Ninhursag Ninmah


By Janet Kira Lessin, an Avatar of Ninmah, Mother of Us Hybrid Earthlings with Editing and Additions by Sasha Alex Lessin, Ph. D.


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Ninmah sent fractals of the divine Anunnaki self into human forms (also called avatars) to keep civilizing humanity. She guides her fractals from her oversoul. She works behind the scenes in planet councils that plan our freedom, health, and safety.

I, Janet Kira Lessin, write this post on her, and I am one of Ninmah’s fractals.

Ninmah messages me telepathically. She and I stay connected. We share consciousness, thoughts, ideas, and Vulcan mind melds. She exists on a higher level of the spiritual continuum than I.



The Galactic Federation of (Lyran) Planets set aside their nonintervention rule and told the Anunnaki to intervene before the Earthlings destroyed themselves and to help them prosper, evolve and end nuclear testing and weaponry.

Earthlings only existed on Earth because the Anunnaki made them after each planet-wide wipe-out Earth experienced from astronomical events and developed our particular hybrid form to use as slaves in goldmines in Africa. The Galactic Council wanted us, Earthlings, to transcend our draconian, amygdala-driven strife that the Anunnaki exacerbated and instead create a positive future for Earth, its creatures, and its people.

If the Anunnaki had not interfered and pitted them against each other, Earthlings would not have sped up to their level. Although it caused terrible suffering, Anunnaki’s interference also helped speed Earthlings’ technological growth.

Extraterrestrials seeded the Earth long before the Anunnaki arrived. Several ET groups placed many plant and animal species here. Homo erectus combines traits of many Humanoid and even some reptilian species from all over the universe. With a “meta-gene” Ninmah’s team grafted into us, we could bridge both material and spiritual mastery. The Metagene will power humanity from our present lowest, most profound, densest level of physicality to Source, Universal Consciousness, and Oneness without having first to die.

We Earthlings and Anunnaki live in an entwined, codependent, interdependent fate. Had they not found one another, they and we could have died. Too few survived their wars and catastrophes to maintain enough genetic diversity to flourish on Earth without adding her Ninmah’s mitochondrial genes, Earth-adapted Erectus genes, copper, and minerals to our genome.

Earthlings needed (and still need) Anunnaki’s help to survive Earth’s changes. The intelligence, strength, compassion, and telepathic abilities of Homo erectus, the perks—organization, ambition, and engineering savvy of the Anunnaki to which we add growing knowledge of Earth’s needs can help them, and we flourish together.

Had we left the Earth alone and left humanity to its slower-paced, natural course of evolution, humans, would most likely still be in a stone age. We would look much different. Anunnaki gave us the extra push to develop into Federation members. The Anunnaki will not permit another nuclear war. Through the creation of human beings, we Earthlings and the Anunnaki can survive and improve here on Earth.

Certain factions of the Anunnaki regard themselves as better than we Earthlings. But we can show the Anunnaki their destiny as well as theirs when, one day, they leave Nibiru and resettle among us here on Earth.

The Anunnaki take pride in our growth. Our youth get the truth and demand we grow. The Anunnaki cruise our skies and, via fractals like me, greet you on Facebook. Many Anunnaki contact Earthlings ready for them. Soon the veil of lies perpetrated by their rivalrous Royals—Prince Marduk (aka Satan)* and Enlil (Yahweh)** will fall, and the Anunnaki and other ETs will welcome us to galactic society.



I (the Janet, human Avatar) travel in dreams, visions, and direct experiences to other worlds, where I learn alternative societal governance and organizational systems that better meet individual and community needs than Earth-based systems do now. I interact with beings more developed than Earth on other worlds, space stations, starships, and dimensions. Earthlings’ civilization rates minus one below the lowest level on the Kardashev scale because Earthlings do not meet people’s basic needs.

The Kardashev scale rates a planet’s use and storage of energy, consciousness, and how it treats people, plants, animals, the environment, and the planet. Earth civilization as whole rates -1; it cannot educate or provide for its citizenry. It charges citizens money for basic needs.

Ninmah’s nephew, Nannar (Allah), introduced debt (which advanced planets shun) to control Earth. The Federation says money systems enslave beings in debt; the planetary Fed quarantines planets that enslave people overtly with weapons or covertly with debt, conscription, or forced marriage. Quarantined planets remain shunned until they develop, understand, and end all slavery.

The Anunnaki intervenes in the course of Earth and humanity’s evolution. They activate fractal avatars like me for several reasons.



We Anunnaki caution star cultures to limit interaction with dangerous, primitive societies which have failed to make level 1 or more. Scientists, time travelers, and even tourists can visit planets more primitive than Level 1 but must not interfere with them. We gave Earthlings many crafts to raise them to Level 1, but the elite kept them dumbed down beneath Level 1. At their level of minus-1, with the weapons and technology they’ve attained, they may extinct themselves with pollution and wars.

We Anunnaki put Earthlings among the uncivilized when we created the African variety of Hybrid Earthlings as an “illegal species” to mine gold. The Federation wanted us on Earth as part of the Gaia Project, which envisions us as anti-virus to end wars that still plague the galaxy.

The Project mainly succeeded but could still fail. Disclosure can save it.

Ninmah, and I, Janet Kira, an agent of the highest Universal level with awareness beyond the veil, assist disclosure. But since total awareness in human form would be intolerable to me as a mere fractal, they limited my awareness so I can steer my Earthling existence.

In human form in dreams, I frequent other worlds. I go in dreams of working on projects and learning about systems of governance better than Earth’s. I move homeless people to enormous apartments and castles on other planets. My team also moves refugees to new Earth-like planets.

The abandoned planets give migrants buildings that hold hundreds of thousands of Earthlings. The people who left the planets I worked on stood several feet higher than the largest Earthlings. We Anunnaki avatars redesigned the structures so humans can fit comfortably on new floors we made within the original ones. We streamlined food production for the migrants as the dead planet workers sang, danced, and celebrated. The Watchers who remain rejoice.

I am a fractal of Ninmah on Nibiru and Earth; I frequent both worlds. Ninmah and I are ancient souls with many avatars. Like all souls, we exist on many levels, dimensions, vibratory frequencies, timelines, and planets and inhabit and send fractals of our Oversoul into many avatars on many worlds simultaneously.

Lifetimes overlap. A soul can have many avatars at one time on one planet. The more advanced a soul, the more avatars it inhabits. Time is an illusion of this dimension and plane.

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  • Sasha Alex Lessin – Author, Admin
  • As Ninmah, I promised my human Earthling children that I would stay here and help them find enlightenment and join the Federation of Planets. I list the primary projects I offer Earthlings to find positive outcomes in the comment below this one.

    a. LIVING INCOME: Humans must work to earn “a living on Earth.” Establish a basic, universal wage sufficient to live on and meet needs without struggle so that parts of the planet’s populations avoid enslavement to others. Planetary systems, such as Earth, connect in a universal economic structure that affects all other parts negatively or positively. Recognition of the universality and connectedness of a planet’s global economic co-dependency indicates that they are ready to move to a Level I* or beyond society.

    b. GAIA BUCKS: every hour of labor is equal to every other hour of labor. This means a mother’s hour of labor is equal to an hour worked by a cashier, CEO, doctor, secretary, mechanic, governor, president, prince, priest, or politician. All labor (work) is the same value per hour. People do what they love to do and where their talents lie.

    c. RIGHT LIVELIHOOD: We encourage people to train to earn their livelihood by doing what they enjoy. Societies educate individuals so they might meet their goals and succeed.

    d. NEED SATISFACTION: Meeting the needs of planetary citizens is an essential function of our society. Needs include but are not limited to Healthy food, clean air, clean water for consumption, bathing and cleaning, transportation, communication, shelter and protection from the elements (which includes energy for heating and cooling), clothing, sanitation, education, and healthcare.

    e. JOINT STEWARDSHIP: All planetary citizens share resources that belong to everyone.

    f. WEALTH CONTROL: Hoarding money and resources is a mental illness addressed, corrected, and heal. A cap on personal wealth or additional taxes generates income which funds programs that redistribute wealth to the population.

    g. RESOURCE DISTRIBUTION: Resources must be fairly and equally distributed based on the needs of people in various locations.

    h. COMPENSATION FOR ALL: All work is valid, and they compensate all people for their work, including those who care for children, the sick, and the elderly.

    i. ECOLOGICAL ECONOMY: Citizens are consumers and purchase products and services that fuel the economy and return funds to fuel the economy.

    j. ENVIRONMENT PROTECTION: Protection of the environment, all creatures, features, plants, animals, resources, and our beloved planet are primary.

    k. FREE EDUCATION FOR ALL: A highly educated society is happier and more motivated to contribute and create solutions for problems that plague societies. Many human cultures do not encourage geniuses. People, because of their race, color, creed, caste, social status, rank, political status, or poverty, get ignored and rarely elevated. Societies must encourage all skills and talents in various fields such as science, engineering, music, art, dance, sport, etc.

    l. TECHNOLOGY UPGRADE: Time Travel, teleportation, intergalactic trade, advanced cloning, invitation to join the Federation, medical, life extension, cleaning up pollution, climate control. These technologies permit humans extreme longevity and eventual physical immortality. They will no longer experience death (where one goes unconscious, then reincarnates), but become the chooser. They decide when they wish to change the form of vibratory frequencies and enjoy existence from different perspectives, making “life” more diverse. Souls experience transformation rather than the pain of perceived separation that happens in death.

    m. EQUAL REPRESENTATION: Civilized, conscious societies ensure equal representation of all citizens. One person equals one vote. An interim system suggested for humanity is that every ten people vote for a representative (or representation could rotate, so everyone has their turn). Every group votes for a representative that attends meetings and reports back to the rest. So every 10, 100, 1000, 10,000, 100,000, 1 million, 10 million, 100 million, 1 billion, 10 billion, and so on has a representative that attends the various council meetings on and off-planet. There are galactic and universal meetings where each planet sends a representative. They quickly voted representatives out if necessary. But most conscious planets rotate representation on all levels and limit terms to avoid corruption.

    n. TERM LIMITS: Since humans are so unevolved and subject to greed and corruption, we recommend they limit terms to a year, maybe two tops, to maintain the integrity of the position. Everyone must prepare to serve as a representative on at least a regional basis. Top-tier representatives may rotate back to state or local levels to reconnect with the people, get feedback on their needs that’s very up close and personal, and avoid getting too complete with themselves.

    o. COUNCIL OF TWELVE: We recommend that in the USA, the people replace the Presidential branch of government with a Council of Twelve, which comprises six men and six women. These are genetic men and women based on birth DNA as GodSource wired men and women’s brains differently for a reason. The goal is to balance masculine and feminine energies and return balance to society. This group must come to a total consensus, so they discuss and argue it out, like a jury, and cannot leave until the issue being discussed resolves unanimously. There are techniques to learn how to reach a consensus without compromising one’s integrity.

    p. CELEBRATE AUTOMATION: Humans, designed as intelligent beings, thrive when they experience various things to do. We are very creative, and as co-creators with GodSource, we are happiest and most productive when doing things we love. Robotization and automation free humanity from doing what they love and free them from enslavement and the requirement to do boring, repetitive, mindless things to earn a living and survive.

    q. ENVIRONMENTAL RECLAMATION & PROTECTION: Humanity’s governments block access to technologies that can clean up the land, waterways, seas, and air and restore all to their original, pristine conditions. We are getting the information out there, and humanity needs to help itself by contacting its governments and representatives and bombarding them with information about green technologies and solutions for this crisis that worsens daily.

    r. PROTECTION FROM THE ELEMENTS: Conscious planets create weather control and energy-domed cities that maintain climates to the conditions the habitants wish to live in. Ski resorts can always be cold. They can maintain moderate temperatures year-round to expand life expectancies and eliminate conditions optimal for disease. Imagine no more flu season. Imagine rain only when needed and sunny days every day you desire.

    s. PLANETARY CONSCIOUSNESS–Humanity will experience unity and coherence in the Gaian ecosystem where everyone feels oneness with one another, all beings, all creatures, features, and the planet herself. When humans reach the planetary maturation level, they will reach level 1 of the Kardashev Scale (which only deals with energy development). The Federation scale adds the level and degree of unity consciousness, how a planet’s beings treat one another, the level of empathy, and the absence of violence, individual and social. The planet feels unity and respects diversity simultaneously.

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