creation and this brings us back to sanity and back to centering ourselves

1:15:33and back to getting a glimpse of what’s really going on in our lives getting a closer feel of the nature of reality

1:15:41and uh it’s the common Links of creation we live in an electromagnetic Universe

1:15:46this is what we are told where everything spins and vibrates right except the moon obviously

1:15:53but everything else spins and vibrates but not the moon it’s very special because it’s a bloody hologram that’s

1:16:00why it doesn’t vibrate and spin and the electromagnetic universe is actually a

1:16:05subtle deception you’ll understand as we go why I say this it’s a very subtle deception a very important subtle

1:16:12deception because it’s not the electromagnetic universe that we live in it’s the magnetoelectric universe that

1:16:18we live in and just twisting those two around would have given us a very different perception while we grow up

1:16:24about the world that we live in and the universe and this this reality of us if we don’t think of it as the

1:16:30electromagnetic but the magnetoelectric huge Consciousness shift in growing up

1:16:36with that kind of thinking everything has its own specific frequency as we mentioned before Prime resonance

1:16:42frequency everything vibrates at its own frequency that’s how we can manipulate things with frequency and sound and

1:16:48resonance all comes to the same thing when you start breaking it down sound and

1:16:53resonance are also the common Links of all creation in Christianity we have the word we’ve been through that we have the

1:16:59Almond Hinduism the Egyptians that sang the universe into creation and my favorite the aboriginals that believe

1:17:05the uni the world was sung into Creation with three sacred songs or broad integration with three sacred songs

1:17:11which is the equivalent to the Holy Trinity then we start hearing we start seeing the the whole important structure

1:17:16of of music and and resonance and the and chord structures harmonic resonance

1:17:23in music we get the six days of creation very obviously become visible in sacred

1:17:28geometry and the six aspects of um show a cymatic patterns and the six aspects of the old

1:17:36Seeing Eye of Horus shows six very obvious resonating ratios that tell us

1:17:42that all these ancient cultures understood sound resonance and frequency and it’s encoded and all the things that

1:17:47they did sound is the source of all creation and it’s all about coherence

1:17:52and harmonic resonance Even in our bodies if are the cells of our body are not in coherent coherent harmonic

1:17:59resonance our cells are in dis ease in disease and they’re so we get sick and if we’re not resonating with the Earth

1:18:06frequencies and natural Earth frequencies of Gaia we are in dis ease with the mother earth that we live on

1:18:13and walk on and that’s why we get sick so everything in modern technology and broadcasting in industry in the large

1:18:21corporations and Military the all the stuff that is imposed on us is all there to create dissonance between us and our

1:18:28environment to make us sick and we need to be cognizant of this and

1:18:33conscious of this it is not a this is not a conspiracy theory this is everywhere around us everything that we

1:18:41touch that’s been given to us by the big electronics companies causes dissonance and this ease that make us sick on

1:18:48levels that we can’t even begin to imagine from mind control to making us do things that we normally wouldn’t do

1:18:55uh obviously hunts Jenny’s beautiful documentary called cymatics in the 60s

1:19:00will show you exactly how sound is pretty much behind everything in creation so please go and look at this

1:19:07on YouTube it’s available free of charge we’ve already looked at sound manifesting in physical form this is the

1:19:14quickest and easiest way for us to comprehend once again how this Untouchable invisible thing called sound

1:19:21can manifest in physical form that little that little thing on the metal plate with the sand on the metal plate

1:19:27on that video that’s just probably the quickest way for us to say okay sound can manifest physical shapes okay I get

1:19:35it I’ve seen it on the middle plate and sound also inspired religious symbols because the guys that created the

1:19:41religious symbols know all the stuff remember religion movements religious movements were created to create

1:19:46division among Humanity so these guys knew all the stuff and they know they all connected to the ancient Bloodlines

1:19:52they will talk about and everything else that they did and how they’ve been manipulating Humanity in every possible

1:19:58way so in some of these beautiful images of the cymatic patterns when you drill

1:20:04into it you get that perfect cross Inner Circle of the source of the sound and that’s it the source of the sound is

1:20:11this beautiful cross in a circle and this is why most of the religious movements have the cross in a circle as

1:20:17their symbol recognizing that the source of of everything in creation is sound

1:20:22the sound of the Creator and sound and resonance that does everything you can

1:20:28imagine right creates light levitates boils water creates DNA sound heals and

1:20:34destroys pathogens moves beyond the speed of light I’ll explain that and we have hypersound and Laser and Caesar

1:20:40technology not laser sound lasers Caesar sound makes things invisible energizes

1:20:46the water we drink so the water actually heals us and it also energizes the air

1:20:51that we breathe so that we can actually survive from the air that we breathe otherwise we would not survive from the

1:20:58air that we breathe if it wasn’t for sound account and very importantly sound is the precursor to electromagnetism not

1:21:06the other way around sound causes electromagnetism this is a big one for us to come to

1:21:12terms with ancient civilizations understood all this and they used sound and frequency as a source of energy in

1:21:19every possible way they use sound and frequency to control and manipulate humanity and it seems that they were

1:21:25focusing for some reason on our pineal gland they had to destroy our pineal gland and

1:21:31the more you study this the more you realize why that was critical because it seems that our pineal gland was that third eye that so many of us are aware

1:21:39of or we keep calling it our third eye that connected us to everything in creation and allowed us to pick up the

1:21:45frequencies and the invisible Untouchable unfathomable stuff through the third eye and actually be able to

1:21:51communicate telepathically with everything and everyone interact not only with other beings but with other

1:21:56with other entities and beings and animals and trees and rocks because of our third eye that thing there is the

1:22:05magic part of our body and our anatomy that’s been completely destroyed and they really they it seems from all these

1:22:12images that they took a lot of time and effort to destroy our pineal gland and they continue to do so today as you are

1:22:18aware of and they used cone-shaped tools to do this this is a key thing here you

1:22:23can clearly see the cone-shaped tools and this is repetitive um theme all the time and the pineal gland

1:22:30and also by the look of the DNA that that is obviously the the codes that

1:22:36that creates the pineal gland in our anatomy eventually and sound and frequency notice the Magnetic wrist

1:22:43watch here and I’m saying I’m giving the game away here because I’m telling you what that is there is a cone this guy’s

1:22:51holding a cone in his hand very important cone-shaped tool that he’s doing some function with and there’s

1:22:57another cone here on his arm at first you think oh it’s just a artistic interpretation of the guy’s muscle no

1:23:03it’s a cone it’s a perfect cone that feeds into this

1:23:08Magnetic wrist watch and you’ll know why that’s a magnetic wristwatch very soon

1:23:13and the same kind of control through using frequency and sound and magnetism

1:23:19and electromagnetism that was used in ancient times they’re all seeing eye of Horus it’s still being used by the

1:23:26broadcast companies today you know that’s it’s it’s encoded in their logos

1:23:31it’s everywhere around us but we’re just too blind to see it sound as a tool and

1:23:36Technology very important sound creates light even this you add a put a attach a LED

1:23:44light to a speaker and you put a speaker in a noisy place you light the little led up that’s spectacular so it works

1:23:51both ways light and sound every sound frequency has a light frequency and every light every light

1:23:57frequency has a sound frequency attached to it Corey good in a recent interview said that he was in some giant

1:24:03underground Cavern somewhere and there was this invisible source of light and when he asked where does the light come

1:24:09from he was told the light was coming from the sound

1:24:14the light was being created by the sound in Egypt the ank was used for healing

1:24:19that’s just a resonating device sound frequency resonating for healing the Native American medicine

1:24:26wheel is clearly just a cross Inner Circle as a source of all things from sound to heal people

1:24:33the Ark of the Covenant is an advanced technology in Gold obviously this was a

1:24:41communication device because Moses had to sit on the mercy seat and then God would tell him what to tell the

1:24:46Israelites when he was sitting on the Ark in The Mercy Seat that’s amazing I thought God was

1:24:52omnipotent I thought God could talk to you wherever you were you didn’t have to sit in a specific place to receive a

1:24:57radio frequency signal and in the Ark of the Covenant obviously brought down the walls of Jericho and

1:25:03destroyed large armies with his arks that had sparked out Royal Rife the man who killed all disease in 1931 they did

1:25:10that it was sound and resonance and frequency spectacular uh achievement in curing cancer and the wards this is his

1:25:17handwritten book that I had the privilege of seeing it’s in this in a in a private library in Sedona Arizona

1:25:23there’s about 700 pages in there I think and they are page after page with his own hand written frequencies for all the

1:25:30different diseases so I’m thinking to myself where do these guys that come before the

1:25:36other oh the other Rife machines that you find on the market where did they get their frequencies from when his his

1:25:42original handwritten book is in this library in Sedona where do they get their frequencies from I’m not saying

1:25:48they’re lying I’m just saying that what’s probably happening is that people are figuring out what the frequencies are

1:25:54that cure cancer and the prime resonance frequencies that destroy pathogens

1:26:01I know I said I wouldn’t digress to get off the track but one of my biggest most exciting

1:26:07obsessions at the moment and if there are people in this room that can do this please go away and do this you know that

1:26:12honey lasts forever doesn’t go off it’s not affected by viruses bacteria pathogens it’s like it’s one of those

1:26:18miraculous things apparently the reason that honey does that is because of the frequencies of the bee’s Wings when

1:26:24they’re building their Honeycombs and when they creating and bringing in the honey so it’s a frequency of the bees wings

1:26:31that creates the hexagonal structure of Honeycombs it’s also interesting is that the hexagonal structure is a structure

1:26:37of of of oxygenated and structured water that cures disease cancer I can talk a

1:26:44lot more about this but again another Rabbit Hole so this is really important I believe that if we can fight if any

1:26:51one of you can go and record the frequency of bees in a beehive the buzzing of the bee’s wings and you take

1:26:57that frequency to a lab a bio a chemistry lab and you expose a petri dish of viruses bacteria and fungus to

1:27:03the frequency of the bee’s wings I suspect that that frequency will kill the bacteria please go ask your friends

1:27:10to do this and maybe this is a very quick and cheap way to kill cancer and disease and everything else

1:27:16so let me know once you’ve done that let’s tell everybody

1:27:21George lakovsky’s multiple wave oscillator um is a spectacular device

1:27:27um in fact my friend Stephen Ross that has that book in Sedona uh Royal rife’s book he also has uh many other

1:27:33incredible books and it also has a multiple way of oscillator with which he

1:27:38cured his father listen carefully he cured his father of quadriplegia

1:27:45you don’t cure people of quadriplegia right his father was admitted with

1:27:52quadriplegia into the hospital in the USA six weeks later he walked out on crutches

1:27:57the way he treated him is every day he walked in there with a little small handheld portable multiple wave

1:28:03oscillator from George lakovsky and treated him for about 45 minutes up

1:28:09and down his spine after which he exposed him to color light therapy for another hour

1:28:15he did this for four weeks six weeks his father walked out on crutches

1:28:20I saw the hospital report it says Mr so-and-so exhibited a remarkable

1:28:28recovery that’s it it’s spectacular they just won’t go

1:28:35there they will not be you know engaged in any explanation in 2011 Anthony

1:28:42Holland this is now in a TED Talk show us which frequencies kill cancer cells

1:28:48very briefly okay he tells us between 100 000 Hertz and 300 000 Hertz kills

1:28:54cancer cells and he shows us in the Ted talk when I saw this I went okay wow that’s it

1:28:59the cancer game is over thank you no it’s not this is how powerful these guys are they shut you down they stop you

1:29:07they prevent you from getting this stuff out

1:29:22these are the First videos taken we show these videos to our friends in

1:29:30the biology Department they said they hadn’t seen anything quite like it

1:29:36seems to be a new phenomenon these organisms are being Shattered by

1:29:43our electronic signals this is a harmless organism almost friendly

1:29:49a little blepharisma and normally they’re very fast swimmers but when you

1:29:55approach a frequency to which they are vulnerable they begin to slow down then

1:30:01they stop and then they begin to disintegrate within about three minutes

1:30:06so first we attack pancreatic cancer take a good look at this slide because

1:30:12the next one will look quite different after we treat these cells

1:30:19they change their shape and size and they begin to grow long rope-like structures out the sides they look

1:30:26something like antennas I call them bio antennas for biological antennas it’s as

1:30:33if the cancer cells are trying to tune into our signal we now know that cancer is vulnerable

1:30:41between the frequencies of one hundred thousand Hertz and 300 000 Hertz so now

1:30:48we attack leukemia cells leukemia cell number one tries to grow a

1:30:55copy of itself but the new cell is shattered into dozens of fragments and Scattered across

1:31:03the slide leukemia cell number two then hyperinflates and also dies

1:31:09leukemia cell number three then tries to make another cancer cell the new cell is

1:31:16shattered and the original cell dies

1:31:23you got the gist of that right no need to see any more you can go look up more of this for yourself

1:31:29sound levitates just an example How Sound can levitate things but this is

1:31:35not how the Ancients levitated 10 ton 20 ton and a thousand ton blocks or

1:31:40mountain tops in ancient times this is just sound pressure waves in a

1:31:46confined chamber but it at least gives us an idea that sound can levitate things

1:31:51I’ll talk about how Cesar technology is the tool most likely used for levitating

1:31:57and manipulating and cutting and Drilling and so forth

1:32:03I spoke to David deak that made this video he lives on Long Island he told me they were just amazed how sensitive it

1:32:08was how they could hide the most subtle frequency change they could make these things do pretty much anything they want

1:32:15to Tumble Bop up and down spin and uh they said he said they had a great deal of fun with us

1:32:31listen to the subtle frequency change and it begins to spin

1:32:44but again this is not how you levitate you know very heavy rocks there’s a

1:32:50whole different technique for that John Keeley did the same he levitated giant rocks he crushed giant rocks uh into to

1:32:58find talcum powder with sound frequencies he drilled holes of sound frequencies levitated stuff so much more

1:33:04we can talk about John Keeley boy I actually think that he was probably one of the big Inspirations for Nikola Tesla

1:33:09John Keeley he did so much Peter Davey was boiling water with sound in New

1:33:15Zealand until he died several years ago the problem with this luckily he confined it to his little to that little

1:33:21uh Bubble at that ball at the end of his of his device because if you create a

1:33:27frequency that boils water and you just allow that to escape you’re gonna explode your body right because our

1:33:33bodies are made up of water so just a warning if you want to think if you think you want to go and find a

1:33:38frequency that boils water makes sure you know what you’re doing otherwise you’re going to kill yourself and your family

1:33:44and all the all the people around you magnetrons obviously generate huge

1:33:49amounts of energy and that’s just sound it’s a resonant cavity magnetron resonant cavity magnetron that’s used in

1:33:56laser beams Laser Technology microwaves all use magnetrons for that technology

1:34:02sound acts as a close cloak of invisibility uh this there’s so much new information about this you know this

1:34:09opens a whole new chapter and debate this very Advanced new sound cloaking technology right now available this

1:34:18plastic 3D acoustic pyramid acts as a as an acoustic cloak make things and make

1:34:24things invisible when you put it underneath it when you expose that Puma to specific sound frequencies and that

1:34:30perimeter is reminiscent of what is reminiscent very strongly of Eastern architecture and when you start looking

1:34:36at this Eastern architecture once again you got this resonant thing going up into the sky with a needle and some

1:34:42antenna pointing out up at the sky there was other stuff going on here as well but I suspect that maybe if you take a

1:34:49bunch of monks and you put them inside the monastery with this weird roof like that pyramid that make things invisible

1:34:55when you in inside it if you put a bunch of monks in there and you make them chant maybe at some frequency of

1:35:02chanting saying that whole Monastery becomes invisible and just is not there so you got the

1:35:08Army marching on you you just get everybody in the monastery you begin to chant and suddenly you’re gone

1:35:16and the Army just walks right past you nothing to see here that’s a great way to avoid

1:35:22confrontation sound crates hurricanes in 2003 these

1:35:27guys lodged a patent to create hurricanes with sound and then here’s another one sound creates super cluster

1:35:34galaxies when I said earlier the lower the frequency the larger the cymatic

1:35:40shape now you’ve got a frequency that’s 57 octaves lower than middle C rumbling

1:35:46away from a supermassive black hole in the Perseus cluster

1:35:51in the key of B flat [Laughter] creating a super cluster Galaxy and it’s

1:35:59amazing this is apparently an image of it I like the one on the left because when you watch Hans Jenny’s cymatics

1:36:06documentary that looks identical to the images of lycopodium powder on a metal

1:36:11plate with sound frequencies on it this is like glycopodium powder that’s creating supercluster galaxies

1:36:18this is insane so you start to get in the the idea of As Above So Below there’s no end

1:36:25this is what really disturbs me the fact that we could put out fire or sound and

1:36:31yet this has not been employed or used anyway why because it’s not good for

1:36:37business pain suffering damage is good for business it keeps expanding the money need and the supply for money

1:36:43remember if we the moment we stop the growth and the need for money the entire

1:36:49Global Financial system collapses and so we have you know inflation and and and interest and all this because that’s the

1:36:56only way the current money system can carry on operating and if you want to learn more about this

1:37:02watch one of my Ubuntu workshops on on the internet um and this is just spectacular these

1:37:09kids developed this little resonator that puts out of fire five seconds counted from the moment

1:37:15they put it down to the frying pan to when the fire is out five seconds imagine the fire trucks arriving at a

1:37:21building burning building the ladders go up and instead of fire hoses a bunch of speakers got switched on and put out

1:37:28this frequency that fire in the building will be out in literally a few few seconds or a minute the entire fire

1:37:34everywhere because it res it’ll resonate right through the building but that’s not going to happen

1:37:40because that’s going to save a lot of money and a lot of pain

1:37:46we’re both graduating from the electrical computer engineering department at George Mason University uh

1:37:51this coming May uh we’re here we’re just going to test out our device that we use that uses sound frequencies to

1:37:57extinguish flames I see this device being applied to a lot of things first off I think in the

1:38:03kitchen it could be on top of a stove top but eventually I’d like to see this applied to maybe swarm robotics where

1:38:10it’d be attached to a drone and that would be applied to forest fires or even building fires where you wouldn’t want

1:38:17to accept five seconds a human life if I was out in five seconds laughs

1:38:23sounds energizes the air we breathe and this is how we actually oxygenate our

1:38:29bodies and our lungs and through our lungs the blood in our veins and Our arteries rather because as you breathe

1:38:36the sound that the air that you breathe makes a bloody noise and it goes into your lungs and it goes into the smaller

1:38:43and smaller orifice as it moves into your lungs so it speeds up and speeds up and speeds up and it goes higher and high and creates these frequencies and

1:38:50it’s the energy and the sound of this the air that you breathe that actually energizes the oxygen in the air so that

1:38:57oxygen is buzzing as it’s moving faster and faster by the time it reaches the alveoli and it goes from the alveoli

1:39:03into your artery into sorry from the lungs into the arteries that oxygen in

1:39:09the air is buzzing and energized from the sound and that’s when it goes into your blood and it’s used in the blood

1:39:15and it’s stripped of the vibrating energy and when it’s stripped of the vibrating energy you breathe it out again and it just repeats that cycle and

1:39:23that’s how we oxygen energize the oxygen that we breathe that don’t teach you

1:39:28this at Medical School this never ever gets discussed at medical school because they actually don’t know this I think

1:39:34they don’t even know this in 2011 Luke montaneer spontaneously generated DNA by exposing a tube of

1:39:43water to certain sound frequencies that had the frequencies of a DNA in it and

1:39:49constituted DNA in in an empty test tube if you can create DNA

1:39:56in an empty test tube with sound now you start understanding how we can

1:40:02start cloning other species and other creatures just by sound and vibration

1:40:08and then obviously sonoluminescence the Star in a jar and God said let there be light

1:40:15a bubble with brilliant lights inside a body or water

1:40:20is it possible that all the star systems that we see out there actually just giant bubbles of light

1:40:27and a never-ending mass of water I don’t know

1:40:33sound is ultimate source of free energy Nikola Tesla knew this and I believe that this is how he

1:40:39constructed his energy device because he knew that the Earth Rings like a belly talks about it he tapped into the sound

1:40:45of the earth just like the guys that built the Stone Circle stabbed into the sound of the Earth

1:40:52and he used that he could he could transmit that and use that um whichever way he wanted

1:40:59so now we get to a point where I need to ask you are we going to take a break for

1:41:0410 minutes because I think we need a little break and then we’ve got another hour and a

1:41:10bit to go after that all right should we take a 15 minute break thanks very much

1:41:15[Applause] okay everybody I hope you had uh time to

1:41:22stretch your legs and get some coffee or something and um it’s gonna get even more interesting uh

1:41:30as we get to the second half of this so sound unlimited source of energy and

1:41:38uh pretty much if you want to find free energy and anyone working on free energy technology if they’re not working with

1:41:44sound they’re probably barking up the wrong tree and again there’s a lot more that I can

1:41:50discuss with you on that front and that level is just a little hint if you’re working in that area try and work a

1:41:57sound and magnetics and the combination with magnetics and sound it gets really interesting

1:42:03um magnets create sound you all know we all know how speakers work right and how speaker magnets work

1:42:10and the flow of energy either from an electronic Source from the plug and then and creates the moving sound or vice

1:42:17versa the moving sound actually moves a magnet and creates an an electronic thing going the other way it’s it works

1:42:24both ways so sound and magnetism are inextricably connected sound creates

1:42:29magnetic fields and moving magnetic fields create electricity and therefore we live in a

1:42:35magnetoelectric universe not an electromagnetic universe and in there is that subtle deception I was talking

1:42:42about and that brings me to the particle physics agenda

1:42:48which has become one of my most favorite subjects and topics and again when this

1:42:54Penny dropped for me when I realized that the whole world of science and physics was completely and utterly

1:43:00hijacked and manipulated again it’s like one of those things you just can’t believe it because it’s such

1:43:06a big big thing that you really have to be strong going

1:43:14down this path so basically the body of physics agenda is there to

1:43:22make us believe that everything in existence and all of creation and the universe and

1:43:28everything in existence is just this never-ending bunch of little particles floating around bumping into each other

1:43:34randomly and out of this random interactive uh bumping into each other

1:43:39we get creation a random creation that brings forth everything that we sing the

1:43:45beauty the Consciousness the music and the the humanity and everything in

1:43:51creation comes out of a random act of particles bumping into each other right that is the particle physics agenda this

1:43:58runs a lot deeper than any of us could imagine or realize and it goes back a lot further in time I trace it to about

1:44:06500 years ago and you’ll see why and so at the heart of the particle physics agenda is what I call the

1:44:12quantum mechanics Rat Pack this is a nice picture from 1927 the only woman

1:44:17there is Madame Curie um and uh obviously Einstein is right in the middle there with all the big names

1:44:23in physics you know everyone is there boar plank

1:44:29I forget the names now but they’re all there Heisenberg etc etc

1:44:35and it all starts with it all sort of culminates in the search

1:44:41for the God particle in more recent times and it’s really important because this

1:44:46takes us to First explaining the standard model in physics today and the standard model is basically the

1:44:52properties and forces between Elementary particles in terms of the standard model are widely accepted framework for

1:44:59understanding almost everything in the known universe other than gravity

1:45:06isn’t it great because for Gravity they had to use a separate general idea called general relativity and

1:45:13that’s what’s used for Gravity so the standard model is in physics is a standard model applied by all people

1:45:20that study Physics and all that and this is there’s a big problem with this as you can see already there’s Duality we

1:45:25can explain everything other than gravity oh why

1:45:31I thought we were so bloody smart and I can trace back the particle

1:45:38physics agenda beginning in 1492 with Martin of boheim under

1:45:45instructions or wishes from the king of Portugal that made the first ball Earth

1:45:52and suddenly Earth becomes a particle and this is really important because

1:45:59Earth had to be seen as one of those insignificant floating particles in

1:46:04space and time just like everything else floating around randomly and remember if

1:46:09you watch Carl Sagan and Cosmos he keeps telling us over and over again we’re an insignificant planet in an insignificant

1:46:16solar system in an insignificant Galaxy in an insignificant part of the universe

1:46:21wow everything is so freaking insignificant and that’s the agenda here ultimately

1:46:28they take the Creator out of creation by making everything random accident and

1:46:35insignificant this is really important to try and wrap our heads around

1:46:40and to to promote this particle physics agenda

1:46:45that I truly believe started here and it is also incidentally during the same

1:46:51year that they send all the ships around the world to the Americas and to India around southern Africa to go and explore

1:46:59the world to circumnavigate the world okay there was another agenda behind that it is all connected

1:47:07and all of this culminated in the search for the God particle or the Higgs boson

1:47:13and this search was insane and it so happens that the Higgs boson

1:47:21in March 2013 became the most expensive particle ever discovered

1:47:27because to achieve this amazing once again I believe completely fictitious

1:47:33Discovery they had to build the world’s biggest machine called the Large Hadron

1:47:39Collider let me remind you again the bigger the LIE the more we are inclined

1:47:44to believe it follow the money who funds all these

1:47:49things it always goes back to the people that control the banks that control the

1:47:55money system that controls the supply of money these are the guys that fund all these incredible space programs and

1:48:01headron colliders and all the biggest scientific things are funded by the guys with the money because there’s an agenda

1:48:08behind it if you and I try and do something you know how difficult it is to raise a little bit of money to do any

1:48:13kind of research these guys build the most ridiculous machines to do the most ridiculous work with that

1:48:20is completely wasteful and and just to promote an agenda of deception and lies

1:48:27so the Large Hadron Collider is the world’s largest and most powerful particle collider the most complex

1:48:34experimental facility ever built and the largest single machine in the world at a

1:48:4017 miles long it is basically a light circle where

1:48:46they sent two particles and up in opposing directions with the intention to smash them into each other

1:48:53and once again this brings us back to the whole reduction reductionist physics

1:48:58philosophy that if we can smash something up and break it up into the sum of its parts we can see what it

1:49:05consists of we know how it works oh really if you break something up and you see

1:49:12the parts you know how it works that’s why we know how the body works right no

1:49:17we know what the body is made up of we’ve got no bloody idea how and why it works or what makes our heartbeat we got

1:49:24no clue reductionist physics is the most ludicrous and idiotic concept that

1:49:30anyone has ever come up with breaking things up and thinking we can understand it

1:49:35why did they need a God Particle this is the big question here all right so it starts with a with a particle physics

1:49:41agenda some 500 years ago with uh you know making us insignificant and blah blah blah but the question is

1:49:48why did they need this God Particle so badly why did they build the Hadron Collider because

1:49:55they needed a medium for the the God particle to move through and

1:50:01unfortunately without discovering the God particle there’s no medium for the God particle

1:50:08to move through and unfortunately the medium that all scientists physicists and great minds of the great of the

1:50:15great past from the philosophers and Plato and Socrates and all these guys and in Greece and all the great minds in

1:50:22all of history including Einstein and Nikola Tesla and everyone always referred to as the ether The Ether was a

1:50:29thing that held everything in creation like a giant energetic web in which

1:50:34everything existed Unfortunately The Ether was busted and

1:50:40removed from our existence in 1887 by Mickelson Morley in the Mickelson Morley

1:50:46experiment this was the biggest and most advanced scientific experiment of its

1:50:51time up to that moment nothing came even close Mickelson Morley set out to prove

1:50:57the existence of The Ether so they could show how things are held together by The Ether in all of creation

1:51:04Unfortunately they failed they could not prove the existence of The Ether the

1:51:10second part of that is far more dramatic which I’ll get to a little bit later but the fact that the ether was no longer in

1:51:17existence was a problem because now the particle physics agenda could not

1:51:22continue imposing its agenda because the particles didn’t have a medium with

1:51:28which through which they could move you follow this thought so this is why it became this obsession

1:51:35and when I discovered this it all became so bloody clear what’s going on and why

1:51:41are they driving this thing so insanely but luckily Nikola Tesla comes along

1:51:49and he makes it very clear along with a whole number of great minds that if you

1:51:54want to find out the secrets of the universe think in terms of energy frequency and vibration

1:51:59there are no particles says Mr Tesla in

1:52:04fact even the electron seems to be a fictitious particle

1:52:11and this now starts to get very interesting this is supposed to be a picture of an electron

1:52:17riding on a beam of light can you see anything physical there

1:52:23I see ripples in a bond I’ve just dropped a pebble in a pond and I see ripples in a pond right that’s what it

1:52:28looks like and that’s exactly what it is so the Nikola Tesla tells us that

1:52:36in this interview 1928 it says that he disagrees with the accepted atomic

1:52:41theory of matter and does not believe in the existence of an electron as pictured by science

1:52:48Tesla goes further and says that the secret under the universe is lies in the beauty of three six and nine and anyone

1:52:55that studies the number three six and nine will know very quickly that these are the fundamental numbers in Vortex

1:53:01maths Vortex mats is all around three six and nine toroidal Fields Vortex

1:53:08toroidal Fields same thing Tauruses are vortexes create vortexes Vortex mass is

1:53:14all about studying toroidal fields or donut-shaped stones

1:53:19plotting a little seed with you even Albert Einstein had a problem with the electron he couldn’t understand how the

1:53:24electron could exist with his own understanding of the subatomic particle energetics

1:53:31I’m not going to read that because it’s really confusing the way he States it but basically he says he can’t understand how an electron can exist and

1:53:38then one of my favorite Edward lead scone and the man that built Coral Castle in Southern Florida single-handedly built those huge giant

1:53:45blocks cut them out put them on top of each other one hectare of giant 30 ton

1:53:51blocks of Coral Rock he says millions of people all over the

1:53:58world are being fooled by the non-existing electrons Thompson invented an imaginary baby and called it an

1:54:05electron Rutherford adopted it and now the men with a long hair are nursing it

1:54:10[Laughter] I love it Dr Manju Samantha Lawton that I met in

1:54:17Manchester several years in 2013 wrote this amazing book and I highly recommend you read it it reads like a novel you

1:54:24won’t put it down once you start it’s one of the my favorite books ever read Bank science where she clearly shows how

1:54:32everything in physics in science in biology everywhere manifests into Royal

1:54:38Fields everything is a toroidal field or a Taurus everything starts out as a

1:54:45Taurus and especially sound sound being the primordial source of everything

1:54:52because God said let there be light it’s really important for us to

1:54:57understand how sound manifests in tutorial Fields Tauruses Taurus shapes

1:55:04like that and this is why every time our heart beats

1:55:11it creates a very powerful toroidal field around our bodies and because

1:55:17sound does not stand still and sound moves that moving sound that creates a droidal feel around our body creates a

1:55:24magnetic field and that moving magnetic field creates an electromagnetic field around our bodies all because of our

1:55:31bloody beating Hearts isn’t that beautiful and then you’ve got to ask yourself what

1:55:37makes your heart beat and doctors have no answers for that

1:55:46the droidal shape of sound we now starting to understand how every sound letters of the alphabet the vowels and

1:55:54even the consonants all have toroidal shapes everything manifests in the toroidal field you cannot get away from

1:56:02it and then the toroidal field of sound becomes a scalar weapon and turns into

1:56:07scalar technology and a scalar tool and even color manifests into Royal shapes

1:56:14and toroidal Fields Tauruses color because every color has a frequency to

1:56:19it and every frequency is a sound to it light every light frequency has a sound

1:56:25frequency attached to it and therefore it is also a Taurus and here is a beautiful example How Sound the shapes

1:56:33in nature the shapes in triangles the shapes that we find in sacred geometry

1:56:38are even those shapes have frequencies connected with them so while you’re

1:56:45watching this little exit key keep in mind how important logos are how

1:56:50important symbols are that ancient cultures and occult organizations have

1:56:55every time you look at a symbol once you’ve seen this you’ll never think of symbols and logos the same way every

1:57:02time you’re looking at a logo or a symbol of some organization you are

1:57:07picking up the frequencies the sound frequencies that come through the light that travel from that shape do not think

1:57:15you’re looking at something benign that it has no effect on you a shape or an image has adds much effect on you as a

1:57:23sound frequency does when you combine the sound with the image this is why movies are so powerful

1:57:29because now you’ve got images and the sound entering your your being we are

1:57:34completely brainwashed and hypnotized into a sense of of hypnotic

1:57:41um existence believing whatever they want us to believe whoever they are the

1:57:46Puppet Masters the guys that control the bankers we will never know who they are why

1:57:54because they don’t want us to know it’s that simple

1:57:59if the Sheep farmer doesn’t want to know if the she doesn’t want the Sheep to know what TV channels he watches at

1:58:04night the Sheep will never know what TV channels our farmer watches at night

1:58:09it’s that simple so this is a great little documentary that my friend Eric Rankin who lives in

1:58:16Laguna Beach I see him every year when I go to the United States because he runs a lovely Radio Show in Laguna Beach so

1:58:22we do lovely interviews on his radio show and he did this amazing documentary I really recommend you watch this whole

1:58:28thing it’s about 30 minutes long it’s fantastic Sonic geometry but this is

1:58:34just a little taste of it as an experiment let’s take a look at

1:58:40the numbers found in basic geometric shapes then apply those numbers as vibration Cycles to hear the tones they

1:58:46produce first let’s listen to what the 180 total degrees contained in a triangle sound

1:58:51like [Music]

1:58:57and here’s a squares and circles 360 in cycles per second [Music]

1:59:05a perfect octave up from the triangle what about the Pentagon at 5 40.

1:59:14that sounds like a harmonic fifth of the other two that’s interesting what are these tones

1:59:20they are F sharp and it’s perfect harmonic fifth of C sharp

1:59:27going what does a hexagon 720 sound like [Music]

1:59:34another F sharp here’s a seven-sided septagon which totals 900.

1:59:43this is an a sharp which happens to be the note required to complete an F sharp major chord in perfect three-part

1:59:49Harmony [Music]

1:59:57and finally the Octagon where we get 1080 another C sharp

2:00:02[Music] suddenly geometry is expressed by tones

2:00:09and these tones just happen to create the most beautiful form of Music a perfect three-part major chord in the

2:00:15key of F sharp

2:00:20foreign let’s just do it your appetite uh watch

2:00:28the whole documentary it’s it is beautiful so let’s bust the dogma of science there are no particles

2:00:36okay everything is just originates into Royal Fields or resonance and it starts

2:00:41with the subatomic particles like the electron electron is simply a coherent resonance in a toroidal field and this

2:00:47is really what an electron looks like something like this the Taurus model of the electron everything manifests into

2:00:54Royal Fields nothing is exempt from this atoms arteroidal Fields atoms are not

2:01:02these crazy things that we’ve shown as atoms today the atomic model that we get shown today that is a complete that’s a

2:01:10theory it has never been proven to be absolutely accurate and this is why it

2:01:15is Big it’s so difficult to work with atomic structures and atomic uh Atomic field science it’s so complex because

2:01:22they they just seem to be barking up the wrong tree was with me at the Ubuntu Festival in

2:01:29South Africa is one of the world’s leading plasma physicists and he’s one of the strongest proponents of a

2:01:35toroidal atomic structure we had a long discussion at my place that’s at Stone

2:01:40Circle in waterfall birth and about the toroidal atomic structures here’s a fascinating image of a molecular Taurus

2:01:48of the carbon monoxide molecule it’s really important you can see this is a this is actually like an

2:01:54image of a carbon monoxide molecule and you notice the the similarity of this

2:02:00image the creating a toroidal field going into the center compared to the

2:02:05magnetic field in a cone shaped because it seems that magnetic fields are naturally forming cone shapes because

2:02:12again a Taurus from the top and from the bottom there’s a cone that goes into the top and a cone cone that comes to the

2:02:18bottom and where the two cones meet actually creating a droidal field so the magnetic fields of a Taurus actually

2:02:24take on a cone shape and here’s an image keep remember this image and it has an

2:02:31image a cross section of a magnetic cone you can see the similarity so the fact

2:02:38that Tauruses and Cones are inextricable becomes a very important thing for us to

2:02:44grasp you cannot separate cone technology or cones and magnetic or

2:02:49toroidal fields that do work they the same thing and that reminds us that the solar

2:02:57system is a toroidal field as well with everything being accreted at the

2:03:03disk and the Galaxy is a Taurus and so it goes from the electron the

2:03:10atom solar system Galaxy what’s missing in between

2:03:17the Earth the Earth cannot be an exception

2:03:24I’ll leave you with that I believe we live in a fractal

2:03:29multi-dimensional toroidal nature of reality very simple this is by far the most

2:03:37closest image I’ve ever come across from the brilliant Alex Gray

2:03:42it is completely mesmerizing you can get lost in that painting for hours and hours

2:03:48and this is why I believe it is so difficult to navigate through space because whatever space is because right

2:03:55now we have no bloody idea I might be completely wrong it might not be water might be something else it could be

2:04:01custard but I believe that if space is this if this

2:04:09is actually what creation is all about these inter uh fractal uh fractals

2:04:16multi-dimensional interconnected toroidal Fields small ones within large ones

2:04:22it must be incredibly difficult to navigate space and that’s when the the saying becomes

2:04:29really important if you don’t know who you are and where you come from how could you possibly know where you’re

2:04:35going because once you get out in space if you don’t know where you come from you may

2:04:41never ever come back and this is why in movies like Stargate they go through a circle of

2:04:49water right to go into the wormhole and often they get lost because they

2:04:54forget their coordinates they don’t know where the coordinates are and they get lost in space in wherever the hell they

2:04:59are and they go to work very hard to get back to where they came from so what I’m sharing here with you is

2:05:06probably a lot closer to the truth than than the image of space we’ve been given

2:05:12chh [Music] no the importance of magnetism is really

2:05:20critical for us to understand that everything has magnetic properties this

2:05:25is a short little four-minute video from UCLA that really hits the nail right on

2:05:31the head you might not think of water as being

2:05:39magnetic but it is and so are graphite aluminum in glass

2:05:45this is a new and different category of magnetism called either para or diamagnetism and it’s different from the

2:05:53magnetism that you’re used to you’re probably already familiar with ferromagnetism Pharaoh means iron an

2:06:00unmagnetized piece of iron or nickel or Cobalt becomes a magnet in the presence of a magnetic field the effect is strong

2:06:07and lasts even after the magnet is removed paramagnetism is a similar effect except

2:06:14that it’s much weaker and temporary aluminum is a good example of a paramagnet

2:06:25and so is oxygen which is attracted to magnets here I have a few milliliters of

2:06:31liquid oxygen which sticks to the magnet I’ll explain why later so remember water

2:06:37and alcoholium oxide and cupric sulfate are good examples of paramagnetic

2:06:43substances cupric sulfate is a salt that can be picked up by a magnet

2:06:50diamagnetic materials are exactly the opposite of paramagnetic they are always repulsed they would rather die than be

2:06:57in a magnetic field an important example of a diamagnetic material is graphite this specially made

2:07:04pyrolytic graphite is repelled by a magnetic field don’t be confused this is not static

2:07:11electricity or Eddy currents graphite is repelled by a magnet always both by the

2:07:17North and South End

2:07:22pyrolytic graphite is a grown Crystal of flat carbon layers which maximizes the

2:07:27diamagnetic effect of course the best diamagnets are

2:07:33superconductors which at low temperatures provide exact opposite repulsion to whatever magnetic field is

2:07:39present when they’re chilled they are perfect diamagnets

2:07:45the most famous and Powerful diamagnetic is bismuth element number 83 on the

2:07:50periodic table the Bismuth powered boat sails toward

2:07:55the weaker magnetic fields [Music]

2:08:03okay you got it so magnetic fields create toroidal shapes you can even see it if you put a magnet down like this

2:08:08and the iron filings clearly show the toroidal shape immediately but the perfectly balanced toroidal

2:08:15shape or the balanced magnetic torus looks like this and once again I think we’ve been fooled but being taught about

2:08:22positive and negative because in the perfectly balanced magnetic field there

2:08:27seems to be no positive and negative it seems to be the same the same charge working in opposite direction one coming

2:08:34from the top and the other one coming from the bottom and this is really interesting uh that needs to be

2:08:40discussed and investigated a lot more so this is the Taurus spinning from the

2:08:47top down and from the bottom up and opposing directions the same same energetic field and where they meet in

2:08:53the middle where that bright green dot is in the middle that is what some people refer to as the zero point or as

2:09:00Naseem haramaine calls it the vacuum that’s where you enter the infinite vacuum of the infinite density of

2:09:06creation and we can thank Nasim for giving us the physics papers that show that the

2:09:13density of the vacuum is infinite so

2:09:18therein lies are important understanding How Sound moves faster than the speed of

2:09:25light because the resonance and the sound frequencies they get sucked into the Taurus

2:09:30that’s what they do they suck it in and they also give it out actually what the Taurus does at boss sites all the time

2:09:36it passates like this because it’s moving sound moves so its bossets goes

2:09:42in and out all the time so there’s stuff going in and this stuff coming out and as it hits as it meets at the center

2:09:47there that’s the zero point or the the enter entering the infinite density of the vacuum of creation out of that

2:09:55infinite density everything in creation seems to manifest and it is at that point that you get the

2:10:03accretion disk that is then spread out at the galactic Taurus the the toroidal

2:10:08galactic equator okay or the disc but now quickly the

2:10:14denser the medium the slower the speed of light if you put light through a medium the denser the

2:10:21medium the more it slows down the light the converse is true for sound the

2:10:26denser the medium the faster the speed of sound and so our sound travels faster in water than a dozen air so how fast

2:10:33does sound travel in an infinitely dense medium infinitely fast

2:10:41okay so every thought that you have is a frequency every word you say is a frequency every

2:10:48muscle every move your muscles make as a frequency that creates an effect around you every time you think you move

2:10:55everything you do goes into the toroidal field that that’s made up in your body that makes up your body the atoms of the

2:11:02molecules of the muscles and everything in your body at the atomic level goes into that Central toroidal structure of

2:11:10your atoms it goes into that Central Point or the vacuum that infinite density and from that it is available to

2:11:18everyone everywhere in creation and this is why ancient people knew how to communicate with anyone everywhere

2:11:25across all space and time because every thought you have is immediately

2:11:30available to everyone everywhere in all of creation that’s if our pineal glands are switched

2:11:37on this is why I believe these bird-headed

2:11:42beings worked so very hard to destroy our pineal glands that started to make sense

2:11:49otherwise why would they spend so much time and energy and depict it ah destroy the pineal glands

2:11:55so now we have a better understanding of a fully balanced magnetic torus which is

2:12:00also a sound Taurus and and and everything else comes from that

2:12:07we understand that as the sound of the earth that creates the magnetic fields the sound the Earth Rings like a bell

2:12:14right it is not the molten iron core at the center of the earth that creates the

2:12:20magnetic field it’s another lie we’re being told somebody came up with somewhere along the line

2:12:26and um because molten iron doesn’t have a magnetic field in any case has to be

2:12:32solid and even that is a problem because as we see it right now

2:12:39we have a half a magnetic field floating around in space because a fully balanced magnetic field

2:12:46has the zero point in the center not a North on the one side and the south on

2:12:51the other how is it possible that the Earth has a half a magnetic field is floating around an infinite Universe of

2:12:58perfectly balanced Tauruses and here we have an imbalanced half a magnetic field something is wrong with a

2:13:04story so I’m suspecting that the Earth like everything else like electrons atoms

2:13:11solar systems and galaxies must be a toroidal nature

2:13:16and that’s what balance Tauruses look like it has the accretion disk at the center

2:13:23energy comes at the top and at the bottom and where they meet it creates the accretion disk

2:13:30the Taurus equator plane emits energy and matter in a disk like that and you

2:13:35see this in the solar system Taurus the disc of the solar system and they tell

2:13:41us NASA keeps telling about the solar disks how the solar systems are created by water in space and creating a solar

2:13:49disk and then they show us pictures of it this is one of the best photographs ever taken of a young star and its

2:13:55protoplanetary disc and they show us Galactic disc Tauruses

2:14:02at the disk at the center of the galaxies we see thousands and thousands of Galactic discs floating around in

2:14:08space and we’re okay with Galactic discs and solar disks but when it comes to the Earth we go no

2:14:14no no it can’t be a disc

2:14:21dynamics of Galactic discs when you start studying this it’s all there all they keep telling us about Galactic

2:14:27discs and solar disks and everything it never stops it’s a never-ending

2:14:33educational process and that brings us to identifying what the magnetic fields actually look like

2:14:38thank God for the Pharaoh lens cell which is not that not discovered not that long ago we can now see what the

2:14:45magnetic fields actually look like in a beautiful toroidal shape this is

2:14:50what the magnetic fields look like in in toroidal fields and I believe that these are actually

2:14:55what Mr lay found that are now called Ley lines he just really discovered the

2:15:01LIE of the magnetic fields and and the connectedness of all the magnetic fields on Earth on the surface what happens

2:15:08when you bring a magnet close to a Ferro fluid Something Magic little tiny cones

2:15:15pop out and you start seeing the interconnectedness between magnetism cones and toroidal shapes you cannot

2:15:23separate those sound and magnetism effects in nature it’s all around us

2:15:29you see how sound is responsible for pretty much all the shapes and once you

2:15:35watch Hans Jenny cymatics documentary you realize how spectacular that is when

2:15:41you put a feral lens cell over a speaker magnet we see something Magic

2:15:49loads of tiny little cones facing the center does it remind you of something

2:15:56yes it reminds me of this guy’s wristwatch okay bingo

2:16:04there you got it somehow these guys were using magnetics

2:16:09and sound and Cone technology with magnets and Cone there you can’t separate them and this is the

2:16:15technology they used to manipulate humanity and many other things and this is where I’ll bring you to the tools and

2:16:22artifacts in my museum that I’ve been collecting from the ancient ruins in southern Africa giving us a very clear

2:16:28indication that these ancient people were using this technology toroidal Stones tortaurus stones with cone-shaped

2:16:36tools to do all this amazing stuff that we are archaeologists are still telling

2:16:42us that these that sorry the stone Tauruses and Cones are

2:16:47archaeologists are still telling us that these Stones were made by people in the Stone Age as weights for digging sticks

2:16:55I don’t even know what to say to those people you know like

2:17:02I don’t know cone-shaped tools and ancient technology once I started studying this it blew my

2:17:09mind it is a completely missed and and misunderstood and ignored part of

2:17:15ancient civilization cones in all ancient cultures in South Africa and England in Egypt cones everywhere in

2:17:23Australia this minor deity is holding two cones the importance of holding two cones is really critical I’ll explain to

2:17:30you why I believe that is so this guy’s healing this is Sumerian statue healing somebody with cone-shaped tools

2:17:36cone-shaped hats using special ceremonies Wizards wear cone-shaped hats and their ones are cone shaped and then

2:17:45obviously the cones of these ancient beings that were doing something to us or humans and this is important to

2:17:52realize when Caesar technology was first introduced to us only in 2009 was Cesar

2:17:59technology introduced to humankind and this is the is when the cone-shaped

2:18:05technology becomes important when sound is propelled into a Caesar beam so what

2:18:11happens when you put sound into a cone it speeds up speeds up speeds up by the time it leads leads leaves the tip it is

2:18:18moving faster than the speed of light it becomes what’s known as hypersound

2:18:23and a Caesar and that sound as that sound frequency enters the zero point of

2:18:29the toroidal field at which point it basically creates this this infinitely fast Caesar beam

2:18:36what happens to that Cesar beam that says a beam is surrounded by incredibly powerful magnetic fields because of the

2:18:43toroidal nature of that Cesar beam so now I got the size of beam that is surrounded by an incredibly powerful

2:18:48magnetic field if you use this cone as a tool you can Channel

2:18:55your thoughts your thoughts as a frequency into your hand holding this tool so you don’t need any other source

2:19:02of anything you just need yourself your thoughts and a cone now don’t try this at home

2:19:11or maybe try it if you have luck let us just share that with the world so you can Channel your thoughts and that the

2:19:17frequency of your thought that gives then gets amp it gets channeled through the cone and becomes a size of beam your

2:19:25thought the energy of your sword becomes a Caesar beam so if you’re thinking I want to chop down that mountain I Want

2:19:31To Cut That Mountain it’s that thought that energy goes into the Cesar beam and this I believe how they did it

2:19:38because they seems to be very little other evidence for this other than this they thought in

2:19:44fact we have many channelings that suggest the same thing for those people that believe in channeling and shamanic

2:19:50information so it was they use their thoughts through their hands into the cone and chop the mountain down I’m

2:19:57gonna cut that mountain in my Caesar beam remember you can’t see a sazer beam so it’s not very impressive laser beams

2:20:03are far more impressive but infinitely less powerful scissor beam just cut the mountain off

2:20:09okay honey where would you like that um and say and this is where you need the second scissor beam second cone this

2:20:16is why that Mayan deity holding two cones because once you’ve got two Caesar beams running you’ve got two powerful

2:20:21magnetic fields and you can trap the tip of that mountain between the two magnetic fields and go okay honey what

2:20:27would you like that over there cool little left a little more okay thank you

2:20:34and I believe how simple it should be because once you got this technology you can pretty much do everything and this

2:20:39is why we see giant ancient trees chopped down how did they chop that giant tree down

2:20:46probably with a Caesar kind of Technology and let your mind just take it from

2:20:52there we have these beautiful cone-shaped tools in the rosicrucian museum in San Jose that are in that are

2:20:58engraved with cuneiform text that tell us that these Cones were used in the construction of the temples of Suma now

2:21:06how would you use a cone in the construction of the Temple of Sumer and one of them mentions the Temple of

2:21:12innana being built with these cone-shaped tools and then to the rescue comes edley skalnen the man that built

2:21:18Coral Castle this incredible place at the southern Florida and he was seen

2:21:23levitating those giant blocks with ice cream cones in his hands and this is why

2:21:28I call it the ice cream cone phenomenon just like that Mayan dude with two ice cream cones he was seen holding two ice

2:21:35cream cones levitating those giant blocks I hope that this is starting to you know provide a really interesting uh

2:21:43body of of interesting evidence of how this stuff works and that brings us to dragonflies and other beetles and bugs

2:21:50that whose bodies are too big for their wings those are not blood vessels in the

2:21:55dragonfly those are hollow tubes and the the dragonfly doesn’t flap its wings like a bird it vibrates them and buzzes

2:22:02them it’s the buzzing of those wings the sound of those wings that goes into the tubes the hollow tubes and at the bottom

2:22:10of those hollow tubes there are hundreds of tiny little cones so the sound frequency goes out of the cones creating

2:22:17these steroidal fields around the butterflies and the dragonfly’s Wings putting them into a state of gravity

2:22:24free zone around them because of the cone shaped technology in their wings

2:22:29and the same for Victor grabinikov the man who studied the bugs they were too big to fly and then he learned how to

2:22:37use the bug’s Wings to build a levitation platform he wrote a whole book about this he built this levitation

2:22:43platform he talks about it and unless people know this technology they think

2:22:48he’s a crank he’s just talking rubbish well I believe he’s actually telling us exactly what’s going on here and it

2:22:56looks like he had a motorbike handle on that on that device and just cranked up the frequency at at some frequency that

2:23:02sound through the bug’s Wings would have created that Royal field around his little levitation device he said that he

2:23:08moved faster in the speed of sound on that levitation platform and because you’ve got this balanced

2:23:14deroidal field around you that he somehow managed to create it wasn’t dangerous and then he started studying

2:23:21the bugs wings and look at the image on the left here of the shape of these the

2:23:27the wings of of the of these these insects these these

2:23:33beetles okay pay attention break close attention to that structure there

2:23:38okay um this is uh just a video I’m not even going to show this to you because we’re

2:23:43running out of time how how some of them claim that they levitate on top of each other some people say this is a hoax but

2:23:50they probably don’t know how it works they don’t know about the cone shape technology today we’re going to try

2:23:56um and then we get back to the tourist stones that emit powerful sound and

2:24:02frequencies we’ve measured sound energies coming out of the tourist Stones very very powerful frequencies

2:24:07some of them give us up to 3400 decibels of sound that’s very very powerful stuff

2:24:14very high frequencies you can’t hear it but it affects your body also what I’ve

2:24:19been noticing is that these Torah Stones can act as intentional tools if you put your

2:24:27intention into it it amplifies your thoughts amplifies your intentions these tourist tones so that could be very good

2:24:32or very dangerous and basically like we said it’s scale art technology scalar

2:24:38Vortex Taurus effect as it goes in it goes into that infinite vacuum the

2:24:43density of the vacuum and then creates a bigger Taurus around it and this happens simultaneously because of that infinite

2:24:50density of that vacuum that zero point we put one of these store stones in a bucket of water the next morning there

2:24:56were thousands of bubbles going around spiraling into the center of the Taurus Stone we’ve only done this once but once

2:25:03is good enough for me and then the storage stone that I took to Naseem haramaine in 2013 and became

2:25:09famous now I’ve got it back in my position uh the story Stone I threw into my bag how many

2:25:16of you have heard the story okay so not that many people okay good

2:25:21so I can tell it so uh I’ve packed this in bubble wrap and threw it in my hand luggage and we left for Chicago via Doha

2:25:29Qatar you know this is uh Arab airport on steroids or the latest technology

2:25:35and when we got onto the airplane to go to Chicago we got delayed and that you

2:25:40know we’re like 20 minutes late and eventually they called my partner of the plane and and we got to the door and to

2:25:47the door and the thing was gone already that spacewalk thing and there was a

2:25:53staircase going down and and suddenly I saw it was my bag there so they cross labeled our bags I walked down thinking

2:26:00oh my god this is my stone is in the bag it’s the stone what am I going to tell them it’s uh I

2:26:06can’t tell them this is ancient advanced technology this is not going to go down well so I think okay okay uh it’s

2:26:12African arts and crafts cool African arts and crafts so I get down and I’m really nervous they’re Five Guys with

2:26:18guns and and I’m sweating so I’m hoping that their fingers aren’t sweating on the trigger and uh open my bag open your

2:26:25bag there’s a security thread in your bag so open my bag and I know it’s a stone so I go straight and I pull out

2:26:31the stone that’s wrapped in bubble wrap and backing tape I have no idea how I opened it because it’s virtually

2:26:36impossible to open that with your bare fingers you know what I mean it’s like and

2:26:42somehow I opened it and popped out I said you see it’s a it’s a stone from

2:26:47my friend in Hawaii and uh African arts and crafts and there was one African guy there that leaned over he didn’t have a

2:26:54gun and he leaned over and over their shoulders and he said oh I’ve seen one of those before and I only realized

2:26:59months later that he probably defused attention when I got back on the plane so they

2:27:05said okay good put it back in your bag and bag goes on the plane I’ll get back on the plane sit down and when I sit

2:27:10down my partner says to me when the captain came out of the cockpit he said whatever is in that bag crashed

2:27:17the TSA security system so it came from the captain didn’t come from me or anybody else the captain

2:27:25volunteered that information to us so we have the USA

2:27:30DSA Homeland Security to thank for proving scientifically that we’re

2:27:35dealing with ancient advanced technology but what what got me only about two

2:27:44years later you know because it’s traumatizing this kind of thing it’s really scary very scary okay I’ll make

2:27:50joke light of it now but it’s really scary I mean I was petrified

2:27:56and realized only two years later they never asked me to check the rest of my bag

2:28:03you see where I’m going with this they knew exactly what they were looking for and when I showed it to them

2:28:10thank you next just wanted to check

2:28:15okay so very importantly these are klerksdorp spheres most amazing

2:28:21spheres in the world among the top 10 most strangest artifacts found on Earth

2:28:28and I was given one of these spheres in 2008 as a pro as a present

2:28:35uh by my friend and I put it in the museum and a few months later I came back and I

2:28:43walked in one morning and the stone developed a crack this is four billion year old stone

2:28:48right or three billion year old stone they known as some of the oldest stones on Earth

2:28:54and uh and yet they which people believe that they are man-made or they’re made by intelligent design they’re not

2:29:00accidental so very precious so now I think oh my goodness the stone developed a crack I

2:29:07broke the stone so what do I do I glue it together do I just leave it you know like So eventually I decide now I’m just

2:29:13going to leave it let me just leave it there and I come keep coming back every day and gradually the crack gets bigger

2:29:19and bigger and bigger and one day I walked in there and the whole Stone just cracked into two halves just lay there

2:29:25I was just stunned I couldn’t believe it this is a three billion year old present from a friend and I break it

2:29:32you know it’s my fault so I thought what do I do so I just left it and then it

2:29:37started cracking again and then it stopped one day it stopped

2:29:43I’m going to show you this little video let me show you what’s going on right now

2:29:50foreign ly noticed that my Wonderstone

2:29:56that cracked and broke some 11 years ago when I first put it into the museum

2:30:02into several pieces has developed a new crack and this is a very significant new

2:30:09event here in the Stone Circle Museum that’s what remains of the original

2:30:14Wonderstone these are known as the klerksdorp Spheres the mysterious stones that are billions

2:30:21of years old and many people believe that they’re actually made by intelligent beings that they’re not

2:30:29natural formations and this is a huge breakthrough observation because this stone that was

2:30:37given to me as a gift for the museum in early 2008

2:30:42after about six months of me placing it in the museum cracked and started

2:30:48developing a big crack and eventually after several months just split into two and then it continued breaking and

2:30:55splitting more and more eventually ended up in these one two three four five six

2:31:02pieces or and a few smaller ones and it’s been like this for at least 10

2:31:09years now and then suddenly I noticed the other day when I had a tour group in here that the large piece

2:31:15has just developed a new crack and this is a huge new

2:31:23um I guess Discovery because there’s the crack that’s busy developing

2:31:31okay I’m gonna stop it there because we’re running out of time so what happened here

2:31:36the tourister and the Chrysler TSA security system was lying three meters away from that stone when I removed that

2:31:43tourist Stone it stopped cracking a year ago I brought new tourist Stones I put

2:31:48them underneath the broken pieces and within a few months it started cracking

2:31:53again so the tourist stones have a profound influence and it’s breaking and cracking

2:32:00this klerksdorp sphere Creator Mutual told me that these klerksdorps spheres were originally sources of light that

2:32:07they would light up brilliant light would come out of them like a light bulb if it was exposed to certain subtle

2:32:13frequencies at first I thought he was crazy now I’m beginning to think that maybe he was right because they can’t

2:32:19these two these klerksdorp sphere Stones can’t handle the intense energies from the tourist stones and this is why

2:32:25they’re breaking and cracking cone shaped up with a laser device we’ve spoken about this already Taurus and

2:32:32Cone combination this is built into our own human anatomy we have this in our

2:32:38eyes we have rods and cones in our retina so at the back of our eyes we

2:32:44have like this this laser dish with that’s catching all the light and the

2:32:49frequencies coming through our eyes from the front and the cones are facing backwards in the retina and shooting

2:32:55turning the sound and the frequencies of the light turning it into Cesar beams shooting it through the optic nerve into

2:33:02the by Neil gland isn’t that remarkable

2:33:07that our retinas are like satellite dishes amplifying the light and the

2:33:13sound frequencies and sending it to our pineal gland oh my goodness and what’s

2:33:19at the front of our eyes at the front of our eyes we have not cones but Tauruses we have beautiful Tauruses at both our

2:33:27eyes our irises our little tiny Tauruses with a lens in the middle

2:33:32that focuses the light and the sound coming through that with the light

2:33:37this is just spectacular this Taurus cone combination is all over

2:33:42in our own anatomy and this is why we should be able to do this all of us and so much more

2:33:49in 2017 November the Saab award which is a big deal Military Award Saab science

2:33:57award Was Won by this guy called Henrik halter for developing

2:34:02a new antenna it’s called The Phase Ray antenna it’s a

2:34:09plate with a bunch of cones on it here’s a close-up of it is the most powerful antenna ever built

2:34:16thousands and thousands of times stronger than any antenna before and it can both send and receive

2:34:25cones on a metal plate pay attention to that structure can you see the similarity between the

2:34:32bug’s wings and that antenna and the plot thickens everything that we

2:34:39do in science technology in development it’s all just mimicking

2:34:45nature biomimicry and this is why when we start looking at free energy we should look at sound and

2:34:51magnetism unfortunately Isaac Newton knew nothing about magnetism this was a shock to the system when I discovered

2:34:57this and this is why we have so much problems but there’s a lot more to discuss because Newton was a smart guy I

2:35:03actually believe he was put up to writing that crap that we all teach our kids at school today the whole Newtonian

2:35:09physics thing just to distract us from what’s really going on and and this is why gravity is

2:35:15completely nonsensical we observe it we can’t explain it we don’t really understand it and yet the whole effect

2:35:21of gravity is perfectly equally described by coulomb in Coulomb’s law it

2:35:27works exactly the same except it’s described as an electric phenomenon and if it’s an electric phenomenon it means

2:35:32it must be an electromagnetic phenomena which means it’s a magnetic phenomenon which means it’s a sound phenomenon so

2:35:38it’s much easier to describe gravity as a

2:35:44magnetic effect and suddenly everything becomes very

2:35:49very clear and we can explain everything about our reality sound creates magnetic fields moving magnetic fields great

2:35:55electricity and we live in a magnetoelectric universe even the processional wobble of

2:36:01the Earth can be explained with a magnetic toroidal procession

2:36:07everything falls into place and that brings me back to The Ether and the obsession with The Ether and finding the

2:36:13ether in 1887 Mickelson Morley did that famous

2:36:19experiment in search of The Ether unfortunately what they were going to do they were going to show that The Ether

2:36:26exists by showing how the Earth moves through space well it didn’t work

2:36:31because they couldn’t find any evidence for the Earth moving through space and this is why they couldn’t find evidence

2:36:37for The Ether can you see which of those is the more important Discovery there The Ether is

2:36:43okay because the ether We Now understand is to be sound and resonance and frequency holding everything together but the fact that the Earth is not

2:36:50moving through the ether that is a much bigger problem and that Still Remains Mickelson Morley

2:36:57experiment has never been proven to be false or inaccurate they’ve attempted to do that and they claim they’ve attempted

2:37:03to do that military guys have attempted to do that they’ve never really done that successfully so as it stands the

2:37:09Earth does not move through space according to the Mickelson Morley experiment the Easter ether is then

2:37:15replaced by the particle physics agenda and the biotical physics Universe where

2:37:21particles move around bumping into each other randomly spontaneously creating everything in creation that we observe

2:37:28by random coincidence and in in them documentary called the principle we even

2:37:35have Michio Kaku tell us very clearly that there is no scientific evidence

2:37:40that the Earth actually moves through space I’m not saying this I’m repeating what

2:37:45Mickelson Morley found and what many other scientists have since been talking about this is a big problem this is why

2:37:54the God Particle became such a big Obsession and why the quantum mechanics ratback

2:38:01was used to promote this particle physics agenda unfortunately these are brilliant people

2:38:06I’m not saying they were in on it they’re brilliant scientists Brilliant Minds but remember who ran the media who

2:38:12paid for the Laboratories and their experiments in the labs and the universities always follow the money so

2:38:17they just use these Brilliant Minds to promote their agenda and they only published what they wanted to promote

2:38:23that agenda very simple it’s so beautiful so that by 1897

2:38:30um JJ Thompson wins a Nobel Prize for discovering a theoretical particle

2:38:37called the electron are you aware of this that it’s it’s it was a theoretical

2:38:42particle the electron it’s insane okay you can see how desperate they were

2:38:48to push this agenda and the Heisenberg uncertainty principle tell us that there’s so much more going

2:38:54on that we don’t know and anyone that claims they understand quantum mechanics is insane as many of these guys said

2:39:00before it was just stupid or arrogant and that Max Planck’s Quantum Leap actually tells us that that matter

2:39:07biolocates that matter can disappear in one place and reappear in another place because in the Quantum Leap the electron

2:39:13disappears from the one level and miraculously appears in another level it doesn’t move gradually from one to the

2:39:18other it jumps it leaps it disappears appears whoa hold on but again Max blank

2:39:24was a brilliant guy he was a really deeply conscious Guy this is what he said I regard Consciousness as

2:39:30fundamental I regard matter as derivative from Consciousness we cannot get behind Consciousness everything that

2:39:36we talk about everything that we regard as existing postulates Consciousness now

2:39:42I would much rather I have spoken to this guy that thinks like this then the

2:39:47guy that was presented to us by the media there are no particles just resonance and frequency electron is simply

2:39:54coherent resonance in the toroidal field and Rutherford’s atomic model in 1909 1911 is just so simple and so naive and

2:40:02unfortunately anyone that that that Embraces the the molecular sorry the the

2:40:08toroidal nature of things can bust this this experiment in five seconds flat and

2:40:14unfortunately that atomic model still stands today you all know this logo we see it bloody everywhere right they’re

2:40:21still shoving this down our throats with a strong force holding that stuff in the middle together we had no idea

2:40:28what that is but fortunately for us no matter how insane or psychotic these guys that

2:40:35control the bastions of knowledge at universities no matter how insane they are

2:40:41fortunately we have the double slit experiment

2:40:46which clearly says that there are no particles there’s just frequency and

2:40:51resonance but even at that point of defeat feet they become psychotic and

2:40:58they say they’re holding onto the particles and they say well it’s a particle wave duality

2:41:03it’s both a particle and a wave no your brain is a

2:41:08what I don’t know Einstein’s theory of relativity is a fascinating one obviously Einstein was a

2:41:15smart guy and once again I believe that he was used and they published what they wanted to promote their agenda but even

2:41:21the EMC square thing just flies out the window if space is a vacuum right so if

2:41:26space is a vacuum there’s nothing there and in a vacuum there can be no particles there’s nothing there can be no energy so and they can be no mass for

2:41:36anything because there’s nothing there so energy equals mass time the speed of

2:41:41light Square mass in space is zero so if you multiply

2:41:46Zero by anything it remains zero that means energy in space is zero and that’s not possible

2:41:52because space is full of energy so that equation holds absolutely no water

2:41:58if you just give it a little bit of thought and this is why the Higgs boson became

2:42:03so important the God particle because until they found the God particle there was no medium for the particles to move

2:42:11through I thank God for Peter Higgs and his Higgs boson and the God particle

2:42:18because now they had a field and a medium through which particles could

2:42:23move 2013 they rescued that situation unfortunately for them Homer Simpson

2:42:30discovered the Higgs boson about 10 years prior to that already as they do

2:42:36and to finish on a lighter note or a slightly more disturbing note Max

2:42:43stegmark is one of the biggest names in astrophysics and science today he’s the

2:42:48guy that heads up the MIT background Cosmic microwave radiation research

2:42:56and you can watch this in the movie The principle please watch it it’ll shake up

2:43:02your reality quite badly uh and I think the time for shaking up

2:43:08our reality is here I quite like it it makes me rethink everything personally

2:43:14So Max degmark in this documentary is actually shown when they came back with

2:43:19the research of this background Cosmic radiation and he was just freaking out he was scratching his head because what

2:43:26they found and what he says is that the Earth is at the center

2:43:32of the universe and everything spins around the earth everything moves around the Earth in

2:43:38fact it is so at the center that everything the entire universe as we know it is even aligned with the

2:43:44ecliptic the equinoxes and the solstices on Earth and there seem to be these

2:43:50onion rings areas moving away from the earth that certain other activity happens as if we’re at the center of

2:43:56some atomic structure and things happening in these waves around us moving away from us

2:44:03and he just says he shakes his head and he goes I don’t know what’s going on the jury is out

2:44:09don’t ask me any more about this and that came from the back cosmic

2:44:14background radiation this Earth is at the center of everything in creation of our known universe what that means to me

2:44:21how I interpret this if creation is infinite from our perspective and our point of

2:44:28view we are at the center of everything because everything revolves around us

2:44:34if creative if creation is infinite so yes it makes absolute sense but if you put limits to the universe and limits to

2:44:41Creation then that doesn’t make any sense at all so we need to start redefining

2:44:47what we think our universe is I have finite or infinite our universe is

2:44:52because we’re at the center of it then there can be no finity there must be only Infinity

2:44:59and that brings me to the fact that everything is just connected through the fractal nature of resonance that creates

2:45:06magnetic fields and toroidal fractals throughout all of creation

2:45:11and even when you look at the very famous mandelbrot mandelbrot fractals spectacular images that are created by

2:45:18this fractal mathematical formula it’s just spectacular you see all the shapes

2:45:24in creation all sacred geometric shapes and spirals that just go on and on and on and forever and what I found

2:45:31fascinating is at some stage while I was looking at the mandelbrot fractals I found a heartbeat

2:45:37bingo and uh there’s another heartbeat

2:45:44and you start thinking what is going on is everything just a bloody simulated

2:45:51computer freaking program and are we just part of that

2:45:57what’s going on here I don’t know I really don’t know anymore

2:46:04all I know is I want to keep an open mind and when I keep asking these juicy questions

2:46:09because the juicier the questions the more interesting the answers are and if

2:46:15anybody ever tells you don’t do this or don’t research that or how can you talk about that you know that you’re

2:46:22obviously going down a road that makes people uncomfortable and you’re probably on the right track to something

2:46:28so the more questions we ask the more mysterious things become and the big question is what do we do

2:46:35with all this knowledge and information because tomorrow morning we wake up we go back to our slave jobs and we go back

2:46:42into the machine and most of us forget about this and all of this flies out the window if we can’t put this information

2:46:48to good use it’s completely bloody useless and this is where the whole philosophy of Ubuntu and contributionism

2:46:55comes in and shines a bright light at the future of humanity providing very simple solutions to what seems to be an

2:47:02insurmountable problem that most people think we cannot get out of the answer is we can get out of this Insanity all we

2:47:10have to do is change the way we think we’re the ones we’ve been waiting for and it’s up to us in rooms like these

2:47:16around the world from where the answers and the solutions will come so the responsibility is now on your

2:47:24shoulders none are more enslaved than those who believe or falsely believe they are free

2:47:31Wolfgang gerta’s famous most beautiful statement and the emphasis there is on falsely believe they are free because we

2:47:38are not born free we are born into absolute and utter slavery from the first breath we take to the last breath

2:47:44we break out we can’t move around freely can’t deliver we choose to we need passports and work permits we have to

2:47:50follow rules and laws that we never agreed to we have to work to survive we have to earn this thing called money we

2:47:57have to pay taxes to escape jail time this is not Freedom the suspion utter

2:48:02slavery and the thing that enslaves us is money that’s the tool of enslavement

2:48:07it is the socio-economic political system that is controlled and driven by money but it’s not about the money or

2:48:15how much money you have it’s about the control of money it’s those who control the supply of money not how much money

2:48:21you have so money is the tool by which we are enslaved until we come to terms with what money is where it comes from

2:48:27how it was created we will remain the subject of those who control the creation and the supply of money

2:48:34our system is broken you know this by now I don’t have to remind you it cannot be fixed and it certainly cannot be

2:48:39fixed by using the same tools that created the problem otherwise we just go around like Lab Rats on that on that

2:48:46Bloody wheel right money was maliciously introduced as a tool of enslavement you need to really

2:48:52really internalize this money is not there to help us it was introduced as a tool of enslavement as a holy complete

2:48:59finished idea and philosophy and concept introduced into Humanity at a very

2:49:05specific point in time and that specific point in time was when the when the

2:49:11kingdom was lowered to Earth from heaven and we read this very clearly in the Sumerian text on this on the Sumerian

2:49:16Kings lists that’s where we first discovered the first royal bloodlines we see the appearance of the First Kings

2:49:23and the royal bloodlines suddenly appear wholly formed holy controlling everything still controlling it today

2:49:29and they were given weapons of mass destruction and fierce weapons with which to Smite the people if the people

2:49:35don’t want to listen to them otherwise nobody would have Bloody listened to them of course they wouldn’t hey you know I have a great idea I wake

2:49:43up in this morning in my Village call my Village People together say listen guys

2:49:48I’ve got a great idea as of today I’m going to be the king and all the land now belongs to me right

2:49:54and you all going to work for me I’m the king and uh but in return I’m going to let you live on the land and and we have

2:50:02this amazing relationship where I’m the king and you work for me and we all work together no I don’t think so so where did the

2:50:09first royal bloodlines come from very simple when you start studying the Sumerian text you see they were forced

2:50:15upon Humanity with Fierce weapons with which they Smite at the people if they didn’t listen and you know when you read

2:50:21the ancient dicks how much smiting actually went down there’s a lot of smiting in ancient times

2:50:27and this these first kings that suddenly owned all the land they became the first bankers and the temples became their

2:50:34first Banks the temples that they lived in it’s from those temples that they started to issue the first forms of

2:50:39money in the form of clay tablets as forms of bills of exchange promissory

2:50:44notes and negotiable instruments exactly the same way that Banks create money

2:50:51today nothing has changed that is what blows my mind it’s exactly the same bloody system

2:50:59except they did it on Clay today we do it on paper it is just insane

2:51:06solving our problems are very simple but we cannot solve our problems with the same kind of thinking that we use when

2:51:12we created them we all need a whole new kind of thinking that thinking is to free the world from money but how do we

2:51:19do that we create an alternative social structure in which money is no longer needed but we can’t do that with

2:51:25violence opposition or conflict we can only do that with a new kind of thinking

2:51:30with no resistance no produce no opposition no violence no conflict all of these belong into the old Paradigm so

2:51:36only by embracing the tools of enslavement and turning the tools of enslavement into tools of Liberation we

2:51:42will finally liberate ourselves from this if we continue the path of violence opposition and conflict we go down the

2:51:49same path over and over and over again and this is what’s taken me and the Ubuntu movement 12 years to figure this

2:51:56out it’s been an interesting journey of Discovery we went into politics in three different countries only to realize the

2:52:02moment you go into politics you become an opposition party and that gets you absolutely nowhere

2:52:09so that led to the concept of one small town can change the world and all we have to do is change the word

2:52:16competition into cooperation and collaboration and everything changes perfectly we

2:52:23don’t need to recreate intentional communities because they don’t work rather go to an existing small community

2:52:29where the infrastructure is there everything is there and just change the way the people think so to start

2:52:36cooperate and collaborate and everything changes so much so that I no longer think that once small town can change

2:52:42the world but once more town will change the world and to finish here tonight finally

2:52:49I think were we on time eight minutes over I’m going to show you a little one small

2:52:55town video and uh hopefully this will put you into a very positive frame of mind to finish

2:53:02off tonight [Music]

2:53:11hello I’m Michael tillinger and I’m the founder of the Ubuntu Liberation movement

2:53:17welcome to the launch of our new strategy and plan of action which we call one small town can change the world

2:53:25so what is our plan first we find a small town of around 5000 people who want to participate in

2:53:33their own makeover their own salvation their own rescue mission

2:53:39then we find consensus between the people the mayor and the council we

2:53:44identify the special skills and talents of the people we identify the industrial and

2:53:49environmental potential of the town then we develop a razor sharp business plan

2:53:54for a variety of community projects to match these skills and individual

2:54:00potential these projects are actually meticulously well planned businesses but

2:54:06there is one huge difference between these and other businesses these belong to all the people of the

2:54:12Town together with investors that made it possible everyone in our town who

2:54:17participates in the transformation will contribute three hours per week towards one of these new projects

2:54:25this creates a powerful free labor force that no other Corporation can compete

2:54:30with then comes a really critical part of our plan we analyze how much our town

2:54:36needs to consume of everything we produce and then we produce at least

2:54:42three times as much as we need we can do this with ease because our Cooperative labor force everything we

2:54:49produce is distributed freely to everyone who participates and the other two-thirds are sold on the open market

2:54:56to our neighboring towns and cities or even exported if need be but herein lies

2:55:03The Twist we sell whatever we produce cheaper than any other supplier

2:55:08how is this possible because of our free labor force and the ingredients that we

2:55:14Supply ourselves and so in a strange twist of fate money will become the tool

2:55:20that destroys capitalism it becomes clear that contributionism devours

2:55:27capitalism wherever it may be this will lead to a substantial income stream from

2:55:33all our projects very quickly from food to technology Healthcare to music tourism to engineering and so much

2:55:41more that would not be possible in a capitalist model why because it would

2:55:47simply not be financially viable set your imagination free and imagine

2:55:52how much wealth our little town will create from just 50 new projects but

2:55:59what do we do with all this money we keep it simple as we always should one

2:56:06third goes to the investors or the Farmers or the factory owners that turn their businesses into a community

2:56:12project one-third goes to upgrading and maintaining and constantly creating new

2:56:17projects based on the needs and skills of the people and the last third is distributed

2:56:23equally to everyone who participates in the projects this provides for an

2:56:28elegant and simple transition phase no one has to leave their job because everyone has three hours a week and very

2:56:36soon the people of our town will be receiving more money from Community projects than their jobs while getting

2:56:43most of the things we need to live for free as this abundance begins to grow and our

2:56:50time becomes wealthy Beyond Comprehension new projects will start up every week giving expression to the

2:56:57creative talents of our people one by one the people who work for the mines

2:57:02and other dangerous Industries will leave their jobs because they earn more money and benefits from contributing

2:57:09only three hours per week and without any resistance opposition or conflict

2:57:14the nasty corporations will close because nobody will work there anymore

2:57:19and the existing system will simply shut down and fade from our memory as we

2:57:25create a new system and a new social structure at this point we realize that

2:57:31we don’t need money at all and yet we have more money now than we’ve ever had

2:57:37before everyone will know that money does nothing and people do everything and so

2:57:44in a strange twister fate we use the tools that enslave us to free us from

2:57:49that slavery and build an unshakable foundation in which the tools of enslavement have no more effect there

2:57:58has never been a simpler way to unite the people and create abundance and prosperity for everyone and there has

2:58:04never been a more lucrative investment opportunity to conscious millionaires to participate in creating a true utopian

2:58:12future for everyone so which will be the first small town to start the domino

2:58:17effect just one small town that’ll change the world why not yours


2:58:33so I hope that gave you a quick insight into what we’ve been developing and evolving what has been evolving over 12

2:58:40years with the Ubuntu movement since 2005 and a simple philosophy it’s now

2:58:45evolved into something that many people around the world are embracing and and thinking about and implementing on many

2:58:50levels and I would like to thank you for coming and listening to some crazy guy from

2:58:57South Africa spraying this weird information around the world thank you very much really appreciate you being

2:59:03here and would like I’d like to ask you one thing before you go out there and share this with everyone

2:59:10you know whatever resonates with you let it wash over you and then go out there and tell everybody

2:59:15because once they’ve heard it I can never unhear it

2:59:20thank you for being here [Applause] foreign

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