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Brad Olsen has researched the topic of giants in his books and extensive travels around the world, searching for out-of-place artifacts (OOPARTS). He has learned that while the discovery of…

This newly released video feature highlights from the “Enki’s Return Adamic DNA, the Tree of Life & Awakening Giants” webinar recorded on December 3 with a 2.5 hour presentation by Dr. Michael…


In a roundtable discussion recorded after the conclusion of the Galactic Spiritual Informers Connection on October 23, 2022, Alex Collier, Elena Danaan, JP and Dr. Michael Salla go over recent developments involving a sleeping giant in Florida, missing seeds from a Tree of Life, return of Quetzacoatl, and a moon crashing into Saturn. JP reveals that the missing seeds were taken to England on orders of the new British sovereign, King Charles III.

The roundtable then discussed the connection between the sleeping giant and legendary figures such as Quetzacoatl, Viracocha and Kukulcan who were predicted to return one day. Elena presented information that the sleeping giant was awakening as a result of an activation ceremony held at the conference that was led by Quetza Shah, an indigenous Aztec/Mayan shaman.

Another topic of discussion was recent news that a moon had crashed into Saturn. JP, Elena and Alex all discussed what they knew about secret operations around the vicinity of Saturn, and the connection to the return of Enki. To read about JP’s first visit to the underground location where he was given seeds from a Tree of Life, visit:…

Recovering Stolen seeds from a Tree of Life and activation of a sleeping giant in Iraq

Michael Salla

47K views2 months ago

On the evening of November 1, my US Army source JP told me about another giant in a stasis chamber that had been discovered in Iraq who was a king in ancient times. He explained that there…7:17NOW PLAYING

Enki and the Awakening Anunnaki God-King Scientists

Michael Salla

39K views1 month agoThis is the trailer for the upcoming Dec 3, 2022 Webinar titled: Enki’s Return, Adamic DNA, the Tree of Life & Awakening Giants. Trailer discusses what is known about ancient genetic experiments…

This newly released video features highlights from the “Enki’s Return Adamic DNA, the Tree of Life & Awakening Giants” webinar recorded on December 3 with a 2.5 hour presentation by Dr. Michael Salla, and a 2 hour panel discussion & audience Q & A with Alex Collier, Elena Danaan & Dr Salla. For a description of the webinar contents, visit…





0:09the adamic DNA the tree of life and

0:12Awakening Giants that’s the topic for


0:15we also have the legendary Alex Collier

0:20and Elena denan who both have done

0:25incredible work in making available to


0:30this incredible information about the

0:34return of the yamunaki

0:36at least one of those factions that are

0:39associated with enki

0:42now this is something that I’ve long

0:45been familiar with in doing my

0:47exopolitics research that the Anunnaki


0:52these beings that were associated with

0:56the the foundation of humanity and I

0:58thought it was just a historical

1:01issue and so I was really shocked when

1:05people started to talk about the return

1:08of enki and that

1:11there were beings associated with enki’s


1:16that were on Earth so the more I looked

1:20at that body of information the clearer

1:23it became that this was something that

1:25was very important for us to understand

1:28and and this is one of the things that

1:30I’m very happy about doing this

1:33exopolitics work

1:35is because

1:37the information I’m getting is topical

1:40it’s things that are happening right now

1:44that help explain the background of

1:48events happening around the world now

1:50anyone that follows geopolitics and I’m

1:52sure many of you do follow geopolitics

1:55as I do it’s very easy to be kind of

1:59loved into this false sense of security

2:01about what is going on by the mainstream

2:04news coverage

2:05because beneath that there is a much

2:08deeper layer of what’s going on and of

2:11course UFO research deals with a lot of

2:14historical cases you are both signing so

2:17exopolitics is something that we really

2:19need to understand in terms of working

2:24out the big picture of what is really

2:26happening behind the scenes the

2:28anonymous is the oldest Sumerian text

2:32and it’s so the oldest historical text

2:36that has been found

2:38so what it discusses is the creation of

2:41gods and it it talks about these

2:45foundational Gods the ones that came out

2:48of the primordial void apsu and Tiamat

2:52who then created Anu who is presently

2:56the the king or was regarded then as the

3:00king of the Gods

3:04and then there were lesser Gods created

3:07these are called the EG

3:11and finally Humanity so Humanity’s at

3:14the bottom of the pyramid

3:16and the anuma Elish was

3:19transcribed around 1900 BC but the

3:24original version came from Suma around

3:273800 BC

3:30so now we come to the creation of


3:35humans were creators as a slave race

3:39so in the anoma at least the sixth

3:41tablet it describes the process I will

3:44create a creature named Nan he will do

3:47all the work of the Gods so that the

3:50gods may be free

3:52the sixth tablet tells us how that was

3:55done so the sixth tablets tells us that

3:58then they Bound kingu in change so there

4:01was a war between the Gods

4:03and Kenya was a leader of the losing

4:05faction and he was brought before ear

4:09or enki and enki was part of the

4:12Victorious faction associated with Anu

4:15and Enloe

4:16so the throat of king or was cut and

4:19from his blood Man was created in order

4:21to serve the gods so so the enormous

4:23according to the enormous

4:25Humanity was created out of the blood of

4:28kingu one of the

4:31God’s associated with the primordial

4:33God’s Absol and Tiamat

4:37now there’s another text another

4:38historical text which gives us much more

4:41information and that is the atrahasis

4:44the atrahasis discusses the creation of


4:48so it says that Eden was a genetic


4:53now there’s a question that we need to

4:56kind of like address here which is well

4:58you know how seriously should we accept

5:00the Anunnaki version of events I mean

5:03what’s described in the Sumerian the

5:05Acadian the Babylonian text I mean how

5:08accurate is that is that just is that is

5:12that the victors of earlier conflicts

5:15describing what what happens that’s

5:16something we need to kind of keep in

5:18mind here

5:20there’s an alternative version of

5:23history and that we need to kind of like

5:24look at that which is that it wasn’t in

5:26any way so simple when the Anunnaki shop

5:29around 450 000 years ago

5:32what they encountered were primitive

5:34humans in terms of Lifestyle but the

5:37genetics of those humans carried the

5:40seeds on earlier extraterrestrial


5:43now according to radu’s cinema he says

5:46that there were two branches of Cree of

5:48the humanity that were created using a

5:50combination of extraterrestrial and

5:52primate DNA so by that Primark DNA we’re

5:56talking about

5:57uh very primitive humans

6:01so that would not necessarily have been

6:03the survivors of earlier civilizations

6:05so that’s something to keep in mind

6:07so Radu Cinema identified different

6:11symbols of in the DNA to differentiate

6:14between these two long-term human


6:19he describes a damaged man Adam was the

6:22first conscious human being belonging to

6:24the he calls of the enl branch which was

6:28crowd on Earth and had most of the

6:30characteristics of perfection so

6:32according to Rado Cinema

6:34you did you do have an atom being

6:37created and this was the most perfect

6:40blend of extraterrestrial and primitive


6:48and he says that this is part of this is


6:51something you can identify in the


6:54of modern day Humanity

6:57so that’s telling us that this second

7:00branch of humanity the E and K or the RH

7:04positive have very little if any

7:07extraterrestrial genetics at all so that

7:09kind of might give us an idea as to why

7:12today if you look around the world there

7:15are a lot of people that going to

7:17shutdown mode over the over the UFO over

7:20the Extraterrestrial question I’m sure

7:22many of you hear that are watching this

7:24you’ve all experienced

7:27friends family


7:31kind of like almost you know just going

7:33into this hyper-critical state when you

7:36start talking about all the evidence

7:37about UFOs and extraterrestrial life

7:39and you know why is that so unreasonable

7:42now for those of us that

7:45feel we have a connection to these

7:47extraterrestrials whether it’s through

7:49contact whether it’s through being a

7:51starseed or some other way yeah we feel

7:53very comfortable with the idea of

7:55extraterrestrial in fact we look forward

7:56to that we look forward to making

7:58contact and that becoming a bigger part

8:00of our lives but for those that don’t

8:02that don’t have the this

8:03extraterrestrial DNA it’s very fearful

8:07for them

8:09now we get this attempt to to kind of


8:14demigods or

8:17beings that would kind of like act as

8:19intermediary between these different


8:22so you you have an attempt to create a

8:26hybrid group of beings

8:28that would be able to be accepted by

8:32both sides of these two branches of


8:37so these demigods

8:41they were created and they were

8:45a bridge to the

8:49perfect humans and to the

8:52extraterrestrials and what distinguished

8:54the demigods was their ability to use

8:56Advanced Technologies

8:58so this is one of the things that marked

9:00them aside from ordinary humans is that

9:03They Carried the DNA or the genetics

9:06that would allow them to access

9:10and activate extraterrestrial


9:14we get the blueprint for the adamic DNA

9:16so the the lead Anunnaki scientist was

9:21uh Prince ear

9:24also known as enki so he created the

9:27original adamic DNA along with the

9:29different variations so there were many

9:31variations here

9:33so this was the work of enki and minusak

9:38she was and the Sumerian text is kind of

9:42different this she was either Inky’s

9:43sister or enki’s mother or even enki’s

9:47wife depending on what sauce you go to

9:50so this is where we get to the question

9:52of the Giants so the ETS and the

9:55Anunnaki create multiple Dynamic bodies

9:58for Earth conditions and as I said this

10:00makes perfect sense that the analakia

10:02extraterrestrials Earth is a hostile

10:04environment to them and their body is

10:06not suited to it and it would be much

10:08safer for them to create an avatar

10:12for Earth conditions

10:15and and just simply transfer their

10:18Consciousness to that Avatar and just

10:20use that avatar for as long as they need

10:22and when they’re done or if there’s an

10:24accident and that Avatar is killed no

10:27big problem they just transfer back to

10:29the Starship where their original body

10:32is held in a stasis chamber so I think

10:34that’s how the Anunnaki did it and that

10:37these bodies that that have been found

10:39all over the earth I mean here you have

10:42you know normal human six foot here you

10:45have a 15 foot giant that’s that was

10:49found in Turkey here’s an eight foot six

10:52giant that was Maximus frax one of the

10:55Roman emperors uh ten foot six that’s uh

10:59Goliath a 12 foot being that was uh I

11:03think that’s his father OG then then you

11:06go to this

11:0719.6 foot giant that was found 23 feet

11:1225.6 feet a 36 foot giant so so why

11:16would there have been these giant bodies


11:19why would the Anunnaki do this well I

11:22think the Anunnaki were a highly


11:30well now we begin the very exciting part

11:33of today’s program where we are going to

11:35be having a panel discussion where I get


11:40ask Alex Collier and Elena danan about

11:45some of the issues I’ve raised and

11:46anything that they have to add to this

11:49information firstly let me open up to

11:51Elena Lena is there anything you want to

11:54add to what I’ve said in this webinar I

11:57know a couple a lot of issues but maybe

12:00if there any is there anything that kind

12:02of like stuck out for you that you want

12:04to correct or you want to elaborate

12:08yes Michael

12:09um thank you for asking well yes I have

12:12taken some notes and there are some a

12:14few things I I can comment on and um you

12:19ask you ask about the Giants if when

12:21Janu Naki arrived uh the the Met Giants

12:25that were already there

12:26they didn’t find any Giants uh already

12:30there they manufactured them

12:33yes so

12:35um so uh there is uh I have a comment

12:39also on the tree of life and tree of

12:42knowledge to me there are three

12:44different kind of type of trees

12:47there is the tree uh such as what JP so

12:51which is a tree that he is able to give

12:54abundance and it’s it’s a tree uh that

12:57in a certain way gives

13:00um so many vitamins and products that it

13:04can extend life and it’s something quite

13:06next to magical that that would be this

13:09kind of tree of life then also medicine

13:12tree you know and then also you have the

13:15tree of life that is the DNA the uh that

13:20is uh the the double uh you know the

13:23double elixir of the DNA which is

13:27um it’s assimilated in Shamanism to the

13:32tree through where you through which you

13:34you travel you journey to a different

13:37Realms of Consciousness so that would be

13:41something you do using your your DNA and

13:45by activating it so that that would be

13:48the the tree of life that is the DNA

13:50that also you can manipulate Etc and

13:53then there’s the tree of knowledge the

13:56knowledge that is attained by activating

13:59the two coils the two Serpentine

14:02electrode energies which also called the


14:06within a human body within the spine and

14:10that is um it’s similar to the double

14:12coil of the DNA which is not the same

14:14thing it’s an energetic thing and that

14:17opens the the pineal gland and higher

14:21state of consciousness and I would be

14:24inclined to to believe that it’s more

14:27what it is about about Adam and Eve and

14:30the tree of life or of knowledge it may

14:32be either this Awakening of the

14:35Kundalini or either activation of DNA I

14:39don’t know which one it is but I would

14:40say this

14:43um Also regarding and key uh ER

14:48to answer a question I may read very


14:52excerpts of a discussion a conversation

14:54I had with him recently

14:57um that I I prepared

14:59um it’s I’m I’ll be quick so he showed


15:04um Iya showed me the Eden laboratory in

15:08the Nibiru ship and there were children

15:13hybrid children Anunnaki there that’s

15:16something I was keeping for your um you

15:19know your webinar

15:21um and he said this

15:23and this will answer as well for the the


15:27bearded giants on Earth

15:30these children yeah said carry great

15:33Souls from our people scientists

15:36engineers Builders Medics all this thing

15:39to be a gift to the people of Terror in

15:42compensation for damages perpetrated by

15:44my family on this planet this is nothing

15:46compared to the depth of my family

15:48towards the Earth people these avatars

15:51were engineered in this in this Eden as

15:55hybrids of Earth human and Anunnaki as

15:58you know physiology cannot thrive in

16:01Earth gravity atmosphere and

16:04magnetosphere so we always use hybrid

16:06avatars to transfer our Consciousness

16:09into either as a full Incarnation or

16:13either as a temporary transfer

16:16so I I um I asked him if the it was I

16:22mentioned the the the movie and soft

16:24disclosure movie Avatar and I explained

16:26how how it works in in this this fiction

16:29and so he said it’s basically the same


16:33and I ask is it the same for the Giants

16:35in stasis and he replied his

16:39legendary indeed

16:42and um and the last thing

16:45um he’s I want to mention about him

16:47before answering further questions is

16:50that um when I asked him once if he


16:54bothered because of people are trans

16:58credit him on Earth because he’s he’s

17:01done so much to uh to bring back a gift

17:06to repair the the wrongs that have been

17:09done by his family he was a victim

17:11himself he lost he lost the war he lost

17:13Humanity but he came back to to repair

17:16what had been done so he said he said

17:19something that I like to mention he said

17:21it doesn’t matter if they don’t trust me

17:25I don’t mind but what matters to me is

17:28that they trust in themselves

17:32and he added recently to the same

17:35question what would he change if I cared

17:39nothing you know they are blinded by

17:42their own demons let them think and say

17:45what they want it doesn’t change my work

17:47in the slightest ways I don’t hear them

17:50from there and that was a little note of


17:54I can’t finish soon that’s it I want to

17:57say that

18:00thank you Elena

18:01that really does help clarify some

18:05issues so I want to give Alex Collier

18:08the great Commander Collier or the

18:11galley cook whichever it is uh can you

18:13maybe share a little bit of your

18:15insights as to what you heard in the


18:18well I was just in the galley stir

18:20frying some andromedan pears


18:28that was a it was an excellent seminar

18:31and and once again it’s a very difficult

18:34subject to uh

18:40to condense you know because it’s it’s

18:44hundreds of thousands of years in the

18:46making if not Millions

18:49uh there’s nothing that I would correct

18:52there is something that I I did want to


18:56and and that is is that ladies and

18:58gentlemen before the Annunaki got here

19:01there were

19:03humans already here there was

19:05extraterrestrial genetics and stock

19:08already here


19:11the Anunnaki had no right to tamper with


19:16in fact it’s it’s really against

19:18Galactic law

19:21but m key was ordered to do it

19:24and by him turning around and saying

19:28okay I have the original

19:31here it is we’re giving it back to you

19:34that completes the circle

19:37and it repairs the damage

19:40now it doesn’t get back the time it

19:43doesn’t get back everything that

19:45Humanity has been through

19:48uh but it’s important to note that piece

19:53uh that is very very important


19:58we are the product of extraterrestrial

20:00DNA all of us

20:02and how can you be the product of

20:05extraterrestrial DNA and not want to at

20:08some point engage with the star families

20:12it doesn’t make any sense that you know

20:14okay well I’m comfortable with this but

20:17I’m not comfortable with that well you

20:19know they’re the ancestors of humanity

20:23many of them are

20:26so you know we have to embrace the

20:29future because this is the future


20:34and this is where we’re going this this

20:36was the mission this is what we were

20:38always intended to do the fact that

20:41there’s we have all been conditioned to

20:43be so paranoid

20:44and fearful is a um was a tool of the

20:49Dark of the dark side

20:53to hamper us to handcuff us

20:56into this position well you know we have


21:00you know the future is in front if we’re

21:03constantly looking in the rear view

21:05mirror we’re going to keep crashing

21:08so we have to let it go we have to let

21:10it go

21:11thank you all and aloha

21:14thank you take care everyone love to all




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