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ALIEN IMPLANTS by Janet Kira Lessin

ALIEN IMPLANTS by Janet Kira Lessin, Editor, Experiencers: Conscious Contactees
(Note: this article has appeared on many of Lessin’s websites to create greater awareness of alien abductions).

Fall of 1959, when I was in kindergarten, my mother woke me to prepare for school, and I could not stop sneezing. For endless hours, intense sneezing racked my body till exhausted. I could neither sleep nor stop. Finally, God found mercy on me, and my torment ended. I knew what had happened, that my little friends had taken me to where they lived, and they put something up my right nostril. They inserted something behind my right ear earlier, which hurt so bad I was crying, so my mother rushed me to the doctor.

I knew what was happening when I was with them, for they explained everything to me in great detail. All my communications with aliens are always telepathic. I never remember much after contact with aliens, for dark forces would harm me if they knew I was part of the program.

They’ve always protected me, watched over me like guardian angels. They take everyone on the planet at least once. It’s easy for them as they have massive technology. They take humans at certain times, like around four or five years old, and again when they’re older and become sexually active and then repeat until they find what they seek. Most get eliminated from the long-term program. Some are in it for many lifetimes. Aliens and Angels know who our souls are no matter what body we inhabit. I know they select their final candidates based on genetics and many other factors, and I’m not sure of all the parameters.

I’m important to them as I qualify for their unique program. The Meta Gene means I have special abilities. I’m telepathic and psychic and can do many things I’ve not yet discovered. For example, I remember levitating, so I wrote about that in a separate chapter. Because of who I am as a soul and based on my unique abilities, the universal committee has selected me as an ambassador, communicator, and universal translator. I guess you could say I’m like Uhuru on Star Trek.

I purposely came down here to incarnate to help speed up humanity’s evolutionary process. I am a planet architect and develop habit systems for sentient and other life forms in one of my primary source-level emanations. I accessed that memory initially through hypnosis. But now, I receive constant information and communication and continue that work when my human self sleeps.

Time is an illusion, and all our lives are concurrent. We exist, always connected in all ways back and forth to Source. That’s how we’re all God, as we continually communicate with all aspects of ourselves in all dimensions, realms, vibratory frequencies, and forms. But the human self cannot juggle so much information, so time is a way of simplifying things so humans can wrap their little minds around it and we don’t blow our circuits.

Often they turn these abilities off to protect us. But they switch them on when we’re in their programs or schools. I also know I can remote view, travel astral, time travel, and levitate things. But don’t ask me to perform for you, for that’s not how it works. Right now, as we’re operating in this limited perspective paradigm in this Earth human labor slave program, we are like hidden superheroes waiting for the right time. We’re so hidden that we don’t even know everything about ourselves and won’t until the right time.

Aliens perform mind wipes to not only protect their contactees from emotional overwhelm, but they protect them so that others cannot read their minds and find them. But unfortunately, the US and other Earth governments find and track experiencers and often abduct them within a day or two of their alien abductions. But I think I was in a different category, and it wasn’t until I was in my 40s that they found me and made sure I knew it.

Now, it’s not so much a problem over 60 years later, as I’m no longer actively involved in their breeding program. They have more than enough DNA samples they’ve used to make clones and hybrids in their reproduction program. They use artificial wombs and sometimes implant other beings with human/alien hybrids involving DNA from several donors. But back when I was a child, the forces of goodness, love, and light protected me from the Evil Empire that wished to push humanity on a negative timeline.

I admit it sounds a bit like Star Wars, but we were initially on a more Star Trekkian timeline with more exploration and less war. When Source created the Universe, we had peace followed by a long period of conflict. These wars led to the great diaspora, where species fled to other worlds. Now conscious life inhabits many worlds, whereas before, we limited it to a smaller section of the Universe. So while wars may seem alarming, they created more planets and vessels for life on the Source level.

Years later, at conferences and through interviewing thousands on my radio show, I learned more about the process millions undergo at the hands of aliens who put monitoring devices into human beings. Like we capture and tag animals for conservation and tracking, the ETs tag many humans. But their devices are under the skin or, in my case, up to my nose.

It was not a pleasant experience, for my nose ran after that, causing lifelong health problems. But I guess being sick and alive is far better than dead, for it seems without these precautions that blocked the ability of evil forces to find me, I would have been dead years ago.

I enjoy life, so I’m grateful for the precautions. I’ve benefitted from their protection, and I’m in my late 60s. But the sinusitis that resulted from my nasal implant has created harm in my lungs from continuous post-nasal drip. And the implant in my right ear has rendered me almost deaf on that side. So what’s with the botched procedures when these beings are supposed to be so advanced?

Labs where hybrids and clones are developed. There are alien labs as well as those run by humans.

According to Peter Rogerson, writing in Magonia magazine, the concept of alien implants can be traced to a March 1957 Long John Nebel radio show interview with UFOlogist John Robinson, where Robinson recounted a neighbor’s claim of being kidnapped by aliens in 1938 and kept subdued by “small earphones” placed behind his ears.[1]

Massachusetts resident Betty Andreasson claimed that aliens had implanted a device in her nose during her supposed alien abduction in 1967, first publicized by Raymond Fowler in his book, The Andreasson Affair. A Canadian woman named Dorothy Wallis claimed a similar experience in 1983. In later years, the claims of authors like Whitley Strieber would popularize alien abduction ideas, including reports of unusual “implants” associated with abductions. 

John E. Mack wrote in his book Abduction: Human Encounters With Aliens that he examined a “1/2- to 3/4-inch thin, wiry object” given to him by a twenty-four-year-old woman client who claimed it came out of her nose following an abduction experience. California podiatrist Roger Leir also claims to have removed alien implants from patients.[2]

According to skeptical investigator Joe Nickell, supposed alien implants appear to be ordinary materials such as a shard of glass, a jagged piece of metal, and a carbon fiber. They often find the objects lodged in extremities such as toes, hands, and shins. Nickell cites Israeli teaching hospital department head Virgil Priscu’s opinion that there’s “No mystery, no implants,” explaining that ordinary objects picked up during a fall or by walking barefoot often become surrounded by scar tissue.[2]

Popular culture

Alien implants, pictured as small needles inserted into the victim’s necks and stomachs, first appeared in the 1953 film Invaders from Mars.

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