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A Furniture Seller Visited Venus In A Spaceship Of Venusians Who Looked like Humans (1961)

By Vicky Verma ~

Ralph Lael (Contactee)

On Mount Brown, which is located in North Carolina, strange lights have been seen for at least a couple of hundred years. When cameras appeared, these lights were sometimes photographed and filmed, but even then, it was unclear what it was: some surface electricity, lightning, or supernatural phenomena.

And after the incident with Ralph Lael, these lights began to be associated exclusively with the activities of aliens, believing that an alien base was hidden in the bowels of Mount Brown.

Until 1961, Ralph Lael had been an unremarkable seller of furniture from the town of Hickory, North Carolina. But one day, he heard tales of lights from Mount Brown and became interested to find out the truth.

Lael climbed the mountain several times before finally, one night, he came up against the lights in the shape of a ball, measuring 10 by 12 feet.

While Lael was looking at the levitating radiant ball, he felt something unusual, as if the ball waa scanning his body. Then, the ball flew further into the thickets of trees and stunned Lael was not afraid and followed it. Chasing the ball for some distance, Lael saw it going into a small cave, and in the cave itself, there was a large boulder against the wall, it split into two halves, letting the ball go further.

Brown Mountain Lights
Brown Mountain Lights

When these doors began to close, Lael managed to run forward and found himself in a strange labyrinth of shimmering crystal tunnels. The tunnels were carved into the rock with laser precision, and somewhere at the end of the tunnels, a yellow light flickered.

Lael walked through the tunnels and found himself at a source of yellow light. It was a massive room and from somewhere, he heard the voice “Do not be afraid of anything. There is no danger for you here.” From somewhere, a chair came into which Lael sat, and the voice told him about the planet Venus and that there was life on it and that it was from Venus that those who were now communicating with Lael arrived.

Besides, the voice told that humanity itself did not arise on Earth, but on a planet called Pewam. This planet was destroyed in a terrible nuclear disaster, but part of the population managed to escape. The voice warned that now, mankind on Earth has come to a critical point that could repeat the same mistake and that Venusians are now on Earth trying to prevent it.

And if their plan does not succeed, then they would destroy people to keep the Earth safe and sound.

After this, shocked Lael was ordered to leave the cave and remain silent about everything he heard there, and then on his next visit, he would be told even more information.

Lael did just that, and two weeks later he entered the cave again. He again heard the mysterious ethereal voice and offered this time to fly in their spaceship to Venus. The ship was at the same base in Mount Brown.

Lael immediately agreed, and the luminous ball as a guide led him to the place where the ship stood, after which Lael sat inside, and the ship flew into space with great speed. On Venus, Lael was met by aliens who looked like humans but seemed to be much more beautiful.

The Venusians crowded around him, and Lael noticed that they were all men. Then, Lael saw a woman nearby and she seemed to him the most beautiful creature that he had seen in his life. The woman looked at him intently and enchantingly as if hypnotizing him.

Then she took Lael into a small room where they made love. After that, Lael was shown different buildings, and they told him about the races living among the stars (there were a lot of them). But then, everything suddenly ended, Lael was again put on the ship and sent to Earth.

When Lael was leaving the cave with the guide ball, he suddenly saw a dried mummy of the small humanoid creature on the cave floor.

He asked the ball what it was but was only answered that a person can take this mummy with him to have proof of everything that happened.

The mummy was a little over a meter long and had a large head with a large grinning mouth. The creature’s arms were much longer than his legs. Lael grabbed the mummy in his arms and carried it out of the woods to his home.

Alien mummy
Alien mummy

Later, the pro-soldier was followed and urged not to believe his stories. After some time, Ralph Lael died under mysterious circumstances, and the remains of the alien mummy disappeared.

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