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Sleeping Giants, Return of Enki & Saturn Moon Crash: Roundtable Discussion

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In a roundtable discussion recorded after the conclusion of the Galactic Spiritual Informers Connection on October 23, 2022, Alex Collier, Elena Danaan, JP and Dr. Michael Salla go over recent developments involving a sleeping giant in Florida, missing seeds from a Tree of Life, return of Quetzacoatl, and a moon crashing into Saturn. JP reveals that the missing seeds were taken to England on orders of the new British sovereign, King Charles III. The roundtable then discussed the connection between the sleeping giant and legendary figures such as Quetzacoatl, Viracocha and Kukulcan who were predicted to return one day. Elena presented information that the sleeping giant was awakening as a result of an activation ceremony held at the conference that was led by Quetza Shah, an indigenous Aztec/Mayan shaman. Another topic of discussion was recent news that a moon had crashed into Saturn. JP, Elena and Alex all discussed what they knew about secret operations around the vicinity of Saturn, and the connection to the return of Enki. To read about JP’s first visit to the underground location where he was given seeds from a Tree of Life, visit:…


0:00the sound of I was kutia kedasha say

0:05and everybody and this sound connected

0:10the body to something that was kind of a light to his soul in fact there was a

0:16soul the connection was made with with soul and he was coming down

0:22and what I was shown what is going to happen soon it is in

0:28the process the giant opened his eyes and I remember there were blue

0:33magnificent cleared through like aquamarine and vision vanished

0:40so and then we had a conversation later on all together with cancer Xiao

0:47and uh he said something has activated the giantism no no

0:56is coming back he’s coming back and it is in the process

1:03is coming back and it is in the process and forehead said as well it is in the

1:09process there’s another idea a body

1:15is the Avatar body it was designed to live on Earth

1:22exist on Earth but the soul isn’t in the body

1:28all right the soul somewhere else and I have a feeling

1:34and I feel pretty strongly about this that Anki has already made arrangements for boots on the ground

1:41to go and retrieve the seeds return them to where they’re supposed to be

1:47you know and what I mean by boots on the ground other extraterrestrials who understand the significance of it

1:55but the body itself is an avatar the Soul’s not there the soul is somewhere else and it is coming back

2:00but that particular body was designed created

2:06for here

2:12so what do you think about this being that’s been prophesized he would return it’s

2:19been prophesied forever and all the indigenous people that the Giants would return

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2:39and now here is Dr Michael Salah

2:46welcome to excel politics today I’m joined by three very special guests this

2:52is at the end of the galactic spiritual informers conference and I’m joined by

2:57JP Elena dunan and Alex Collier and we’re going to be talking about

3:02something that was announced at the conference and some ceremonies activation ceremonies that happen at the

3:08conference that concerned this giant that JP

3:14saw in an underground location in Florida and he conducted two missions

3:20there and during the second mission he says the ant people denied his team

3:25access because there was some missing seeds and so he wasn’t able to see the

3:31Giants so JP maybe we can just start with you just going over

3:37that part of the second mission where you meet the ant people at the entrance

3:43to this Cavern and they say they’re upset about something and what do they

3:48have to say about the Giant first of all black beater doc Elena Alex

3:55beautiful beautiful amazing conference amazing conference

4:00and it’s a mission that we had

4:05when we went to the cave system to meet up with the people

4:13and as you said in the last interview that we had

4:18they were really pissed off with

4:23us giving the seats or taking the seed somewhere else

4:29because the seeds were supposed to be here in the United States

4:35and now the seeds are not here and the things that they have given us

4:42and the location I actually know about the location

4:47we’re talking about this earlier we know that Europe has a new king

4:56and that’s where these things went

5:04okay I’m guessing when the king acts for something he gets what he wants

5:09interesting so the British crown the new king somehow had that kind of influence

5:15or authority to be able to have those seeds transported from the US because you know

5:22being a king is a generational thing and goes back the bloodline goes back a long time

5:31and they know about these things they know about this

5:37what they have what the inner earth population have and

5:43the ant people have and they know about this sleeping Giants

5:49sleeping gangs that are asleep because in

5:55in their eyes be sleeping Giants or Kings

6:02they were like kings so it’s understandable that another king

6:08would have want something that comes from a sleeping King

6:13that is not awake yet very interesting kind of divine right of kings somehow

6:20translates into human Kings having some kind of Rights

6:25over sleeping Giants that were Kings as well

6:30yes so your mission was to find out the identity of this giant so how how far

6:38did you get in terms of asking the ant people about him his identity

6:43well I did not clearly get that information and people

6:50they told me that he was really important maybe you can show

6:55the picture that I drew maybe Alana could explain

7:01what she felt who was This Magnificent King

7:06at the end people was protected yeah thank you for that picture I’ll we’ll put it into the into the video

7:13that shows this sleeping King so you were told by the ant people that

7:19it was very important and that they were protecting him and stasis

7:25the reason we couldn’t go back after we took the seats okay

7:31so that was what you found out in the first mission like in the second mission that you you said that you were supposed

7:37to find out who he was but you didn’t even get that far because they were so upset about the sea they put us in this

7:44room that had like a marble seat we sat in that room and I remember me telling you that these orbs they were coming in

7:51and reading us and and feeling what we were feeling

7:56and there were they knew who was genuine who was

8:03trustworthy and who had a lot of love so these orbs were coming in and out

8:09from that room that they had us in and where it was doing the negotiation it wasn’t letting nobody in

8:16so the negotiators didn’t have the right Vibe and so the amp people just said go away

8:25okay all right so so that mission didn’t succeed in finding out anything more

8:30about the about that sleeping giant so then now we move forward to a

8:37conversation I had with Elena danand while we were in Tennessee and I think

8:43we were visiting a cave Atlanta wasn’t it and uh yeah one of the I think it might have been the lost city cave there

8:50in in Tennessee in East Tennessee and you had a communication with forehand so

8:56tell us what happened yes we were having this conversation about this mysterious Sleeping Giant and

9:05somewhere under Florida we didn’t and I received a communication from

9:12torahan which happens randomly I never

9:18so I I told you I was in contact with Pokemon you just made connection via my

9:24my implant device and I offered you to ask him questions so you asked him uh what does he know

9:34about this giant sleeping giant who are talking about and you asked him so first he told you

9:41that he was one of Anki scientists

9:48when Anki left he and he left some scientists on Earth to take care of

9:54humanity and to make sure that certain knowledge would be hidden in sacred places that I think we can safely go

10:01these places the halls of recall words this person this specific scientist

10:11was coming from Atlantis he was in Atlantis and he went to the Americas

10:18North and South to he to hide there uh

10:24knowledge technology something and Foreman said that

10:31and uh you asked could tell us the name of this scientists so I

10:39asked thoran to repeat a few times because I had difficulty to hear I wanted I want to share and I told you I

10:46heard something like ninja something like this

10:52I wasn’t sure and um well

10:58once whom I checked on internet and I told you oh my God

11:05there is actually a there was an Anunnaki named ningish zida

11:14who was a scientist and his name means the the god of the good tree or the tree

11:22of life and in ninja you have also the word Vine and when I heard red vine I

11:31I heard that already and I remember that one in one of your

11:36latest interviews with JP JP mentioned fine something related related to this

11:44tree these sleeping Giants somewhere underground Florida he is beside the

11:50tree a tree of life a tree that gives life and that that drips and water that

11:56is uh giving Youth and regenerating DNA and JP described a

12:06well that the roots were like Vine so everything was like oh my God

12:15amazing so one of the things slow hand said was that this sleeping giant was

12:22one of four remaining Anunnaki scientists that had gone into stasis after the great flood and after Inky

12:30left and and I think we asked forehand well why didn’t I leave with enki and

12:37explain what the forehan said to that Thorin said that the SE scientist

12:43left to make to help Humanity to take to look after Humanity because Anki has had

12:51lost the conflict the battle with his half-brother and Lee I mean enki was a scientist and all his

12:58friends his colleagues were scientists as well they were not warships that were were Chiefs and they were not military

13:04so they couldn’t fight and Lee who was the chief of armies and had all the armies with him so these scientists

13:12State decide to stay on Earth to look after the people and try to help them but also

13:19take care of preserving this ancient knowledge and Technology to some secret

13:24places and they put themselves in stasis waiting the moment hoping for hoping for

13:33is and hoping for the moment when Humanity would evolve and raise in frequency and kicked

13:41out the the regressives and Anki could come back and when Anki would be able to

13:46come back when the faction of family would be defeated and enki so then would

13:51be able to come back so then these sleeping scientists would be able to

13:57reconnect to their soul and wake up and bring this knowledge to the world

14:03help bring this knowledge to the world okay so this is a time when these

14:09sleeping scientists would be awakened and they would bring back all of this

14:14ancient knowledge yes

14:22and Alex now yes with these Giants or these

14:28anomaki that were left behind that was genetics said when you were given

14:34information from the from the andromedans about the animal Market did you hear about then having left behind some of their

14:42scientists in stasis so well what do you know about these animal geneticists that were working with enki and of course the

14:50the power struggle between enki and enlil that led to this kind of departure

14:55and some stain and some leaning well they were specific about him being on on the Earth but they did say that they were in our

15:02solar system and there were several moons and craft that were left behind now there is a very large Minecraft in

15:11the a-ring of Saturn it is maintained by

15:17automatons and apparently the original crew is in stasis there

15:23and I do not know if that’s some of the scientists but I was told there were at least seven

15:29on board that ship now this this goes back quite quite a few years um

15:34but you cannot go near it you can’t go anywhere near the craft because it has a defense system in the auto the

15:41automatons will protect it as well and what I mean by automatons are like uh

15:47uh human robots Okay but they’re made of

15:52a polymer so they move very well they have uh

15:58agility and athletic skills they’re the ones who do the maintenance

16:04make sure everything’s still running etc etc now the only reason to leave it there is that at some point they expect

16:10to turn it on and wake up the crew that would be the only reason to leave

16:15it here just as it would be for them going into stasis here on the ground

16:21somewhere on the earth it’s because they expect at some point to be awakened or

16:26to awaken themselves there’s no other reason to stay here you know they had if that wasn’t true

16:33they wouldn’t it wouldn’t be here they would have gone well one of the things full hand said

16:40Helena that kind of takes us to something that happened at this conference that was very meaningful was

16:47uh forehand said that this Anunnaki scientist

16:52was not only in the Americas as Quezon veracocha cuckoo Khan so

16:58yes we were having this q a in the with Toran um and you asked him

17:06was he also named viracocha and Turan said yes okay

17:13and uh I mean it’s the same so that was very

17:20impressive to find out after yeah there’s another possibility maybe

17:27the reason they stayed here is because when Inky left uh prematurely and Leo would not allow

17:34them to go on his ship and leave with the rest of the young in other words they were intentionally

17:40left behind by and left because they worked for his brother and

17:46if they’re geneticists as well then they would have helped him so he would have

17:53Exempted their presence especially after the Fallout between

17:58it makes sense yeah it doesn’t make sense so they had to go into crisis that was the only way they could stay

18:04foreign people protecting the temple

18:10and protecting it was like really sacred um like it protected him and waited for

18:17him to wake up okay and you know that um inside the Box

18:24like you said it could be thousands of years but for him to be two days or three days that passes by

18:33and I know that um so so he might be or already something

18:41happened that is really interesting yeah well let’s get to that let’s talk about that

18:47that kind of something happened at this event and kind of like just to give

18:53people an idea was that I when we were doing one of the pre-conference panel

19:00discussions with Danny she had a number of speakers there one was uh and I asked him well uh there’s a phrase

19:09that JP heard repeated when the Aztec Indians from Mexico went into the

19:17Atlantic spacer that they were singing and dancing and we didn’t know what it meant but

19:24when I interviewed when we were doing this interview for this conference

19:29that’s just finished uh this this

19:35I asked him what does mean and he said that it means the

19:42heaven for the heaven a portal from the Heavens to the Earth

19:47and so what what was it that um we did with

19:54katsusha at the conference that you found interesting in terms of activating this giant

20:01I we are for something beautiful of a type of activation

20:11I know I learned how to download in that particular moment when everybody like almost 1 200 people

20:19were saying Hakuna mate at the same time open up opening up a portal of some sort

20:25to to a location or to replace to activate something

20:33and hearing how he was doing it on stage

20:40it was the same way the little Mexicans were doing it

20:45going into the ark the Aztec epic Redskins Indians

20:52they were Shake and cool yeah

21:00and they were they were like this dancing dancing into the ark and it was

21:07hilarious because we were like holy look at the Chinese they’re going really slow look at them they’re going inside

21:13so they the Chinese were pissed off because they could not go inside

21:18but now it’s understandable that in order to enter a portal or to enter

21:26around you also need to be with it say it

21:35you need to say it to to activate it if you’re not saying I’m sorry you’re

21:41not gonna go nowhere so there’s certain I don’t know if I can say spells or

21:47certain kind of words I don’t know maybe you’ll let her know

21:52more about the spiritual part of this but we don’t give a we’re just there to do our job you know we get

21:57signed with we’re sent to do a mission yeah

22:03we do our mission but that’s what I saw and that’s what I felt and it’s the same thing it’s kind of the

22:10same thing when I fell in the arc it was it was amazing yeah that is amazing

22:16so that’s very interesting that this Mexican Aztec Shaman was dancing and

22:23singing exactly like you saw on the art so Elena you you have

22:30an experience you know you saw something or I guess you had a communication when that ceremony was happening you

22:38know with 900 people and so tell us what happened well

22:43um first as a as a as a druidess my eyes I drew it myself I have I discuss

22:49similarity in the way the practice opening portal rituals with the

22:56demians I had this discussion later on with uh so I was quite receptive to what he was

23:03doing and I was conscious he was opening a portal and when I heard the words I I

23:10thought about JP you know what he said and I oh my God kids actually is really

23:15opening a portal and they were near to 1 000 people in this room

23:22repeating all together

23:27we were all that and we raise our hands to the sky and it was absolutely

23:33powerful and something happened I could feel the ground vibrating and we are in

23:38Florida as we’re speaking today and that is around somewhere in Florida that is

23:46out here but somewhere else that that giant is uh close enough yeah it’s close enough no

23:54concealer so I was feeling these things and my my implant went pee

23:59yeah good moment and he showed me he showed me images

24:04actually keep Vision side powerful Vision as if I

24:10was I was like if I my Consciousness was transported there

24:15and I saw this from the track to the bottom of the head

24:21elongated skull white person big cheek pie cheekbones

24:28straight nose a beard that was uh put around his his neck it was so long and

24:37the his top of the clothes that was glittering glittery white or gray glittery

24:45and there was some the sound of I was kutia kedasha say

24:51and everybody else and this sound connected

24:57the body to something that was kind of a light to his soul in fact there was a

25:02soul the connection was made with so and he was coming down

25:08and what I was shown is that what is going to happen soon it is in

25:14the process the giant opened his eyes

25:21like aquamarine and vision vanished so and then we had a conversation later

25:29on all together with cancer Xiao and he said

25:36something has activated the giantism no no

25:43is coming back he’s coming back and it is in the process

25:50bottle is coming is coming back

25:57at all so like if we go like a scientists

26:04beware if that box is really controlled by time maybe a blink of an eye could be months

26:11in our time so his eyes are probably still open

26:17and close it and open and probably

26:23trying to try to wake up so this time runs different there so

26:29this can happen anytime about him waking up so we feel

26:34so there’s another idea a body it’s the Avatar body

26:42it was designed to live on Earth exist on Earth

26:49but the soul isn’t in the body all right the soul somewhere else

26:56and I have a feeling and I feel pretty strongly about this

27:01that enki has already made arrangements for boots on the ground to go and retrieve the seeds and we turn

27:08them to where they’re supposed to be you know and what I mean by boots

27:14on the ground other extraterrestrials who understand the significance of it

27:21but the body itself is an avatar the Soul’s not there the soul is somewhere else and it is coming back

27:27that that particular body was designed created

27:32for here so yeah

27:38so what do you think about this being physical it’s been prophesized he would return

27:44it’s been prophesied forever and all the indigenous people that the Giants would return

27:53very very long time believe you’ve never Edgar Casey said he said it but the Giants would return

27:58her would wake up yep one of the things we kind of like

28:03covered in the in the conference was the idea of the alchemical practices coming

28:10back and these Giants and particularly ningishida I mean he was the god of the

28:18of the good tree and of the vines and he was an alchemist and we know enki’s in

28:23Alchemist so what do you think that means for for the person I think they’re going to

28:28reteach us the ancient metal holistic medicines the Earth medicines

28:33that which the indigenous people practice for thousands of years but then

28:39most a lot of that’s been lost because they were they were trying to kill them all off

28:45if they’re going to read they’re going to come back and teach us the old ways

28:50you know medicine from the Earth you know I mean they’re the ones who taught us

28:56that stuff in the first place and that could explain that these seas are probably extinct Instinct seeds that

29:02we used to have on Earth side of earth right it could be medicinal plants for what we know so

29:10maybe that’s why the king wants it or it makes a lot of sense in terms is in a

29:16lot of trouble anyway so we would be leverage he could leverage the fact that he has them to try to cut a deal

29:25I mean deep State operates like that all the time well Michael you you mentioned in one of

29:33your videos the Fountain of Youth that was sought after in Florida by ancient

29:38explorers yeah well Ponce de Leon is

29:43known to have searched for the Fountain of Youth and

29:49was created because there was some knowledge that there wasn’t a tree somewhere that did something or well the

29:57Fountain of Youth of mythical tree of life and it seems that he had heard

30:02about it and that the Indian traditions at the time talked about this maybe now it doesn’t but

30:08we know now that they still want JP saw that that tree of life that tree was

30:15amazing let me tell you that tree has straws that

30:20feeds from the river and then it comes back and the sap is so red

30:26it’s similar to that those trees from Madagascar and when you cut them it bleeds

30:36now that’s interesting now it said there were four Giants

30:42okay so let’s look at the indigenous people of South America

30:48what other cultures are that old and did similar type of healing the Indian

30:55the Indians of India ayurvedic medicine okay we know that

31:01the ancient gods all practice that and they were all the same they were very I

31:08think in many ways they were the exact same people but they had different names because of the different languages of

31:14the cultures but the medicine is similar very similar so it may be that another

31:20one of the Giants is in stasis somewhere in India

31:25with seeds and then what would be the other would be China

31:30could be one of those pyramids that they won’t let anybody near okay with seeds

31:36and um you know then we’re looking at either the United States

31:43or Indonesia where they practice the same kind of medicine

31:49you know they would they would scatter them around to make sure that they would all

31:56survive they would never put them in all one place so what do you think is going to happen

32:02now that this giant has been activated and whether he’s scheduled culture

32:12what do you think is going to happen now who’s on the ground just like Alex said

32:17you think that would be an intervention here but some of the Anki faction yeah sure well

32:28it would make sense that Nikki wouldn’t want to come down here because it would cause a massive Rift within the family

32:35okay but that doesn’t mean he couldn’t ask for a favor from other extraterrestrials that are here working

32:41with the alliance here’s what you need to do here’s how you do it you know they’ve done it and things like that and

32:47they’re here to help us anyway could be that they would be there when the giant gets a bottle wakes up

32:54they would be there you know and say hey here’s Who We Are

33:01we understand what you’re doing we need to move you from here take you someplace

33:07where you’d be safe and the first thing the Giant’s going to do is wear the seeds

33:14so are the ants messing up huh okay all right because he went to sleep with them

33:20wow and he’s going to want to know where they are so I think there was a deal in between King Charles and the

33:30Freemasons yeah I was thinking about that probably yeah probably Charles needs leverage in order

33:37to protect his family and himself I mean he’s he is who he is you know

33:45but you know that’s how they operate they’ve always operated that way leverage could be children could be

33:51blackmail this is all they’ve done you know for a thousand years they’ve done this ground

33:58so when Inky lift in little took his scientists or took

34:04his people with him and they left Earth and they left behind a few people to

34:09manage things and I think one of them was uh in Little Sun Minto so and I believe he’s still around or

34:19yeah he’s in India I wouldn’t bet anything he’s in India I’ve been told it’s still wrong

34:26and yeah we got also Brazil Brazil’s right now going through a situation right now political

34:33yeah all right Brazil um that’s going to win right now so

34:38something’s going on over there you know interesting that’s a better choice than Indonesia

34:43Brazil the rain forest it looks kind of Arc over there in the

34:49middle of Brazil what I think happened was he left because it was a shitstorm and I guess enki assumed that the rest

34:56were going to be lifted off you know and that’s not what happened at all

35:02you know and Lil being and Lil pitched a and just said you’re on your own

35:10so the only thing they could do was go into stasis because

35:16the humans they were probably concerned that humans would help them

35:25because that’s what they were doing to the Nephilim they were hunting Nephilim because they were cannibals

35:33I think that was happening the situation out or you know we’re dropping mothers

35:39of all bombs in Afghanistan and I woke up that that other giant yeah

35:44yep and he cover

36:01for them seeking moabites in uh Afghanistan and more bikes means

36:08yes yeah the Giants so so

36:14this this I think we covered this or you mentioned this in the communication with

36:20uh beforehand that this the son of Enloe was left behind and he’s kind of

36:27operating behind the scenes in his full body yes what that means I was surprised to hear

36:34from foreign that is not under a human form but in his illunaki body in another

36:39body of his because you know they can they survive that long because they can swap bodies

36:46clothes of themselves he’s awake and he’s operating behind the

36:52scene actually at the deep root

37:00and he’s been still here as in what the states or is in Europe on

37:08the planet just on the planet on the planet I wasn’t there to wear on the planet is on the planet physically

37:15hiding and hunted that’s leverage he’d be leverage so it’s

37:23interesting so like I mean ninerta was the son of Enloe and malbook

37:30was the son of enki and and both of them kind of competed I think so dominance it was a family thing

37:37yeah so so so to what extent is this Family Feud just gonna

37:42re-emerge I mean what book is Zachariah stitching he talks about this

37:49one two three and four okay well I’m sorry

37:58what is the the Indian book of

38:05that’s it the the very same story in that book that sitchin writes about

38:12but the names are different of the players because they spoke a different language

38:18you know they were it was to Miller Sanskrit

38:23es of the two brothers is a common find it in most all the cultures zoo San

38:32Jose was Aiden yes and sorry Loki you know

38:37um so many cultures Osiris and Seth everywhere everybody that they must have done so

38:45much havoc on Earth everybody well I don’t think just here yeah I mean that argument would have carried on wherever

38:51they went so what do you think lies ahead now I mean with the Awakening of this giant in

38:59Florida being told that the Deep state is on the is on the Run

39:05they’re about to collapse so do you think this Herald’s a really good good thing and what do we make of this kind

39:11of remaining son of Inlet operating behind the Shadows see a kind of spanner

39:17in the world they’re going to find him so what do you think will happen we’re gonna find him

39:23probably because you know the Deep state is losing power yeah they’re Relentless

39:30they won’t start [Music] but as far as I know coming here and

39:35playing games there’s too many witnesses there’s way too many Witness

39:42all these other star Nations here he’s not going to do it in front of that no way

39:48no way he’s gonna have to capitulate you know it may resume at some other

39:53point but it won’t resume me or you know between

39:59so I want to shift Keys unless anyone has anything else to say about this to Satin because uh

40:05there was something um JP reminded me about that I forgot

40:10which was that there was some stories about and out of that there was a moon that

40:16crashed into set that was covered in the mainstream media and you you had told me

40:21that you had done a mission to Saturn but couldn’t tell me anything more about it

40:27and then we went we went to the vicinity of Saturn but this Mission I can’t say

40:33nothing about it now something connected to Earth

40:39but I know that this Moon everybody was tracking um nobody knew I know it had something

40:46um negative on it nobody knows

40:52what it was the way it went into Saturn we could probably share that later on

40:59but now it’s not because a lot of people a lot of people went down

41:06okay very curious to know that it did it enter somewhere close to the North Pole

41:13of Saturn okay now that’s the reason Saturn got

41:18tilted because you know when they turn on CERN

41:23the portal they have it aimed at the North Pole of Saturn

41:29that’s where they’re trying to open up the portal is at the North Pole The Accidental opening the top of Santa

41:35That’s Where It’s aimed at they’ve done that since day one it’s almost as if they’re trying to open

41:41it to get something or release something that’s inside

41:47now you actually had some information as well about setting about what was on

41:53step set and what might have been destroyed or what this story of moon crushing into setting might have been a

41:59cover of well I just asked the question you know maybe it wasn’t a moon

42:05it may have looked like a moon but you know a lot of the moons in a large very large asteroids in our solar system

42:11are ancient craft yeah and they’re everywhere

42:18so was it a rescue mission were they trying to open the portal themselves

42:25I mean it’s very difficult to say but you know when you look at that and where it crashed and you look at the idea that

42:31CERN is clearly pointed which they’ve even said their notes the

42:39the notes that were between scientists moving around they were trying to

42:44when they turn on CERN it is pointed at the North Pole of Saturn that’s been known for years

42:51that can’t be a coincidence I know uh David Ike was always talking about the

42:58the moon set and Earth connection that that was somehow part of the control so

43:04wondering if you know whatever it was that question the Saturn was a whitehead initiative both Alliance maybe JP’s

43:11Mission maybe it’s an AI system maybe it’s an

43:17extension of the Orion AI system that’s there you know and maybe the Moon that they

43:23sent or craft was there to try to hit it and knock it knock it out

43:30so they wouldn’t there wouldn’t be this massive loss of life I mean there’s so many different

43:36possibilities you know yeah I

43:45when I used to I’ve been a few times on a ship

43:51always Saturn was to be avoided and he was always saying this is not territory

43:56of the Galaxy Federation we cannot approach and he no it was really a

44:02secret I could never know what was there and I was respecting this until last

44:08year where all these

44:17all these and the reptilians from the star system so then they could tell me a bit more

44:23than you know there was this machine on our moon the Earth Moon that was

44:28broadcasting a certain type of frequencies to lock the front

44:34of the frequent Earth and this this machine that was on the moon I was told

44:39during the year 2021 I think it was February maybe I’m not sure it was taken

44:47back by the Earth Alliance and the Federation militarily the moon was liberated and this machine which was an

44:53Orion gray technology was taken and dismantled and then at that moment I was

45:01told that this machine was relaying a signal coming from Saturn

45:09and um so and a little bit after

45:14[Music] I was told that there was a Black Cube

45:19on on somewhere either on Saturn or one of the moons then I learned that it was

45:25on one of the moons uh this Black Cube was Orion gray technology that was an

45:33emitter that was sending something very bad and dark to the Earth Moon and that

45:38was bouncing into Earth and I had this I was given this Vision that Saturn the

45:43planet Saturn was the was the thing that was enhancing the

45:49signal and giving it power and I was giving this vision of Saturn covered

45:55like a dark black web or all around it like if the whole planet Saturn was like

46:01yes like like spider web like you know black you know you know what’s so funny that when I was talking with Doc I was

46:09telling him the same thing oh and you confirmed it

46:15during your mission during your second mission so you saw some of this

46:21oh well they said something also about enki

46:26thank you yes so uh yes so these Orion gray technology

46:32was on Center and it’s one told me that the Orion Grays had

46:40agreements with any less faction and the moon was Anil territory a little

46:49faction and unlucky territory and since and Lil has lost power and the

46:55star system has been enki said neutralized I don’t know

47:00I don’t understand key is back in in a big spheric

47:07spherical ship that they call Nibiru in the vicinity of Saturn

47:13between Saturn and Jupiter but closer to the rings of Saturn because it’s still

47:18Anunnaki territory but now it’s not under the rulership of enki gone

47:28it’s not under the rulership of enlil but it’s still Anunnaki Zone

47:34so and he can come and stay there with his ship

47:46you know the Muslims say that they’re God

47:51is um supposed to come out of the Black Cube and Mecca

47:56oh God wow it’s always been the story

48:02that it would open up God would step out could that be envelope’s son

48:10could he be in the Black Cube and um or something

48:16well that’s that’s that’s yeah it’s a bomb right there so

48:22ninota the son of

48:27the son of envelope it could be in that Cube wow

48:33and they protect that right there’s like oh my God that’s like you know

48:42you know that Emily played Allah how sorry we’re gonna make enemies here but he played Jehovah

48:49and Lead play Jehovah played I like played every time that he played orphan a God that would cause Division and Wars

48:57well suppose suppose the sun was played childhood

49:05because it was the sun okay

49:10interesting times ahead so well that makes a lot of sense oh wow should we

49:16wrapping up any kind of final comments before we finish doing should we say optimistic or is

49:24this just kind of like yeah everything’s optimistic I mean you know all these things have to play out in Revelations

49:29or are good I’m sure we got I got more missions coming up you know it’s not like

49:35is in the fan over there where I’m at right now they’re calling everybody back right you know so I don’t know if

49:42I’m over here and something’s happening over there that is really important yeah

49:47that’s what I feel right now well the Russians the Russians are saying that they have

49:53uh they have Satellite photographs that a nuke an undetonated nuke

50:01um is somewhere in Ukraine of course that would be the teacher

50:08you know with fans or butts about it but then again that could all be a distraction for something else that’s

50:14going on because they’re very very good at that well at least one big takeaway is that

50:20now we know the name of the giant under that cabin in Florida that he’s Awakening he’s he’s the god of the

50:29good tree of alchemy of the vines and and this information is destined to come

50:35out again and at the very least those that practice the alchemical Arts they’re going to be really kind of

50:41supportive I think and let me tell you something this this Moon hitting Saturn really put a solar

50:48system out of whack you know affecting Cyrus series

50:55affecting the Astro belt the reason NASA is sending these ships

51:01crashing into asteroids and um there’s a lot of things coming our way

51:11um you know that isn’t going to help anything they they have plenty of ships

51:16up there that could just blow these asteroids up you know or just bump them and move them

51:22into another Direction send them in the opposite direction so I personally I

51:27think that’s just a fear tactic I think NASA is next to useless they always have been

51:34um but there’s just too many other [Music] there are too many other assets here

51:42and I think if something were to happen with Saturn and it would open up

51:49it is my belief that you guys would be acting as support

51:54as opposed to being at the front of the line because this is over your head you have no experience dealing with this but

52:01the other races the boots on the ground they have you know all about the Anunnaki and how they operate

52:09so and as far as Mecca and the in the other places where the

52:15other Giants might must be I’m sure they know I’m sure they know who they are

52:21you know and if I were empty I would make a deal to make sure that the seeds

52:26get back and he’s only going to trust boots on the ground

52:34because they could probably walk in and negotiate with the ant people where we’re not going to have that much luck

52:40not now no you know that trust has been broken so it would have to be someone

52:46new well thank you Alex and Elena and JP

52:54really really amazing information and yeah hopefully find out more soon so thank

53:01you thank you doc thank you thank you Alex you

53:07have been listening to exopolitics today with Dr Michael Salah please remember to

53:13like share and subscribe to this channel join or start a conversation in the

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53:32thank you


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