9 Secret Powers of Highly Sensitive People

You’re a human tuning fork: you can pick up on how someone feels before they even realize they’re feeling that way.
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Janet writes:

As one of the hypersensitive, super empathic humans of Earth, I care about people and need to set boundaries between myself and the apparent other. Opposites attract, so in the course of my life I’ve encountered a number of sociopathic people who catch me off guard. Blind sighted, I often get involved with them in some kind of relationship (personal or business) then discover I’m in too deep and need to escape.

That creates drama and trauma, so I’ve needed to develop my spider senses better to detect evil before it “gets me”. I’m doing much better with that now as I age and “get wiser”, but sometimes I still fall for it, especially those who are experts at manipulation. Fortunately, I’m intelligent and quick on my feet. I’ve learned to intentionally manipulate and reverse out the harm before it gets worse and counter-manipulate, appeal to the small part of the manipulators I encounter that’s hungry for love. Sometimes I feel that quite deeply and it takes days to process. Escaping a manipulator is like having a close call with a tiger. It takes just about everything I have. But when I do, I feel intense relief and vow to never let that happen again.

I’m sharpening that skill and while eventually it does happen again, the time between episodes has lengthened and I can get out of it quicker.

Being highly sensitive is like having a super power. With that comes responsibility, so I practice Ahimsa (do no harm). As a baby boomer, hippie, flower child of the 1960s, I envisioned us in a different timeline than we are in now. The level of violence, insensitivity and low regard many humans have for their neighbors and brothers and sisters from another race, religion, political affiliation or country is unfathomable to my super sensitive self. I find it shocking.

I am kind and love humanity and this world, respect and revere life, join and support all efforts to spread love and healing and naively expect others to follow the golden rule and love others as thyself. I’m shocked when others do not share that love of humanity, animals and the world. Then I look at myself and I’m shocked that I’m still getting shocked by such things. Will I ever learn? I guess I am. But while my emotional reaction shocks me, I believe I’m getting better at processing it and I’ve learned to channel that energy towards doing things for the highest good. I seek the “win-for-all” rather than the Jesus climbing up on the cross and sacrificial lamb model.

I love being sensitive, psychic and intuitive. I’ve been a good therapist and counselor all my life and as a spiritual counselor I’ve even managed to sometimes get paid (which I can use and appreciate very much). I live in a material world and have needs.

My hope is that the promised Golden Age of Aquarius will really happen and humanity begins an era of peace, love, hope, prosperity, happiness to pure bliss. Whether I’m alive or not when this happens is yet to be seen. I am doing all I can to promote higher consciousness and manifest it here on Earth and in space. I began my journey as a child of the 60s with hero’s like Gene Roddenberry blazing a bright trail towards an incredible future. I’m here at that future, which is less shiny than I expected on one hand. Yet I’m still here on that journey and there’s much I can do. So I write. And here we are.

Thanks for joining me. Please take my hand and together, we’ll start anew.

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