Anunnaki Enki Ninmah


From ANUNNAKI: LEGACY OF THE GODS by Zecharia Sitchin Students Sasha Alex Lessin, Ph.D. (Anthropology, UCLA) & Janet Kira Lessin (CEO, Aquarian Media)

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From his lab in Zimbabwe, Africa, Enki (Chief Scientist of the Anunnaki Goldmining Expedition from the Planet Nibiru to Earth), texted Enlil, the Expedition Commander in Iraq, “There are intelligent, locally adapted humans [Homo erectus] here.  They seem immune to illnesses that threaten us. They give us a key to successfully mining Earth’s gold in time to save Nibiru. These humans, tapped Enki, is in fashioning essence[genotype] is as we of Nibiru are.  It’s as though these people were placed here for our convenience, as a species with whose genes we can fortify ours and CLONE LOCAL WORKERS THAT WON’T BOTHER YOU LIKE OUR VOLUNTEER MINERS FROM NIBIRU.”

Erectus, moving about in small bands, reasoned, and easily freed animals from traps. They communicated telepathically rather than speaking.  Erectus folk displayed empathy and compassion for their fellows and other creatures—traits most of the Anunnaki lacked or overrode in their incessant competition for higher status and authority.   Erectus women, seemed, by some kind of psycho-kinesthetic concentration to free animals from  Enki’s traps.  Erectus people seemed capable of phasing in and out of sight. 

A few Erectus women let Enki take them back to his lab. They enthusiastically initiated sex with both Enki and his son Ningishzidda, but, contrary to Enki’s hopes, the Erectus women did become pregnant from their hook-ups.


The women intuited that Enki wanted OVA from them and they obliged him. They sensed that Enki wanted their eggs to create peaceful, cooperative Hybrids who would carry the Erectus traits of telepathy and empathy.

Enki and Ningishzidda donated sperm, Ninmah used their sperm to fertilize Erectus ova in laboratory vessels.  She successfully CREATED FERTILIZED ANUNNAKI/ERECTUS ZYGOTES which she IMPLANTED INTO THE WOMBS OF HER ERECTUS COLLOGUES.  Alas, babies the Erectus women thus carried were born blind, lacked hand dexterity or failed to function internally.

To beat these defects, Ninmah created the next zygote in a VESSEL OF COPPER AND AFRICAN CLAY instead of a test tube. Then, “in the clay vessel the admixture they made, the oval of an Earth female with Anunnaki male essence they put together.  Still no fetus developed.” 

Ninmah thought that Anunnaki female wombs rather an Erectus’ wombs, a test tubes or clay vessels might yield an Anunnaki-Erectus that could thrive.  Enki volunteered the womb of his wife Damkina. Ninmah refused to let her sister-wife Damkina risk an alien fetus of unknown gestation duration.  Instead, Ninmah told Enki to put a hybrid zygote into her, so she, not Damkina, bore the risk.


 Enki, Ninmah and Ningishzidda chanted incantations to awaken the spirit of a child, “in the clay vessel the admixture they made, the oval of an Earth female with Anunnaki male essence they put together. The fertilized egg into the womb of Ninmah by Enki was inserted. There was conception. Then, “To a male child Ninmah birth was giving.

“Enki the boy child held in his hands, the image of perfection was he. He slapped the newborn on his hindparts; the newborn uttered proper sounds. He handed the newborn to Ninmah. ‘My hands have made it!’ victoriously she shouted.”


Once Ninmah had Adamu, the prototype for the primitive worker, she messaged the Med Center at Shuruppak.  She said she needed seven doctors to volunteer their wombs for Adamu’s offspring. “‘His essence alone as a mold shall be!’”

Ninmah told these volunteers they’d have to breast-feed and bond with the kids they’d bare so the kids learned emotional responsiveness, language and intelligent thought. The doctors swore they’d love and support the babes they’d bare.

“In seven vessels of the clay of Abzu made, Ninmah ovals [zygotes which Ningishzidda’s and Enki’s sperm fertilized] of the two-legged females placed. The life essences of Adamu she extracted bit by bit in the vessels she it inserted. Then in the male part of Adamu an incision she made, a drop of blood to let out.

“’Let this a Sign of Life be; that Flesh and Soul have combined let it forever proclaim.’ She squeezed the malepart for blood, one drop in each vessel to the admixture she added.

‘In this clay’s admixture, Earthling with Anunnaki shall be bound. To a unity shall the two essences, one of Heaven, one of Earth, together be brought.’ In the wombs of the birth-giving heroines the fertilized ovals were inserted.”

Ninmah and Enki bound us “genetically to the end of days so both the flesh (“image”) and the soul (likeness) of the gods” imprinted us in “a kinship of blood that could never be severed. A blood and soul alliance instantiated by the Creator Gods—an alliance and binding in which the whole human race is included, flowing naturally and evolving of its own momentum. The DNA of the Creator Gods is in us, that of Enki, Ninmah and Ningishzidda—and that of their parents, Anu and Antu.  This alliance is one that, no matter what, can’t be broken.” 

Ninmah cut Adamu’s seven healthy boys from their wombs.



To create a female, Ningishzidda, who discovered the xx and xy chromosomal alleles that determined whether  zygote would become a boy or a girl, planted a zygote made with Adamu’s blood in Damkina; our ancestress, Ti-Amat, carried Damkina’s mitochondrial DNA.

The geneticists “realized the artificially inseminated ovum had to be inserted into the uterus of an Anunnaki, then carried, birthed, suckled and reared by her.

“When the zygote grew to a viable female fetus, Ninmah excised her from Damkina. Ninmah named the hybrid Ti-Amat (Mother of Life), “a sandy-blonde. The successful hybrid ova of Adamu and Ti-amat were carried and nursed by both Damkina and Ninmah. 

Both women reared and trained the infants.  Adamu and Ti-amat were in close contact with their Anunnaki ‘parents’, who taught them to speak and to relate emotionally, and to prod them to experience all the feats, the play, and the tasks a Nibiran kid learns.”  Adamu and Ti-Amat were “endowed with self-awareness.


Ningishizidda put ova from Ti-Amat into seven test-tubes. Then he planted the seven ova in the same doctors who’d borne the hybrid males. All the surrogate mothers carried female hybrids, which he removed surgically.

After the surrogate mothers bore TWENTY-SEVEN MORE PAIRS OF CLONES, Ningishzidda told the doctors he needed their wombs again. Ninmah objected, “For my heroines too burdensome is baring more Earthlings. Too few are the heroines to bare numbers enough to work mines.”

Enki brought Adamu and Ti-Amat to Edin, his place next to Enlil’s in Iraq. He left the seven female and the eight male hybrids made from Adamu’s and Ti-Amat’s gametes together in an enclosure at his Zimbawe lab. They copulated often, but the females didn’t conceive.

In the meantime, the miners again threatened mutiny if Enki and Ningishzidda didn’t bring slaves to relieve them.

Under pressure at the Med Center in Shuruppak (Iraq), Ningishzidda compared Nibiran genes and genes from Adamu and Ti-Amat. He found the genes for reproduction. Nibiran females had a recessive XY chromosomal allele in their genotype whereas Ti-Amat had only XX.  

Ningishzidda secretly made Adamu and Ti-Amat breedable.


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