Emmanuel (Manny) Bombardier


Manny lived at our place (Synergy Community Farms aka Temple of Tantra) in Maui, Hawaii from 2011 to 2013, when he left this plane of existence. I’ve been watching a show called “The Midnight Club” where terminal twenty-somethings agree to try to communicate with those they leave behind. For some odd reason, this video popped up in my suggestions. I got chills when I saw it, as it’s as though Manny’s reaching out from the other side with a message about how we manifest our own realities.

I grabbed this information and created a page for you to view and perhaps get what an incredible young man Manny was (and is, on the other side). I’m sure he’s continuing the work where he is. He left his mark on the world and is a fine example of how our walk in this world may be short, but we can do incredible things with the time we get.

Dr. Susan Shumsky Reveals a Powerful Affirmation and the 11/11/11 Mayan Shift

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