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The author Janet Kira Lessin spoke about her contacts with extraterrestrials! and they showed her the destruction of the Earth

The author Janet Kira Lessin spoke about her contacts with extraterrestrials! and they showed her the destruction of the Earth

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The author Janet Kira Lessin spoke about her contacts with extraterrestrials!  and they showed her the destruction of the Earth

Janet Kira Lessin – author, radio producer and active participant in a television program, spoke about her contacts with extraterrestrials.

I always felt like a stranger on Earth, that I didn’t belong in this world. This feeling made me explore it. After hypnosis, I remembered what happened to me before my birth, my agreement with a divine being to reincarnate into this body. And I’m not unique. I know about this because I am a researcher and have talked to many people.

The aliens took me to something like a room, which, as he later learned, had been set up especially for me. On a huge panoramic screen I was shown the complete destruction of the Earth. It wasn’t just a screen like we have, I could smell, feel the volcanic eruptions, and the earthquakes.

In total I was presented with 12 realities, which became more and more positive towards the end, and finally there was a utopia. I was offered to choose one of them.

I was surprised. I’m only four years old, I’m still young. But at the same time I knew the decision to come to Earth from somewhere, I knew I was assigned a mission.

I chose the third reality believing that everything is perfect in it. After choosing, I was returned to my yard, the sun was shining. It was the most beautiful sunset I have ever seen.

When they left, I still felt them next to me… They said I came to Earth to do something important for humanity, for all people. Hearing this, I was glad that my life had a purpose. I went home and realized that I shouldn’t talk about what happened to my mother, my father, my brother, my sister or other people.

Some wisdom in me made me keep it to myself. Gradually I began to understand about what is happening on our planet and in space. I met with small groups of aliens. If someone wanted to say something, a beam of light was directed towards them. We read about similar technologies being science fiction, but they already exist. I just told them: “We are destroying our planet.

Help the planet from evil people in governments. ” They agreed to help, although this will not happen in our time. I think there will be an invasion. They are watching us. Yes, there are dark entities, but much more than those who love people and support them.

There is a Federation. Many people see this as science fiction because it’s easier to dismiss than to worry about. I’ve been told that there are creatures that look like “clots” that change shape and size. There are those that we do not feel and do not see. Earth is mostly visited by gray aliens of different sizes . They are also different types: with big noses, no nose, etc.

There are also different reptilian creatures of different color and size . They are watching us and they know everything. Now I am telling everything I know, because it is time to talk about it.

We are here to break this vicious cycle of life, death, birth, reincarnation that keeps us locked in this dark matrix of war and corporate economic slavery. We need to wake up and realize what is happening. We have the opportunity to create a better reality for all of us and we need this information to do that.

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